Putting the Puzzle Together To Have An Awakening

Synchronicity is on the Minds of many metaphysical people at this point in time; especially when the Universe is channeling more energy to allow humans to raise their conscious awareness of Spirit. These seemingly random events seem to be signs that something larger than life is happening. These events arrive in thought form or dreams. It is reading Minds or reading Spirit messages through thought.

As an example, as a teen the writer had a dream of receiving a red house robe. A few weeks later, I received a red house robe as a gift. That can be called Synchronicity. Another occurrence may be a thought of someone, the phone rings, and that someone is on the other end…or seen a word that magically appears in front of the person which answers a question one may have. This occurred to the writer when in meditation a word appeared before my eyes that answered the question I was seeking. Without realizing it, this phenomenon directs a person to the senses and to events of the inside and outside of ourselves…a bridge between Mind and matter.

CARL JUNG CARL JUNG introduced Synchronicity. He termed meaningful signs or coincidence to be called Synchronicity. They may be minor miracles, little mysteries, that point to a bigger one. The bigger one is that a person, who is highly sensitive, may be on a path to intuition. They may wonder why it occurred and perhaps what mystery may occur next. It positions a highly sensitive person to understand and be aware of the Spiritual aspects of their nature and the probability of linking Mind and matter. What other mysteries may occur that allows a person to catch sight of the Universe and its mysterious ways? However, a mystery is only a mystery until it is solved, and most all of human society likes to solve mysteries. The bottom line is a person needs to feel or trust these feelings to follow through with the Spiritual aspects these feelings may or may not convey. It is meaningful intuition and not coincidence. It may or may not be a message or sign from a Spirit Mentor (some people call these Spirit Guides). Carl Jung is referenced in Chapter 10 of  “The Larger Spiritual Order & Universal Scheme of Things-Simplified” as the author of “meaningful coincidence”.  Another author, James Redfield, who wrote “The Celestine Prophecy”is also referenced in Chapter 10. He wrote an article “The Rediscovery of the World’s Mysteries”. In there Mr. Redfield stated “there is a new Spiritual worldview, and a new found sense of mystery is seen as the people a person meets, conversations they have, and in the sudden manifestation of opportunity in a person’s life”.

When a person is on the right path of intuition or connecting to the Universe, the Universe winks and nods from time to time to let a person know this. Once a person understands they are on a path and connected to a higher knowledge, they shall see signs everywhere.

Synchronicity can hint at a life path or remind people where they are headed. It is each person’s responsibility to be awake and aware at all times of the path on which they are pursuing. Keep an “open Mind” at all times so as to receive the wisdom and mysteries of life as it unfolds. Synchronicity occurs for a reason. There are no accidents or no coincidences.

So, folks, if you are experiencing any of these and other signs, you can be on your way to the Spirituality and higher conscious awareness of the human being. Here is to a fulfilling 2019.

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