Space has always been taken for granted by Mankind thinking it is “emptiness” after all…a backdrop to keep everything else. Time also ticks on. But if physicists have learned anything, it is that space and time form a system of such staggering twists and turns that it may defy the most dedicated efforts to understand.

Albert Einstein saw what was coming in November 1916. A year earlier he had formulated his Unifield Field Theory or Spacetime Theory of Relativity. He theorized that gravity is not a force that widely spreads by itself through space but a feature of Spacetime itself. When a ball is thrown high into the air, it arcs back to the ground because Earth distorts the Spacetime around it so that the paths of the ball and the ground interact again. A friend of the author of this blog who lived in the area of Einstein’s home saw him throw a boomerang into the air. Was this another way for him to experiment? He also contemplated merging general relativity with his other brainchild…the Nascent Theory of Quantum Mechanics which deals with light diffraction to make an image 3 dimensional. It occurs when a wave meets an obstacle. The wave bends when meeting the obstacle. This theory has since become extinct.

As predicted by Einstein in 1916, a massive object-like Earth distorts Spacetime surrounding it. It is like a bowling ball that is dropped on a trampoline. The larger the objects, the more that Spacetime is distorted by that object. If a marble were circling around the bowling ball on the trampoline, the Gravitational Waves are rippled in Spacetime that travel outward from the source.

Einstein did not complete his Unified Field Theory before leaving this Earth. Even today, there are almost as many contending ideas for a Quantum Theory of gravity as scientists working on the idea. As the center of the idea is approached, a mathematical dead end arises…theorists cannot form a systematic path to a conclusive end because its time line ends there. The very Spacetime that would define the location of the uniqueness of the central gravity of the black hole ceases to exist. It is hoped that Quantum Theory could focus a microscope on that point and track what becomes of the material that falls in the hole (which could just keep going through) but it must have a proven formula.

A very similar difficulty occurred in the late 1800s when the mathematics of a “black body” was contemplated. The black body was thought of as a hole full of electromagnetic radiation. Maxwell’s theory of electromagnetism predicted that such an object would absorb all the radiation that it impacts upon, and it could never come to be in balance with surrounding would absorb an infinite amount of heat from a reservoir maintained at a fixed temperature. In thermal terms, it would effectively have a temperature of absolute zero (discussed earlier in Part 1). This conclusion contradicted observations of real-life black bodies such as an oven. Following up on work by Planck, Einstein showed that a black body can reach a thermal balance. Even theories that set out to preserve a conventional idea of Spacetime, end up concluding that something is hidden behind the front of this featureless black hole and does hold a meaningful reality. Other scientists preceding and contributing to Einstein’s work are: Faraday, Helmholtz, and Maxwell mentioned above. In addition, Heinrich Hertz’s discovery of radio waves confirmed the theories of these three scientists (mentioned in the treatise I authored). . .”The Larger Spiritual Order & Universal Scheme of Things-Simplified”

TED JACOBSEN Even in a vacuum, with no particles around, the  electromagnetic and other fields are internally entangled. Theodore (Ted) Jacobson, a theoretical physicist at the University of Maryland, is known for his work on the connection between gravity and thermodynamics. He proved that Einstein’s equations of describing gravity in his Field Theory can be derived from thermodynamic consideration. In 1995, he argued that entanglement provides a link between the presence of matter and the geometry of Spacetime…which is gravity; that is, stiffer or a more rigid force in Spacetime. Dr. Jacobson is currently researching dark energy and cosmic explanation. He wrote “Thermodynamics of Spacetime: The Einstein Equation of State”.  

Scientists shall continue work on a black hole theory and the dynamic solution of the merging of thermodynamics which is the relationship of all forms of energy. Understanding the Universe in order to truly understand the force of Spirit within it is a final goal.

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