What was once a beautiful and romantic thought is now ominous!

The activities in the MENA (Middle East North Africa) region may be helpful in understanding what is occurring in the world of religion and societies’ attitude that is taking place in this region. MENA reflects all the uncomfortable confusion in this world in regard to Arabian thought.

With the world becoming smaller due to the east of communication, the United States shall not be able to have a “more perfect union” until the Arab community in the world is more balanced. Not only has ISIS raised its ugly head, there are multiple other groups that have also risen up. If a person is able to look at this intrusion on lives in a more understanding and informed way, they shall be more able to move to defuse the situation. If a person can look at this intrusion as a means to begin balancing societies in the 21st Century with a more wholesome attitude, this intrusion can be better understood and removed.


Recent events in the MENA region bring QATAR to the forefront in the news media. Qatar abuts Saudi Arabia to the northeast. Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Egypt cut ties with the wealthy country of Qatar on June 5, 2017, because Qatar funneled money to Islamic groups including the Muslim Brotherhood despite the fact that the air base is used for bombing by the United States. It is the headquarters of the United States Central Command. The Muslim Brotherhood is a Sunni Islamist organization founded in Egypt by the Islamic scholar Sheikh Hassan al-Banna in 1928. He referred to the Qur’an as a Constitution. In that case, the Qur’an would be a political ideology against the United States Constitution. According to this, as expressed in the previous post, the Qur’an, with its Shari’ah Law, is a political agenda and not a religion. 

Libya, Yemen, and the Maldives have also joined the diplomatic boycott of Qatar. FIFA, the Federation of International Football Association, which protects the integrity of football, is looking into the situation. The demands of the boycotting countries are closing of the al-Jazeera network, closing a Turkish military base, and scaling down ties to Iran with which Qatar is friendly, severing ties to Muslim Brotherhood and other groups including Iran’s Hezballah, al-Queda, and ISIS. The demands also include paying an unspecified sum of money for “loss of life and other financial losses caused by Qatar’s policies, and other demands. United States Secretary Tillerson asks that the demands be more reasonable. 

DOHA, the capital of QATAR, is positioned to hold the 2022 World Cup for football, also called soccer, Russia is holding the World Cup in 2018. The new Constitution in Qatar bans all racial discrimination on grounds of sex and race. However, there are allegations of inhumane treatment or punishment. Because of Muslim Shari’ah Law, police are reluctant to treat violence against women and family matters. Flogging continues to be imposed.

DARFUR CHILDREN REFUGEES  Darfur children in refugee camps have never set foot in their native Sudan.

DARFUR, SUDAN, which is sometimes considered North Africa and, therefore, part of MENA, in a media coverage on genocide, was given as an example of Arab racism toward non-Arabs within the broader Arab world. It must be viewed not solely as a case for Islamic Jihad but also a case of Arab racism and persistence of intra-Muslim ethnic conflicts in the region.

ZAGHAWAS FLEEING  In SUDAN, beginning in 1991, elders of the Zaghawa people complained they were victims of an intensifying Arab apartheid campaign and ethnic cleansing against non-Arabs in DAFUR. It is estimated that nearly twenty (20) million people were killed or ethnically cleansed. During the Second Sudanese Civil War, about 2.5 million people were killed in attacks widely regarded as racially motivated against black indigenous Africans.

Kamel_riahi  Kamel Riahi, of Tunisia, author of “Gorilla” and “Scalpel” (which have been translated in English) among other books,  and teacher stated “It might come as a surprise to you to learn that Negro was the term people were called by my black grandfather. I consider myself as someone of a Negro-descent although I am not black. We are racist to the bones. Attempting to hide or silence this fact will not help the matter because we are a sick society which still suffers from the complexes of color and race. We, the whites, will not be liberated until we liberate ourselves from the racist views we have of other races and religions.”

Some Arabs claim, because Islam’s founder Muhammad was the most perfect person to ever live, and because he was an Arab, then Arabs are the master race. It has been expressed that “Arabism is racism” and would be an interesting topic. Arab Muslim authors in “Arab-Iranian Relations” state “Much ink has flowed on the issue of Arab nationalism. Some people believe it to be a racist movement which advocates the superiority of the Arabs.”

The Arab situation is a religious quagmire (if the Qur’an can be considered a religion and not a political ideology) which does not equate to the Spiritual side of Mankind. Religious does not quite reach the plateau of being Spiritual…religion is by Man, or taught by Man, while Spiritual is a personal communication with God (or the energy of a higher source). The only hope is that Islamic terrorists do not take over the Islam religion or ideology. The Muslim people alone need to hone in on the situations taking place around the world by people who claim to be Islam but may only be a fragmentation of its religion. Activists would like to bring the United States into a racist society. The United States does not have a problem with racial inequities compared to other parts of the world as examined by this blog. There are laws in place in the United States…people need only to comply with these laws.


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