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There are mainly three (3) religious groups of people residing in Turkey…Christians, Cryptos, and Muslims. The Cryptos are Christians that have a secret practice while publicly following another faith. Some people have a fear of making their faith known due to Turkish extremists. Muslims are of the Islam faith or ideology, and Islam is the main religion in Turkey, and it has connections to the Sunni sect who also promote ISIS, see previous post for details.

The Turks, who follow the Sunni tribal connection, are of an ancient Anatolian background from the Ottoman Empire era. They are the largest ethnic group living in Turkey. There is also a language called Turkic. The Turks want a pure Islamic state and discriminate against non-Turkish ethnic minorities such as Armenians, Assyrians, Greeks, Kurds, and Jews. The Turks also have hostility towards minority tribes; namely, Zazas, Alevis, Sufis, and Shiites which date back to pre-Islamic eras of Biblical scriptures, Spiritual practices, and folk religions. See “Racism in Turkey.”

osman 1 kingdom  The Ottomans were a tribe established  in ancient Anatolia, and it was named for the Kingdom of Osman 1, pictured. Osman was a leader of the Ottoman Turks and founder of the Ottoman Dynasty. Islam became the religion of these people after the conquest of Constantinople in 1453 which mainly had Christian ideals while Constantine was its leader. The Sunni Tribe or Turks of the Middle East became followers of Islam. The Tanzimat Reforms in the 19th Century equalized all Ottoman citizens by law. Until now, after all this time period since the Ottoman Empire, there is still discrimination taking place.

After World War 1 and the defeat of the Ottoman Empire, western allies made provisions to have a Kurdish state in 1920 with the Treaty of Sevres. Three (3) years later with the Treaty of Lausanna which set boundaries of modern Turkey, there were no provisions made for a Kurdish state which left the Kurds a minority status. Any moves by the Kurds since than hat been brutally quashed. There is a deep hostility between the Turkish state and Kurds since then. The Kurds are against an Islamic state which causes a deep hostility between the Turks and Kurds. This situation causes a true racial inequity “caused by religion.” 



The Kurds are of the indigenous people of the Mesopotamia plains and are considered to be the largest stateless national group in the world. They total about thirty (30) million in the region. These ancient tribes now inhabit and spread throughout a mountainous region in northern Iraq, northeastern Syria, northwestern Iran, southeastern Turkey, and southwestern Armenia. They are a non-Arab people whose language belongs to the Iranian group of languages (Persian) and have suffered from persecution under the Ba-ath arty (socialist) of Iraq and Syria since the departure of British and French forces in the late 1940s. Turkey is an ally of the United States but the Kurdish situation needs to be resolved by Turkey.

The Armenian population, mostly in Istanbul, at one time totaled two (2) million in 1914. Because of a genocide, due to political and security reasons, occurring in 1915, it is now 50,000 to 70,000. They compose 15% to 20% of the population. The conflict was between the Armenians and the Turks. In 2011, the Turkish government gave Armenians the right to send their children to Turkish schools but students do not receive diplomas because they are not Turkish citizens. A report in 2015 states that the curriculum of schools continue to depict “Armenians and Greeks as the enemies of the country.” Although it was possible for Armenians to achieve status and wealth in the Ottoman Empire, as a community, they were accorded a status as second-class citizens and were regarded as fundamentally alien to the Muslim character of Ottoman society. Racism and discrimination in Turkey can be traced back to the Ottoman Empire.

For more information about the Armenians, see “Armenians in Turkey” on the internet.

For more information about the Kurds, see “Who are the Kurds” on the internet.

KURDISTAN  The Kurds want to create a homeland called Kurdistan which is now in Iraq. Kurdistan is not a country “now” but the Kurdish people want to establish this as an independent state. Kurdistan now is split into two (2) groups…Democratic Party (KDP) and the Patriotic Union (PUK).

The people of ancient Mesopotamia, Babylon, Assyria, and Akkad are explained more fully in Chapter 3 of “The Larger Spiritual Order & Universal Scheme of Things-Simplified.” They were known as Sumerians of Sumer (later Babylon). This clan settled in southern Mesopotamia. The Akkadians of Akkad settled in northern Mesopotamia. The Assyrians from the nation of Assyria, located in the area of western Asia, also settled in northern Mesopotamia, and this tribe was peopled with many races. A tribe is made up of numerous clans, and a clan is an expanded family. The Semites were also part of this arrangement and this is better explained in Chapter 3, “The Sacred Journey of Primitive Religions” in the treatise “The Larger Spiritual Order & Universal Scheme of Things-Simplified.” Chapter 10 is about “The Creation of Mankind-The Master Design.”

The latest conflict between Kurdish and Turkish people…Kurdish being the insurgent groups and Turkish being the government…is that the Kurds’ conflict is with ISIS while the Turks represent the Sunnis or ISIS situation with Syria. Armenians, or Kurds, also did terrible things to Turks during wars which the Turks now remember. Hate crimes are mainly against Armenians. The Assyrians also share a similar fate to that of Armenians. Assyrians historically could not become civil servants in Turkey, and they could not attend military schools, become officers in the army, or join the police. Turks barred Greek citizens from a series of thirty (30) trades and professions from tailoring and carpentry to medicine, law, and real estate. The Greek minority continues to encounter problems relating to education and property rights.

QATAR  QATAR has a long history of being on the same side as Turkey in regard to conflicts. Turkey is deploying troops to Qatar in the latest conflict with Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Comores, Egypt, Maldives, Mauritania, Senegal and the United Arab Emirates. These countries are breaking diplomatic ties with Qatar because Qatar is supplying support for terrorism., and they are blocking Qatar Airways from their airspace. However, Qatar is finding airspace from Iran by using their airspace. The humanitarian crises deepens as peaceful negotiations are ongoing to resolve the situation. Qatar is seeking compensation from these countries.    

Islam of the Sunni sect is Qatar’s state religion. Asian and African workers are not treated well, and it is stated there is a system of slavery and oppression for people who come to Qatar to work. 19.8% of the Christians living here are a mix of European, North and South American, and Asian. Some Mideast and African people who are living outside of their native country are also working in Qatar.

Many reasons for racial inequities are the rebellion against religions made by humans. Perhaps more Spiritualism (which encompasses people from all religions) should be introduced to the world and its people. Religion has a power by leaders while Spiritualism has a power by God or the electromagnetic energy of the Universal Life Force. Terrorism has no religion.                    

If terrorism is not checked, religious and spiritual freedom is at risk. America was built on the Love of God. Because of this, America has been the leader of the world since the inception of its Constitution. This 21st Century is the time in history when millions of Souls who are ready to be enlightened shall be given more energy from the Universe to do so. This shall be of tremendous assistance to the world’s racial inequities.


On a lighter note, a bird from Madagascar made it to Turkey by merchant ship at which time it was brought to England and then to America by way of other merchant ships. Ergo, the turkey.


Next month, the MENA region shall be continued.


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