The human race is not beings having a Spiritual experience…it is Spiritual beings having a human experience. This would be the better viewpoint to take in the cultural war that is now taking place. The human race is not alone black, white, yellow, brown or in-be-tween, but human beings all eventually going to the same place in Spirit…all having the same destiny through the Universal Life Force.

Race could be a way of noting physical differences of various nationalities that are linked to biological descent. There is an inequity within religions. There is a classification of race inequity within the white race as to working class and/or poor whites…not only lives of color; therefore, race inequity could be addressed within immigration. The World Wide Web (WWW) of social media is a great place to share the ideals of free speech. It can also be the breeding ground for hatred. This can be very serious as the number of hate sites have sprung up in recent years to an increased alarming rate.


There is mention of “White Nationalism”. This false reasoning is causing “Black Nationalism”. There is no “white lash” nor a “black lash” nor any kind of “lash” needed. Racial inequities take advantage of the cultural aspects of a specific race. “Telling it like it is” shall create changes. The emphasis is on “telling” and not “rioting”, smudging peoples race or beliefs, and causing disruptions of peoples’ lives.

negritudeThe Negritude (meaning blackness) Movement started in 1930 France through black writers. It is a movement towards race consciousness for blacks and restoring their rightful place within the global community. The movement consists of African Negroes, West Indians, and American Negroes, etc. It is meant to dispel belittling myths and stereotypes linked to black people. Black society is encouraged to teach their children they are direct descendants of the greatest and proudest race who ever peopled the Earth.

The inequities within races of the human race is a global situation that has become an epidemic. Some of these global racial inequities shall be addressed in the following areas of the World:

The United States of America is referenced in Part 2.

 ausmapAUSTRALIA is an island continent. It has some association with New Zealand nearby by name of Australasia and Oceania. New Zealand is also known as Zealandia. Australia has some intolerance with Muslims, refugees, and people from India. It also had a very racial past in which apartheid had been practiced and indigenous aboriginal people have lost all their land and suffered many prejudices. There was an institutionalized attempt to prevent aboriginal children (thus future generations) from being socialized into the general aboriginal culture. The Sydney 2000 Olympics also brought Australia’s racial inequities, past and present, to the attention of the World. Now, many parts of Australia’s rich diversity in people is slowly helping relieve prejudice. Politics is holding back complete understanding. There have also been attacks against India’s people to the point that India advised their people about dangers traveling to Melbourne.

EUROPE includes 27 countries before the United Kingdom exited (called Brexit) the European Union (EU). They include Austria, Belgium, Bulgeria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece (due to EU), Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxenburg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, and Sweden.


EUROPE has a human rights abuse mentality that is unrivaled anywhere else in the World. Racial inequities grow and change with the economic circumstances and increased immigration to the region. Neo-Nazism is still felt. There is a lot of recruitment of children at a young age into Neo-Nazism. Europe is a complex area with many cultures in a relatively small area of land that has seen conflicts throughout history. National identities have often added fuel to some of these conflicts. The global financial crisis also impacts on the United Kingdom’s desire to improve their own destabilization of racial inequities by exiting the EU. The GYPSY community, which has often gone unnoticed, has been persecuted to a similar extent as the Jews have throughout history, including WW11. Even now they are largely mistreated or ignored. In FRANCE, there are more mosques than churches.

     Switzerland was once called Helvetia and still uses that name. It is landlocked by mountains and is a Federal Republic in Europe.  The citizens, in 2001, voted against the EU but are part of the single market which gives Swiss Nationals the same rights to work in the United Kingdom. Since the UK is opting out of the EU, does this change the rights of the Swiss to work there? The Swiss people experience a large backlash toward refugees and immigration. Xenophobia, or fear of strangers, is present, and Nazism is also still present since WW11. It is tightening its policies on asylum seekers due to concerns of illegal migrants.

     Greece, the homeland of Plato, has long been a society without other races. With the fall of communism in Eastern Europe, many people came to Greece including many Albanians. The Albanian population had been targeted with discrimination, and the Albanians had responded with hostage taking which has not helped the situation. Greece has also been dominated by Turks. Greece has a historical background of being Greek but are situate as part of Europe. The people are at odds as to their heritage, and their past history had been as belonging to the Balkans, see Chapter 4 of    “The Larger Spiritual Order & Universal Scheme of Things-Simplified”.  Greece has an attitude toward foreigners and has denied that racial inequities exist in their country. However, the country does not have a legal capacity to deal with immigration whereas the United States does have a law on the books. The Greeks are part of the EU but are in economic depression and not n a position to leave the EU. Many have migrated to other countries and overseas.

Part 4 shall continue next month with other global destabilizations and racial inequities of the human race. Hope to be in touch then. Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a more prosperous New Year.


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