SHAH OF IRAN  The last Shah of Iran was Mohammed Reza Pahlavi. His religion was Islam of the Shiite sect which continues to be the prominent religion and sect in Iran. The title of Shah was given to royalty of Persia. The name is derived from Sanskrit which means “gentleman” and has an East Indian (Sadhu) background. A Sadhu is a man who knows himself and pursues a Spiritual path. In Hindism it means as “good, good man…a holy man”.

The Shah was overthrown in 1979 by the Iranian Revolution. Iran, at the time of this Shah, was known as the Imperial State of Iran, and in 1979, it became the Islamic Republic of Iran. The name of Iran has a beginning from the Arya or Aryan people and is known as “Land of the Aryans”. The sound of Aryan is similar to Iran. Aryans still have a community in Iran and are an ancient people who are known to have lived in the islands of Atlantis and trekked from there to other parts of the world before the destruction of Atlantis. This is discussed in the treatise “The Larger Spiritual Order & Universal Scheme of Things-Simplified”. The Aryans may have trekked to the land that is now the United States before the American Indian.

Racism is not new for Iran’s rulers. The Persian Shah, noted above, also relied heavily on instilling a sense of racial superiority among Persian Iranians over Arab, Turkish, Kurdish, and Baluchs people and other minorities in the country in order to maintain power. These cultures are all of the Islam faith. They have been treated as insignificant in an effort to create only one Persian language and culture to define the nation and its people. Many of these tribes believed or hoped the advent of the Islamic Revolution would sweep away this antiquated view of controlling the world…instead the Persian mullahs or priests used it and added a false front to disguise their real religious intentions. These other groups agree that racism is a terrible evil, and the 21st Century should be an age of democracy, multiculturalism, tolerance, and co-existence. It is agreed this is a time for change. Shall the change occur in the near future? Or when?

The Iranian regime has used its now standard slogan “Death to America” (referring to the United States as the Great Satan) since the leadership of priests came to power in the 1979 Revolution. Its rulers still apparently expect the United States to take lessons in international relations from Tehran. Iran’s regime likes to present a picture of a modern, average reformist state rather than a revolution. It has spent large amounts of money in recent years on slick media and political lobbying in the West to promote this image. In the meantime, it prefers to “forget” less savory features like Iran’s status as the nation with the second highest per capita rate of executions globally after China. Its victims include women and children.

 HEZBOLLAH  HEZBOLLAH AND HAMAS are supported by Iran. Hezbollah is mostly of the Shiite sect and Hamas is predominantly of the Sunni sect. The country likes to present itself as a great friend to the oppressed and used its support to win praise for the noble cause of Palestinian freedom. It also prefers to remain quiet on its own dishonorable actions against races and their religious beliefs, and its cleansing of the Arabs and other minorities both domestically and regionally.


The school curriculum is monitored to ensure the use of carefully edited history of Persian conquests, using only the Farsi language. This language is the only one allowed n media or education, and it is the modern official Persian language of Iran. Historical Arabic or other place names are not recognized and are erased. A “superior” Persian culture is preferred. For instance, the internationally known “Shatt al Arab” waterway is known, in Aran, as the Arvand Rud (a Persian name). It appears Iran only wants Persian names even though the name of Shatt al Arab is internationally known for that name.

Although Article 19 of the Iranian Constitution protects the country’s ethnic and cultural diversity, no measures have ever been put into place to penalize those who violate this articles. In reality, any legal action over racist statements shall be automatically dismissed. This racism extends into every area of life. The Ahwazi Arabs, for instance, are prevented from publicly wearing their traditional Arab garb or speaking in their own Arabic language. Arabs are routinely ridiculed in the media, and activists who attempt to raise awareness of these injustices are imprisoned.



 YEMEN has a total population of approximately 22,000,000. Out of this population, there s a minority social group called Al-akhdam. The singular Arabic name, Khadem, is a reference to servitude, and they are also referred to as Muhamasheen or the marginalized ones. The Khadems are an Yemeni Arabic speaking community and are of the Islam faith.

KHADEM  Marriage by the Khadems is virtually prohibit ed, but if a man does marry someone from the community, they risk banishment by their families. Women who are unemployed resort to begging. They reside in poor districts in hus isolated from the rest of Yemen society. CARE International and other charitable organizations are trying to assist these people. However, any aid of money is often not channeled to them from their government to which it was given.

Most of the Khadem people came to Yemen from Sudan with the Abyssinian army in the pre-Islamic period. When these troops were expelled at the beginning of the Muslim era, some sudanese migrants remained which ma be the Akhdam people. This reasoning may not be a fact. There was a Yemeni revolt in 2011 that could have helped these people to rise from this social ladder of racism. It did not.

Racism may have an affect on the full potential of Spiritual awareness being raised to a higher level in the 21st Century. Racists are less inclined to study an alternative Spiritual viewpoint.



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  1. Not So different from the history (& present circumstances) of our precipus democracy in the U.S
    As far as the limits, inequalities, britalities, and even killings from the true evil of racism. I wish the U.S
    would only get involved to Help, not destroy in the Middle East. I appreciate the knowledge.

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