Everyone, as part of the human race, has a right to walk on the planet. Unless a brain has been impaired by accident, birth, or dis-ease, intellect is learned, and no one person is superior to another. Many different race categories worldwide have stepped up to their potential, but there are many who have not. The Mind or Thoughts create “reality”.

Race discrimination is the belief that characteristics and abilities can be attributed to people simply on the basis of their race and that some racial groups are superior to others. Race is a concept invented by society, and it has also initiated inequality and discrimination for centuries, as well as influencing how society relates to other human beings. Do not blame other races…each member of the human race needs to look within itself. Nothing warrants killing innocent people.

It is entirely a person’s reality if one wants to discriminate against another race. What a person’s Mind perceives is their learning experience…what experience does a person want or need to learn? There is a great deal of controversy about race and intelligence; in part, because the concepts of both race and IQ are themselves controversial.

illegal-immigration  Undocumented immigrants that come illegally into countries become situations that need to be addressed. Political views of right and left wing parties contribute to race misunderstandings, and “political correctness” is not going to solve these situations. It would need a “human correctness”; that is, getting people to live with one another and to communicate with one another.

If immigrants enter a country illegally and are not vetted, there is a possibility (and also a probability) these people cannot blend into that society…causing more problems for that society. If they do not speak the country’s language, this creates unpleasant situations and expense. If they were vetted, they would be informed to attend a class to learn the language of that country. Are they going to be able to earn a living and not cause a country’ s economic system to become vulnerable. A country must be able to have control over its policies.

While immigration needs to be controlled by countries, the race situation for existing societies has a need to be corrected. For instance, the United States of America is not about blacks versus whites because there are too many blacks who do not feel this way. They have become educated and are contributing to the society’s well being. It is the inner city’s poor blacks that appear to be influenced by less education and no jobs (which is exasperated by illegal immigrants). Many of these inner city people are on welfare, food stamps, have no father image in the household, and have a lack of responsibility. The “global elite”, has no idea how these families are functioning. 



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Blue Circles are Inflows; Red Circles are Outflows, and Yellow dots represents People

It is interesting to note all the blue circles of inflow into the US area. Is the US losing the global race for the best and brightest?

It is with careful consideration that globalization of races need not cause resentments within the existing races in each country. Increased efforts into the economics of each nation need to be filtered based on skill. Increased resentment by races must be taken into consideration in those nations which are not benefiting from higher learning skills. It is difficult for immigrants desiring to move to other nations if the worker does not have educational skills. The financial burden then is on the nation into which the immigrant desires to move. Highly skilled computer wizards, doctors and nurses, are welcomed more freely than unskilled workers. The skilled group is more rationally considered.

Many more situations in different countries exist, and it is difficult to keep up with all of them. Bad ideas flourish because they are in the interest of powerful groups.                                                                  

The next post shall be about race situations in individual nations.

See you next month!


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  1. Fay Kapec says:

    I thank all the people who have shared this post.

  2. Fay Kapec says:

    Thank you to all the people who have shared this post

  3. Michelle says:

    “It is the inner city’s poor blacks that appear to be influenced by less education and no jobs (which is exasperated by illegal immigrants). Many of these inner city people are on welfare, food stamps, have no father image in the household, and have a lack of responsibility.”

    What inner cities are you speaking of – from personal knowledge?
    Are you aware that MANY black people in the inner cities work just as hard as other people, but their wages are lower?
    Did you know the fastest majority of “educated blacks” are single women, many with children and NO HUSBAND?

    As an educated black woman, I take great offense to your generalization. If there IS an inner city near you, I suggest you rouse yourself from your warm bed, and drive by the bus stops in those neighborhoods. They will be filled with people going to WORK, a lot of them young mothers with children in tow. Optimum time for spotting the elusive black working poor is between 5:45am and 8am.

    Thank you.

  4. Fay Kapec says:

    Michelle: Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I did mention the fact of households that may not have a father image there which also includes another salary to help with expenses. This can cause a lot of emotional aspects also to the situation. I, at one time, did live in the inner city and am fully aware of the problems. I did not have a father image also. I was, however, very thankful that I had grandparents who had a farm which I could visit. Do you receive a tax deduction for your children to help with expenses?

    With loving thoughts,


  5. Fay Kapec says:

    Michelle, I also mean to have stated that the father is less likely to have an education, not the mother. Mothers certainly do take over the responsibility where the father is missing, and it is not easy.

  6. Michelle says:

    Thank you for reading my comment. Actually reading. I have some college education but was forced to drop out when I discovered my son had asthma. The only way I could get health care coverage from my job was to work full time. Even though the part time pay was sufficient to pay our bills.

    I, like every head of household was eligible for the Earned Income Credit when it became law. What it helped with was our summer vacation and summer camp. As well as shopping for needs and at least one want for each of us. Of course, children are always considered a “tax deduction”.

    My children had grand parents, a great father and mother as well as active involved, older Godparents. It does take a village! My main point is this “narrative” is partially true with a disregard for the facts. Facts like black men have arrest records, many of them for drugs. Those same drugs that middle class whites are not being charged with in 2016. It affects job prospects as well as if the father is actually in the home. Black and brown men are incarcerated at a far greater rate and for a longer time than whites, often for the same crimes. Those men are then “blamed” because they are not home raising their children.

    Discrimination in America is systematic and intentional. That is why I made my comment. Because, finally, in 2016 these things are being proven as “facts”. Not just conspiracy theories by a lazy, shiftless black community.

    Just saying…

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