Racial inequity is now considered a better way to describe the global destabilization of the human race. Inequity refers to unfairness instead of not being equal. In a Spiritual sense, the human race is equal, but the way the different races are treated throughout the world is not fair. Racism is influenced by the idea that one race must be superior to another. Such ideas are found  in all population groups. However, the human race is all one but, as of now, still creating unfairness, injustice, and impartiality in the way groups are treated. Implicit and explicit conscious awareness shall be explained in a future post.

SOUTH AFRICA  Africa is a large continent situate in the lower hemisphere between South America and Australia. South Africa is known as the Republic of South Africa since 1961. The Republic consists of Cape Town at the lower tip and Johannisburg at the border of the Republic of Botswana, Namiba, Rhodesia, and Mozambique. In-between, the major towns are Zimbabwe, Seychelles, Durbin, Mauritius, Bloemfonteim, and Pretoria. In the middle of all these is the Kingdom of Lesotho, and Madagascar is an island nearby which was once a continent called Lemuria (see “The Larger Spiritual Order & Universal Scheme of Things-Simplified) Chapter 2. Lemuria is home to a type of monkey called the Lemur. Most of Lemuria sank into the ocean many years ago. 



MANDELA  JOHANNISBURG is the largest city in South Africa and was founded in 1886 (see South Africa History via the internet. Nelson Mandela traveled to Johannisburg and was a royal from the Thembu tribe from Mevzo near Durbin. He became President of South Africa from 1994-1999 within the African National Congress (ANC). Mandela was arrested in 1962 for committing sabotage against the South African government and was jailed in 1964 for trying to overthrow the state. His sentence was for life, but he only served that sentence for 27 years.

What significant legacy did Mandela leave for peace? Mandela is remembered, mistakenly, more for his nonviolent policy instead of his background of violence. After he left jail, he became a leader of forgiveness but also was worshiped as a legend. He called upon joining whites and blacks to shape South Africa but left no clear cut ideas that could be followed. The global press featured him as a martyr and problem solver which left the local South African press to follow a viewpoint that was not completely true. A confused society needed a leader supporting the past nonviolence philosophy of the ANC. He overturned the ANC’s nonviolence policy by bringing violence into it. Mandela incited revolt but taught nonviolence. Nonviolence and violence were contradictory with no pure line of thought.

Mandela was against apartheid (white rule) which represents the minority, and thought the blacks which represent the majority, would lose their jobs, culture, and language. This is not a justification for apartheid, but it explains how people were thinking. Under apartheid, the whites ruled over the blacks. Apartheid means “apart-hood” taken from the Africaans or Dutch settler’s language which had a meaning that whites were apart from nonwhites. This was not a good thought to promote. The 1990’s brought an end to apartheid. F. E. deKlerk shared the Nobel Peace Prize with Mandela and freed Mandela from jail. DeKlerk’s policies led the first democratic elections.

The ANC was a white apartheid political party founded in 1914. The party is now a post-apartheid black nationalist organization governing South Africa. There was a conflict of interest as to what city in South Africa should  be the capital and a compromise was met. Cape Town would be the Seat of Parliament , Pretoria would be the Seat of the President and Cabinet and is the Administrative Capital, and Bloemfontein would be the Judicial Capital. Cape Town is the most southern city situate at the tip of South Africa, Bloemfontein is situate in the middle, and Pretoria is situate at the top of South Africa. It must be stated that the whites made a huge, positive difference in the health standards of the blacks during apartheid.

cape town CAPE TOWN was populated by the Afrikaaners, or Dutch farmers also called Boers, and subsequently built a fort there. They believed it was a good place to raise crops, and the natives were friendly and not cannibals. They were defeated by England in 1902 after the British came to the area in 1820. The Boers resented British rule, and the British gave Cape Town back to the Boers. The Boers defeated the Zulu tribe and became the Union of South Africa in 1910. Apartheid began in 1948 with segregation of whites and blacks. In 1958, the blacks formed an alliance and broke away from the ANC.

The ANC is now the governing power with Jacob Zuma at the head. The other cartel is the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) lead by Julius Malema who calls for emancipation of blacks…they are destroying white statues of past white leaders and, by so doing, also destroying white history. Malema also blames Zuma for xenophobia attacks on black africans and makes hate speeches against whites using racism to further their agenda. The Front National South Africa (FNSA) cartel is inclined to condone racial inequity, and Hlaudi Motsoeneng, a former boss at South Africa Broadcasting (SABC) heads a power play cartel that wants to serve whites and not a political party.

The white citizens in Cape Town are now being mistreated, and many occupy slum areas with little food and water. There are squatter camps for whites, and they use public areas on sidewalks to bathe. Blacks are creating white genocide by brutally murdering them, almost every day, especially white farmers. A leader is needed to bring about stabilization in the area.


On a lighter side in Cape Town, there are many masked festivals or balls held throughout the year. They are known as trance parties held either outdoors or indoors, and a vortex of whirling energy is featured. Other festivals, either masked or not, feature performing arts, festivals reminiscent of Woodstock music, and gay pride, among other features.

On a global basis, there needs to be a healing of racial bias to go forward to acquire racial equity which determines fair and impartial treatment. In the Universal Scheme of Things, and as humanity acquires more personal Spiritual input, as is destined to occur starting with the 21st Century, the planet, hopefully, shall revert from racial inequity beliefs to the flow of racial equity. This shall bring fairness within the people who share the planet Earth.

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