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The countries which participate in East Africa are Botswana, Djibouti (Horn of Africa), Egypt (may also be included in North Africa), Eritrea, Ethiopia (a Christian nation in the Horn of Africa), Kenya, Malagascar, Malawi (may be considered as South Africa & formerly Central Africa), Mozanbique, Somalia (Horn of Africa), Sudan (may be considered North Africa), South Sudan (broke away from Sudan), Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia (sometimes considered South Africa and formerly was Central Africa Federation), Zimbabwe (considered same as Zambia), Madagasgar is sometimes considered South Africa or East Africa, and Comoros, Mauritius, and Seychelles are East Africa but in the Indian Ocean. Madagasgar was at one time a continent known as Lemuria, but most of it fell into the ocean after some climate events, see: “The Larger Spiritual Order & Universal Scheme of Things-Simplified“, chapter 2,  a treatise authored by me.

East Africa is the area where it has been stated the first human or Homo Sapien appeared; however, some researchers suspect North Africa was instead the original place from which humans trekked out of the continent of Africa. Then there are thinkers who believe humans were manifested in ten (10) different locations of the Planet Earth. All in all, the human species has made its mark within the Planet Earth. East Africa is the site of Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya, the two tallest peaks in Africa.



The pyramids are a close resemblance to Egyptian pyramids. Fossils which were discovered in the Koobi Fora in Kenya, Olduvia Gorge in Tanzania, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, northern Somalia and the Red Sea coast of Sudan are considered the most likely location of the land known to the ancient Egyptians as Punt. The ancient Puntites were a nation of people that had close relations with the Pharaonic Egyptians who reigned from the 32nd Century BC to 332 BC. Their belief was in the divine.

The white population of East Africa is small compared to the black population; therefore, racial inequities of color are not as much of a problem as in South Africa (see the previous post). The majority of whites fled north from South Africa due to the change of government that is committing genocide and murdering the whites. Bloody assaults and murders occurring in Africa against whites are mainly occurring in South Africa alone.

The economy is a more problematic situation than the racial situations. Another problem which may be considered a racial inequity is genocide conducted by Al-shabaab. Al-shabaab is also known as Haakat-Al-shabaab al Muahideen. This Islamist military group poses a much larger problem. The name is Arabic for “The Youth” or “Youngsters”.  Al-shabaab is linked to al-Queda.


This symbol used by Somalian-based Al-shabaab has the Koran’s holy book as its center theme.

SOMALIA is in conflict with neighboring states due to Al-shabaab’s Islamic identity. Somalia has clan divisions, but Al-shabaab wants to turn Somalia into a fundamentalist Islam state, and, therefore, attempts to mobilize the clans. They murder Somalian soldiers. Al-shabaab terrorists pose a threat to the United States also and can be considered a terrorist group. Somalia is a failed country with terrorism everywhere. Somalian clans have marched to Cape Town, South Africa to Parliament to protest against attacks. The terrorists are mostly of Islam religion and Sunni tribes.

SUDAN is on the ISIS list…South Sudan peacefully seceded from Sudan in 2011. Sudan has a university by the name of University of Medical Sciences & Technology (UMST). Until recently, the Islamic State has recruited students from Britain to this university. From the student body, twenty (20) young Britons were recruited by ISIS, but the recruiting has now been eradicated. It is almost one and one-half years since the last Briton went to fight in Syria. However, recently two (2) British students were killed in fighting in Iraq. Eighteen (18) United Kingdom medical students were studying at UMST before joining ISIS in Syria. Some have been killed while parents in the UK were attempting to get them out. The parents feel they may not have volunteered for fighting but thought the students were going to Syria to provide humanitarian medical aid. As high as forty (40) students, both men and women, may have joined ISIS. It is questionable if they can be rescued alive.

east_africa_longform_embedded_2  KENYA has a strong middle class and is making efforts to improve. There is a huge difference in the ratio of working men compared to working women; that is, there are more working men than women. Since the Mau Mau, a black terrorist organization, had an uprising or rebellion from 1952 to 1960 in revolt against British colonial policies, Kenya has enjoyed a stable government since their independence in 1963…although there are significant political and religious tensions resulting from the political union between Tanganyika and Zanzibar in 1964. Zanzibar is now part of Tanzania. The British government bought out the white settlers and mostly all whites have left Kenya. As a Republic, President Kenyatta became the first president. After an election fraud in 2007 by Muai Kibaki, Uburu Kenyata was elected president in 2013.

Rwanda, Uganda, and Burundi have each faced instability and ethnic conflict. In 1994, Rwandans had a genocide episode, and in 1991, Burundi had a genocide situation and a civil war. Rwanda and Uganda continue to be involved in related conflicts outside the region.

The world is in a humanitarian crisis, and these are critical times to Mankind. It would assist matters if the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States were read or reread by everyone. The Preamble to the Constitution should be read to redirect the priorities of Mankind. The words were meant to lead the world to peace and were given to the framers of the constitution through Spirit/God. The framers were highly spiritual people. The Constitution consists of divine words of wisdom meant for the world to assist in promoting peace for the good of Mankind. 


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