Religion is by Man; Spirituality is by God

Jesus the Christ demonstrated the resurrection of Spiritual humans at the time he was crucified to show that life is eternal and Earth is only a “part”of life. He wanted people to idealize his words and not to idolize his body.

The Christian religion had no history in the form of a book; therefore, one needed to be formed. The history of mankind was to be a part of this book; therefore, it was to be decided that the life that was formed by the Jews was to be part of this book as the Old Testament. The life of Jesus was to be the New Testament, and the two testaments were named the Bible which means “book”.

The name of Jesus the Christ gave the Christian church its name. There was a pagan group that was losing its following because of the words of Jesus. So as not to lose this following, they changed their name to Catholic meaning universal. Jesus was born…he lived…he taught the Spiritual aspects of a human life. He showed how Spirit lived within each person by allowing  his Spirit to be resurrected to heaven, and then his Spirit came back to Earth and spoke to his apostles at Galilee. After this, according to his Apostle Luke, Jesus again rose to heaven where he has permanently  resided in the highest plane of heaven forever. One may call it “Seventh Heaven”.


Vyasa is a legendary Indian sage who lived in 1500 BC and wrote Hindi poetry…especially the Mahabharata

It is known the Hebrew tribes had not kept written records of their past nomadic lifestyle. The Aryans did keep records, however, and these stories were later called the Vedas written on clay tablets. The Vedas were formed before the Bible was assembled and translated by St. Jerome in 400 AD more or less. The four Vedas were written in Sanskrit about 500 BC. Printed editions that survive today are the version printed in the 16th Century that were compiled by Vyasa, a Hindu,  pictured above. It is about the journeys of the Proto-Indo-Euro people who entered  India 1500 BC from Iran (some people suggest they were Atlantians). The Proto-Indo-Euro language was the forerunner of all languages as mentioned in the treatise. Indo-Iranians are the original Aryans. A small group is still located and living in Iran and also elsewhere. There were sacred texts from which the Veda religion become known. The knowledge was adopted by Indo-Aryans and influenced the rise of Hinduism in 400 BC. As an aside, India at one time was an island that drifted towards Asia after it ripped off of Madagascar 54 million years ago according to scientists.

The Old Testament of the Bible was compiled between 1400 BC and 400 BC. The New Testament was written between 4 AD to 95 AD. The Old Testament was finally written in mostly Hebrew, and the New Testament was written in Greek. These are the backgrounds of various people, lifestyles, and events over a period of 1500 years in various parts of Egypt, Palestine, Europe, and the Mid East. Jesus’ teachings occurred over a three-year period before he crossed over into the Reality of Being which is in the Universe. Before this, he visited India where he is known as Issa or Essa. Here he gained knowledge to assist him in the crucifixion. 

After the early church was established, people such as Matthew, Peter, and other disciples started writing historical records of Jesus’ life and ministry which became known as the Gospels. These were written after Jesus was crucified which was in the first Century AD (AD means after death of Jesus and BC means before Jesus the Christ). After decades of debate, a council determined which books should be included in the Bible. A few years later, all were published by St. Jerome in a single volume called the Vulgate.

The Hebrews named their book the Hebrew Bible, and some of the stories were taken from the Vedas. The Christian Bible is not a single book but a collection of 66 books written by more than 40 authors over more than 2,000 years.

One story stands out above all in the history of the Bible; that is, the story of the  the “Great Flood of Noah”. There is a parallel story to this flood written in the Vedas. This version dates the flood to have occurred in 4,000 BC. The mathematical system used for the age process is not known. Another version called the “Myth of Atrahasis” was written in 200 BC by a Sumerian/Akkadian or Semite. Atrahasis is a hero who built a boat and saved himself, his family, and animals from a flood  which was stated to be a punishment to mankind by the gods. It was not stated why there was a punishment. If only eight people were in Noah’s ark; namely, Noah, his wife, and three sons and their wives, it was a feat of all feats that they then started humanity all over again.                                                                                                                     gilgamesh King Giglamesh’s tablets can be found in a British museum, the Smithsonian, University of Pennsylvania, and other museums around the world.

noahs-ark-flood-creGILGAMESH Sample of clay tablet


 Giglamesh was the name of a king who lived around 1150 BC in Iraq. Iraq was once named Uruk. He wrote his story on clay tablets in poetic form. In a book written by Jorg Fassbinder of Munich, Germany, tablets were found in a tomb discovered when the waters of the ancient river Euphrates parted sometime following the death of King Gilgamesh.  Also, tablets of King Giglamesh were found in the mid 19th Century as part of a library of a king. A translation made in 1998 of “The Epic of Gilgamesh” can be found on the internet under that title. It was surprising that the unearthing of the dig found structures already described by King Gilgamesh. There was also a skeleton of a giant found here in 2013. King Giglamesh was known to be a huge person.



Present Ayatolah of Iran

Since Iran is very much in the news lately, the time evolved by the modern leaders of Iran may be of interest. The Persian Shah of Iran was backed by the United States and United Kingdom. He was overthrown and exiled in 1979 and was the last monarch and a friend of the United States. Elections wee held in 1980, and Ayatollah Ruhalla Khomeini of the Islamic Republican Party returned after being exiled in 1979. He died in 1989. Ayatolah Ali Khalmenei, above, now controls the empire and is reportedly worth $95 billion.

The life of Jesus the Christ was not the beginning of a religion called Christianity. Rather, it is the justification for Spiritualism or Spirituality. Jesus’ crucifixion and his life on Earth portrays the Spiritual aspects of humanity.

The Bible was not the forerunner of Spirituality. Spirituality began when humans were put on Earth or manifested. There was a reason for this manifestation because there had been a mishap that occurred when Spirits, traveling too close to the Earth’s atmosphere, became mixed up within the atmosphere. The positive and negative energies of the electrical force had to be balanced. They saw animals having coitus or sex and became too engrossed with the situation. Hence, these mixed up energies had to be corrected for the balancing of the Universe, and humans were manifested in Earth to accomplish this. The situation is more fully expressed in the treatise I authored and that was Spiritually given to a group through a high Spiritual source. The treatise can be found at      

After studying the Bible in my youth and not finding an understanding of the events in the Old Testament, I was led to finding the Spiritual truths of the Old Testament. I could not get my Mind into the Old Testament. That is when my Spiritual journey began.

Spirituality comes into reality when humans no longer tend to believe in fairy tales or have fear of blasphemy by stating the words are not God’s words that are in the Bible. This is what is often stated if a person questions the Bible. Enlightenment occurs when positive, absolute  wholesome thoughts are raised on a vibratory level and are held there at which time these thoughts bring about a peaceful situation to the person who is meditating. Meditating on one’s needs or thoughts bring about the truths of a person’s Spiritual heritage. Thoughts Create! Blessings to All!


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