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The ancients were aware of electrical magnetic and optical effects, but a scientific study was not begun until the Middle Ages, 15th Century AD. Scientists are returning to the spiritual Thought of thousands of years ago. The world of science is realizing, step-by-step, that there is an interconnectedness of matter, energy, and consciousness or Mind in motion. There is a human desire for Man to connect to the universal wholeness  and  “The Larger Spiritual Order & Universal Scheme of Things”.

Yogi Ramacharaka theorized in his book “Advanced Course in Yogi Philosophy and Ancient Fundamentls” that the energy in the universe(s) is constantly in motion, changing into various forms, grades, and degrees, but a fixed amount. He states energy is expressed through Mind. This energy is in the air that is so very fine like a feather floating in the wind. One can control this fine air through Mind (Thought or meditation) under the direction of will. Intelligence moves through these Universal Life Forces and shades and melts into the Mind that creates the energy or fine air of Love or electromagnetic force. Mind is the aspect that has the capacity to create form that creates the electromagnetic force. He states that Mind is substance. His theory may be called empirical knowledge because it depends on his experiences and observations alone and does not have a scientific theory.

A recap of Ramacharaka’s theory is that the universe(s) consists of energy, matter, and Mind. Energy is the force and motion and is identified with matter, but it is a higher vibratory force than matter. Universal Mind is the other aspect found in the universe(s), and it is the intelligence which moves through the electromagnetic forces (energy) and matter. It has the capacity to create form (matter) and energy.

The visible universe includes planets, sun, stars, and galaxies which are made up of protons, neutrons, and electrons bundled together into atoms. According to the scientific community, this Ordinary or Normal Matter (sometimes also called Baryonic Matter) makes up 5% of our universe. The rest of the universe appears to be made up of 70% of an invisible substance called Dark Matter, and 25% is referred to as Dark Energy. Scientists observe that Dark Matter is not in the form of stars and planets, nor dark clouds of Normal Matter nor large galaxy-sized black holes.

black-holeGases go through black holes which is the constant balancing or “cosmological constant” of the universe(s) due to constant changing of stars, planets, galaxies, etc. The universe(s) must stay balanced within the area of space. The balancing goes on and on and on because that is the “true reality of universal life or Universal Life Force.

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Dark Matter cannot be observed directly. It does not interact with Normal Matter and is completely invisible to light and other forms of electromagnetic forces. Scientists are confident, however, that is does exist because of the gravitational effects it appears to have on galaxies and galaxy clusters. Scientists think this matter consists of exotic particles that do not interact with Normal Matter or light but that still exert a gravitational pull.

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Interestingly, one theory or conjecture by Harvard scientists suggests that Dark Matter might have some of the same kind of diversity as Normal or Visible Matter. They state that if one variety of Dark Matter can clump together, it could form a magnificent array of previously unimagined dark structures. This new kind of matter might even allow the existence of dark life, and we could be sitting on top of a whole shadow galaxy and not even know it.

Einstein’s Unified Field Theory was not completed at the time of his crossing over into another realm of life. This theory maintained that all matter travels through electric or electromagnetic fields. It also suggests that gravitation and electromagnetic energy may be related because  a gravitational field interacts with matter and electromagnetic force fields also interact with matter. The Unified Field’s equation describe gravitational interaction of matter with space and time. Due to gravity, time changes faster or slower in other parts of the universe compared to Earth’s time.

It is theorized that gravity holds a  human together, planets together, also galaxies ,and the universe(s). . . all of nature together in harmony. The sun holds planets in their orbital path. Electromagnetic energy also is the attraction or the glue that holds everything together;  protons, neutrons, and electrons. . . all forces of nature. Gravity is like an ocean in which everything floats, and it contributes to the understanding of wholeness. Anti-gravity is free from gravity force (or supposed or factual force) by which a body of positive mass would repel a body of negative mass. Anti-gravity has no gravitational force.

According to scientists, Dark Energy suggests an expanding universe, but the scientists may be thinking only of the Earth’s universe and not the probability of more universes. It is proposed the Earth’s universes may be expanding but another adjoining universe may be getting smaller. This accounts for energy and matter moving through black holes into another universe or universes but in keeping with energies and matter of all the universes having a fixed amount of energies, as theorized by Yogi Ramacharaka.

Spiral Galaxy Dark Energy


Dark Energy was discovered in the 1990’s. Scientists now think that the accelerated expansion of the universe is driven by a kind of repulsive force in “empty space”. The force seems to be growing stronger as the universe expands. Unlike Dark Matter, scientists have no certain explanation for Dark Energy. Many scientists explain it is consistent with a “cosmological constant”. Einstein added  this to his theory of general relativity to make his equation fit with the idea of a static universe. He stated the “constant” would be a repulsive force that counteracts gravity, keeping the universe from collapsing in on itself. Einstein later discarded the idea when astronomical observations revealed that the universe was expanding, and he called the “cosmological constant” his biggest blunder. The Hubble Space Telescope, which photographs the universe’s different stars and star systems, shows that Einstein’s Theory of Anti-gravity may, in fact, be correct.

Scientists have given the name Dark Energy to a solution of a theory they are hopefully going to solve. As previously stated, Einstein proposed that “empty space” is not nothing, and it has amazing properties to create more space to come into existence. The scientists call this a “cosmological constant” which is “empty space” that can possess its own energy and is a version of Einstein’s gravity theory. “Empty space” is actually full of temporary or normal particles that continually form and then reform. These particles do not last long enough to become physically real. This would also coincide with Yogi Ramacharaka’s theory, to a degree.

th (12)The Helix Nebula, taken from the Hubble Space Telescope, is called “The Eye of God”, and it is the most famous photo of a dying nebula. . . actually of a dying star which takes tens of thousands of years to implode. The inner core of the Helix Nebula is very hot and emits radiation of high energy.

220px-Eagle_Nebula_(M16)_by_NOAOThe Eagle Nebula, discovered in 1745-1746, is an example of the birth of a star.

A program known as “Dark Energy Detective” shall be a scientific blog that shall post images of outerspace for five (5) years. It has a Tumblr site to share with the world.

The next post shall continue with “The Universe(s). There is a reason for everything.

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