If you can’t explain it  simply, you don’t understand it well enough

– Albert Einstein

There is no duality in the Universal Mind, and the goal of an individual is to center the body and mind in order that they shall flow in balance with themselves, with others, and with the Universal Scheme of Things.

Dualities belong to the planet called Earth and not to the universe(s). Good and bad, comfortable and uncomfortable, etc. are aspects of Earth’s emotional flow of senses created by “the fall” and humans. Human emotions affect the planet, and the planet in turn affects the universe(s). Earth is a positive energy force in relation to the universe(s); other planets and other universal forms may be negative forces and/or positive forces that abound within the universal electromagnetic wavelengths that we may call the Universal Force.

Creation of Mankind began with one spiritual truth but religions were formed and evolved into many fragmentations, some of which have been radical. From the beginning of the existence of human beings that were created in Earth, we have been motivated and blessed by the forces of Spirit. In Mankind’s spiritual journeys, we began with a much clearer understanding of our spiritual heritage and nature. But, as time evolved, these negative and positive forces became more and more devisive.

With the arrival of earthly leaders of clans, tribes, and groups to kings and then religious leaders, our aim and purpose in Earth became unclear. Wars erupted and blood and emotional stress became the “law of the land”. We are now in the process of evolving away from this confusion, and we are aiming towards peace by taking hesitant forward and backward steps. However, this shall take a long, long time but by putting each step forward in a positive way, it shall unfold. Peace is a spiritual need for our place in the Universal Scheme of Thingsand it shall eventually prevail.


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