The Azores, situate off of Portugal, are tops of sunken land which some people and scientists believe are the Islands of Atlantis. Atlantis was one continent at one time. As it started to fall apart due to research with crystals, it became several islands. These islands are said to be the Azores which are the tops of sunken lands.

It is said that Homo sapiens were  created in supernatural fashion long ago on a lost continent of Atlantis. There were Giants and little people. The Giants were thought to be stupid, and the dwarfs very clever.

Also living on these islands were androgynous beings who were Soul creators. These beings were partly male and partly female in appearance and of indeterminate sex. They had the physical characteristics of both sexes. Another name for these beings would be hermaphrodite. They have a high degree of both feminine traits and masculine traits and have also been called bisexual. The androgynous beings changed and became human and took wives who were human and were beautiful.

6 FINGERED EGYPTIAN HUMANThere were six fingered and six toed androgynous beings depicted in a temple in Esna, Egypt. Secret society literature, oral traditions, and religious documents proclaim the existence of ancient Giants as well. 

During the destruction of Atlantis, over many years of unfoldment, humans, including Giants, migrated to Europe, Africa, and the Americas. Edgar Cayce stated there were 10 or 12 foot Giants in Atlantis. There were dominant races there, but each race had all sizes. Cayce also remarked that there were red-haired giants in Atlantis. These could have wandered to other areas also.

The Lyrans, who were 6 to 9 feet tall (according to Cayce) also had red hair. The male and female were both Giants. The race is known to be Caucasian, and the Vikings and Norse are the name of its people.

SAMUEL JOHNSON SAMUEL JOHNSON gave the name of mankind as human beings in the 1700s. He was known as a lexicographer. The name “human” may have been derived from the word “hummus” which means “of the Earth”. In Proto-Germanic, it means dirt, ground, or soil. Did he imply we come from the Earth?






This  fossilized Giant was found during mining activities in County Antrim, Ireland. The figure is shown next to a train so that the difference of size can be determined. The figure was shown in a magazine issue of 1895.

This author likes to think that the “hue” in human is not for the color of the skin, but for the colors of the rainbow in the universe because they are the colors of the energy centers in the human body no matter what the race.

To learn more about these energy center colors or hues, read my treatise




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