Light_Civilization_1As the Aryans spread into India, the Aryan culture and language of Sanskrit blended with the Dravidians. The Dravidians, in turn, taught the Aryans about city life, and the result was a complex new Indian culture. Eventually, the Indian Vedic and Persian Zoroastrian faiths, and not race, emerged from the Aryan belief system. Hinduism emerged from the blending of Aryan and Dravidian culture. The Dravidians worshipped all forms of life including herbs and plants.

Hebrew and Arabic languages do not belong to the Indo-European family of languages. There are two main Indian language families; one is descendent from Indo-Euro and the other is Dravidian or of the Harappan civilization. The Harappans were an ancient civilization that thrived several thousand years ago in the Indus Valley located in what is now the Pakistan area which was a fertile flood plain. The area, though, had been devastated by natural disaster, and in 2,000 BC, these disasters drove the Aryans and Indo-Euro people into southeast India.

The language of Iran is closely akin to Northern India. Therefore, people of the two lands probably had common ancestors. There are descendants today of Aryan tribes inhabiting areas of Iran who speak an Indo-Aryan language derived from the Proto-Indo-Euro language.

Tablets have been found which originated in Persia, now Iran. They are beautifully detailed with flowers and vines symbolic of the methods used in the early Atlantean Era from 200,000 BC to 10,000 BC. With further research, these tablets may prove to be copies of former records made to preserve the originals. If they are copies, they must have been made during the Early Aryan Age. As far as is known, there is nothing like them in existence today. The tablets explain the Universal Mind of Soul and Spirit and of this connection to Man. This is explained in the treatise I authored. Of all these tablets, there are a total of four which have this song inscribed on them:

Oh man, where is our crown

From eternity it passes on

Where is your soul but from

The infinite it grew

Forever and forever

If it but select to you

Although these tablets may have originated in Persia, they were moved and stored in Tibet (possibly Shamballa) along with the scrolls which reference that Jesus the Christ was called St. Esau in India. It is my viewpoint that Jesus visited India during the period before he was crucified.

There are some 2,000 inscribed seals as samples of Indus writing. These seals were used to make impressions on malleable material like clay. The language is “Aryan” or Indo-European. Below is a sample of one such seal:

indus_unicorn Other samples can be seen at

The Indus Valley Civilization knew how to build ports or trade merchandise by rivers and sea using boats with Aryan knowledge. They knew how to chart their course through dangerous seas using the position of the stars and the movements of the sun and the moon. It is also by this means that the Aryans probably migrated  to the Americas. They could have crossed the Bering Land Bridge located on the Bering Straight which connected Asia with North America and Alaska. New evidence in the U. S. Geological Survey proves that it was not flooded over until 10,000 to 1,000 years ago. Due to this, any number of people could have crossed over from Russia, Asia, and the Netherlands, etc. Who are the indigenous people of a land? With all the migrations that took place over millions of years, who can be called “native”?

The Aryan migration came as a series of migrations of different communities and races that came to the subcontinent of India. Over a period of time, these communities interacted with one another to create a rich tapestry of social and religious cultures that are peculiarly and uniquely American Indian. The migration reached its peak from 2,600 BC to 1,900 BC and was referred to, at that time, as “Mature Harappan” as distinguished from “Early Harappan”. It may be established that the Aryans, being great migrators, were the first people who walked and/or came by boat to North America.

As stated before, the Aryans are said to have migrated from a continent known as Atlantis. Atlantis was a huge land filling the entire area now occupied by the Atlantic ocean. It consisted of five (5) islands which later became three (3), and thereafter one (1) through misusing solar energy. According to Edgar Cayce, the legendary seer, Atlantis may have fallen because the islanders were experimenting with some high level experiments. These are more fully explained in the treatise I authored, Chapter 9, Body/Mind. The first disturbance occurred around 80,000 BC, the second disturbance occurred in 28,000 BC, and the final disturbance occurred in 10,000 BC. Edgar Cayce supports the position that the continent of Atlantis occupied the area between the Gulf of Mexico on the one side and the Mediterranean on the other side. See map below:

images (6)

Atlantis the lost continent is said to have sunk into the ocean due to the movement of oceanic plates, much as the island of Madagascar, which was once a continent called Lemuria or Mu, partially sank into the ocean. However, there could be some other reason. Some evidence of a sunken land mass may have been found in 2001 in the area of Cuba, but the explorers who may have found some stone structures expressed that it would take 50,000 years for something to sink that low (750 meters). It shall be left open for speculation. These explorers plan to return to the site.

The failure to find Atlantis does not prove that the fabulous lost continent never existed. It may have fallen into deep beds of the Atlantic Ocean. The sunken land which had experienced high level experiments could be the reason situations occur off of Bermuda in the Bermuda Triangle location which is situate in the same region. There may be some scientific reason the area is vulnerable.

Two scientists, Paul Weinzweig and Pauling Zalitzki, using a robot submersible, confirmed they found several sphinxes and four giant pyramids in addition to other structures and stones with written language engraved on them. Also found by diving teams from France and the United States was a pyramid capped with crystals.

The genetic pattern of DNA indicates indigenous peoples of the Americas experienced two very distinctive genetic episodes; first with the initial peopling of the Americas (perhaps with an Aryan background), and secondly with European colonization of the Americas. Scientific evidence links indigenous Americans to Asian people, and specifically Eastern Siberian populations. Indigenous people of the Americas have been linked to North Asian populations by linguistic factors, the distribution of blood types, and in genetic composition as reflected by molecular data such as DNA. We shall discuss the American Indians after the Aborigines of Australia.

Unless the “unspecialized” species, which is referred to under Homo-sapien in Part III, and also the reference to the Ainu people in Part IV, are able to be defined as Aryans, there is no other way, at this point in time, to associate any remains or fossils with that race. There is also a reference in this post to the Aryan people who live in Iran, at this time in history (in that they speak the language), but there have been no fossils found (with the exception of the “unspecialized” species) to determine the length of time the Aryan people inhabited the Earth.

We shall explore the continent of Australia and its Aborigines in the next blog.  See you then .

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