Religion has not been considered “racial”; however, it does cause genocide which is a “racial inequity”. To understand the situations that are taking place in the world regarding the global racial inequities, it is probably important to understand the philosophy of a religion; namely, Islam. One train of thought is that Islam may be more of a political system than a religion. This is due to Shari’ah Law which is connected to the Qur’an. Shari’ah Law within Islam may be considered an ideology and not a religion. It may not be compatible with human rights, freedom of thought, and women’s rights. If Islam is attempting to bring its philosophy into and part of the United States, how is it going to function in a democratic and pluralistic society which is the philosophy and political viewpoint of the United States of America. This is a situation that demands very close attention and direction.

CANING  Shari’ah Law of Islam was also originally called “The Way” or “The Path”. The Path is considered knowledge to wisdom. However, wisdom may defined in many ways and by many people. Shari’ah Law allows caning and stoning, etc. which constitutes torture and is prohibited in the United States. Adherence by Muslims to these laws do vary widely. Shari’ah Law or Islamic Law is a set of religious principles which form Islamic tradition. Islam’s legal system from the Qu’ran and Fatwa (Islamic law) are rulings of Islamic scholars. Are Muslims in the United States playing politics, and should the United States consider this while many in the United States are playing with political correctness?  STONING  

The following information about Islam may be helpful in understanding the position they take in the world: These links may not now be available. If not, Google “The Quran’s Verses of Violence – The Religion of Peace-Violence. One can also Google about the two different tribes of  Islam and how they were initiated.

See:  This is the Quran’s Verses of Violence – the Religion of Peace-Violence

Also see:


There was a division in the Islam religion or philosophy which occurred in 632AD with the death of Mohammad who began his revelations in 610AD. The division occurred with the two (2) sons of Mohammad who had a disagreement. The one son founded the Sunni Tribe and the other founded the Shiite Tribe. Of interest is that Saddam Hussein was a Sunni who murdered Shiites. At one time, Shiite was pronounced s–t, and the pronunciation to Shia was changed because of this reference to an English word. ISIS represents the Sunni Tribe and Iran is predominantly Shiite. The Shah of Iran was overthrown in 1979 at which time the Persian Jews left for the United States. However, the situation of the bombing of the Parliament in Iran recently is a situation to ponder.


Jihad is a believer’s internal struggle to live out the Muslim philosophy as well as possible…literally to struggle. The struggle could be spiritual (major) or armed (minor). The Qu’ran may seem to focus on a spiritual struggle but it could also be understood as an aggressiveness. The Qu’ran speaks, inasmuch, of chopping off hands and fingers, caning women, etc. See the internet above on violence.

In the treatise “The Larger Spiritual Order & Universal Scheme of Things-Simplified” – Chapter 4, the Islam philosophy is also discussed. Is the world experiencing Islamaphobia? Do parts of the United States and the world have a fear of Islam? Do not fear…endeavor to understand it, and in that vein, negate it for, if Islam includes political Shari’ah Law, it would not be compatible in the United States.

North Africa is mainly Arab and Muslim and they are considered Arab and not Black. Muslims are told happier days are considered “after death” and not “before death”. A visionary future for humans before the philosophy of Islam came into being was based on independence, equality, the creation of wealth, justice, and coexistence with other humans. Islamic males are now informed they can have dozens of virgin and female rewards in heaven, and the female can be the husband’s happy wife throughout eternity. Another dream they may have is going to the West. Another aspect of the dream may be living and dying in the West or controlling and destroying the West.  

ALGERIA’s racial tensions stem from religion. Being a Muslim or of the Islam philosophy gives a person a cleaner slate in this area. In the West, racial tensions stem mainly from skin color. However, with the Muslim philosophy building up in the United States, this philosophy may also become a tension there…especially if the Muslim with their religion or philosophy of Shari’ah Law are going to roam the streets in their different garbs whereby a person’s gender, who they are, etc. cannot be determined.

COPTS  EGYPT is the home of the Coptic religion which took a different position over Christology from the rest of the Christian Church in 451AD. It was established by St. Mark, an apostle, in 42AD. Part of the Gospel of John, written in Coptic, was found in Egypt and dated in the first half of the 2nd Century. There are about eighteen (18) million Coptic Orthodox Christians in the world. Between ten (10) and fourteen (14) million of them are found in Egypt under the jurisdiction of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria. There are also churches in Africa, Australia, Canada, France, Mexico, South America, United Kingdom, and the United States.

The Muslim invasion of Egypt took place in 639AD shortly after the death of Mohammad. Despite the political upheaval, the Egyptian population remained Christian. However, gradual conversions to Islam over the centuries had changed Egypt from a Christian to a largely Muslim country by the end of the Twelfth (12th) Century. Egypt’s Umayyad, who were rulers after Mohammad’s death, taxed Christians at a higher rate than Muslims which drove merchants towards Islam and undermined the economic base of the Coptic Church. Although the Coptic Church did not disappear, the tax policies made it difficult for the church to retain the Egyptian elites.

A 2010 New Year’s Eve attack by Islamic fundamentalists on the Coptic Orthodox Church in the City of Alexandria left twenty-one (21) dead and many more were injured. One week later, thousands of Muslims stood as human shields outside churches as Coptic Christians attended Christmas Masses on January 6 and 7, 2011. On January 30, 2011, Muslims broke into two (2) homes belonging to Coptic Christians and murdered eleven (11) people and wounded four (4) others. On February 22, 2011, in Cairo, Coptic Christians joined hands to provide a protective cordon around their Muslim neighbors. On March 17, 2012, Copts were worried, after their Pope died, about the Muslim Brotherhood who controlled Egypt after winning 70% of the parliamentary elections. The Pope had constantly met with Muslim leaders in order to create peace. On February 15, 2015, militants in Egypt claiming loyalty to the Da’ish militant group (ISH) released a video depicting the beheading of twenty-one (21) Coptic Christians. On December 11, 2016, a bomb exploded in a Coptic cathedral in Cairo killing twenty-five (25). On April 9, 2017, Palm Sunday, explosions at two (2) Coptic churches killed forty-five (45) people and injured more than one hundred (100).

Also in EGYPT, Black African immigrants often face physical violence and verbal abuse at the hands of the general public and law enforcement officials. Refugees from SUDAN are especially targeted with racial slurs like “oonga boonga” and “samara” (meaning Black). Black women are also targets of sexual harassment in defiance of human rights and non-discrimination on ethnic or racial grounds.

Humans, on a worldwide basis, are on a Spiritual and/or mystical mission in the 21st Century. Many unpleasant, uncomfortable, and negative events are being presented to create a Spiritual atmosphere for a person to rethink their belief system. The Universal (Heavenly) Hosts or Spirit Mentors are available for these “learning experiences”. The facts are available and judgment is not the root of consideration.


July’s blog shall continue with the MENA region’s racial inequities.

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