Old Map of Philistia or Palestine


FILISTIN PALESTINE was ruled by the Greeks until 1517. Then the Ottoman Turks ruled for 400 years from 1517 to 1917 or until World War 1 when it was given to the British through peace talks until 1945  (the dates on this map do not correspond, but it is in that area of years). It was at this time that the United Kingdom or British gave part of the land that is now known as Israel (see last month’s blog) to the Jews. Palestine had been known as Filistin or Philistia, among others. 

The Jews interpreted that this land had been promised to them so they migrated here and lived with the Arabs not realizing they were also Arabs. It is now known through science that Arabs and Jews share the same Y chromosomes and are of the same race (mentioned in last month’s post. The problems in Palestine, Israel, and Jerusalem could be settled by Jews realizing they are Arabs and not a separate race. There may be a religion that was named Judaism, but the race is Arab.

Judaism, originally from Hebrew via Latin and Greek, had Abraham as its father. It is interesting that Abraham sounds much like “a Brahman”. It has been stated Abraham may be derived from a Brahman in the Hindu religion which would then also be realized the Hebrews took some of their stories from the Vedas. The old city of Jerusalem consisted of the religious faiths of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.


palestine complaint This is the flag of Palestine. Its people are wondering what is happening to their country and Holy Land. 


 Palestinian diplomats in Geneva have filed a complaint against Israel as of 4/23/18 for what they say are breaches of its obligations under a United Nations anti-racism treaty. It triggers what may be a lengthy and high-profile investigation. The complaint, handed in by the Palestinian ambassador to the UN, accuses Israel of policies and practices that have “the common aim of displacing and replacing the Palestinian people, for the purpose of maintaining a colonial occupation”. Violations in the occupied territories, which the complaint defined as the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem, sought to maintain “a Jewish demographic majority in the entirety of historic Palestine”.  The complaint states not only is the purpose of the settlement regime discriminatory in itself, it is further maintained by a system of discriminatory measures which severely deprives Palestinians of their fundamental rights.

Israel ratified a Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination in 1979, and Palestine, which gained UN observer state status five (5) years ago, signed in 2014. It does not reach the level of a court order, but if Israel breached the treaty, it would ensure that such practices are not continued. A Palestinian complaint claims Palestinians are severely limited in their freedom of movement compared to Israeli settlers and these settlers are subject to “confiscation and seizure” of their land, including home demolitions.  The complaint also claims Israel has violated Article 3 of the Convention which prohibits racial segregation and apartheid (after the South African apartheid). It is stated “It is clear that Israel’s acts are part of a widespread and oppressive regime that is institutionalised and systematic; that accords separate and unequal treatment to Palestinians.” It calls for the dismantling of all existing Israel settlements.


How The Holy Land of Palestine Has Changed Over the Years

As of Thursday July 19, 2018, Israel passed a Jewish Nation-State bill into law.  Can Israel declare a nation solely on religion? And can all the violations be excused simply by Israel declaring this law into effect?










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