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Neuroscientists have discovered there is a strategy for rewiring the brain and activating the neuro pathways that involves more than positive thinking or working hard. The act of thinking, or using the Mind, sets into motion a chemical reaction in the brain. The reaction is similar to plugging in a string of lights. . . as one thinks about something, whether it is positive or negative, they turn on a string of lights related to the topic of which they are thinking. Rewiring neurons in the brain activates this change for reawakening dormant energy to make it easier to allow a higher state of consciousness and to establish knowledge into the DNA of brain cells.

brain-neuron-a  Neurons are nerve cells in the brain which have the ability to gather and transmit electrochemical signals to other cells. They are the building blocks of the nervous system which control the body through the Mind. The basic structure of the neurons are Dentrites, Soma (not shown), Axon Hillock, Axon, and Terminal Buttons. These Buttons are located at the end of a neuron and send signals to other neurons. The synapse is at the end of these Buttons. Neurotransmitters carry the signal across the synapse to other neurons. When electric signals reach the Terminal Buttons, neurotransmitters are then released, and the Terminal Buttons convert impulses into cheical signals and eventually are transmitted throughout the body.


The brain is an electrochemical machine using electromagnetic energy to function. Electrical activity emanating from the brain is displayed in the form of brainwaves or wavelengths. They range from the high electrical wavelengths and low frequency Delta to the low wavelengths and high frequency Beta. It is in the Delta state that meditation is most at work. In-between are the Alpha and Theta wavelengths. Alpha place the brain in a slowed down hypnotic meditative state of Mind, and contact with the unconscious Mind induces the Alpha state. Theta wavelengths place the brain in a higher meditative state of being and, in this state, a person may go into a subconscious learning event.

In the Alpha state, an individual may also use a low mantra tone of voice, and this state may also be used in healing. One may use a chosen mantra or count 1, 2, 3, etc, perhaps to 10. Having the voice come from the lower tones from the throat is more helpful. At times, a gutteral sound may come from the throat when doing this. Do not be alarmed. . . it occurs when a lot of power is raised.  There is a newly found Gamma brainwave discovered by EEGs. Gamma brainwave is a hyperalertness and perception state occurring before the Delta state of being and is also a sensory input. Universal colors and waves may also be seen during meditation. At the higher frequencies, the colors of violet, gold, or grayish white may be seen.

From: “The Larger Spiritual Order & Universal Scheme of Things-Simplified”.

PREFRONTAL CORTEXMeditation increases activity in the left prefrontal cortex at the brow area (also known as forebrain, third eye, or Pineal Gland area). It is where reasoning takes place. The left frontal lobes are linked to positive emotions, self-control, concentration, and temperament. The right frontal cortex activity involves balance and coordination. Over time, the brainwaves or wavelengths are stable, and if a person stops mediation for a while, the effect lingers. The brainwaves that are made over time thicken the brain, in a good way, and strengthens the connections between brain cells. Long-term meditators have larger amounts of folds in the left frontal cortex or forebrain which may allow the brain to process information faster than people who do not meditate.  It has been found that individuals who are long-term meditators, and have larger brains, had more gray matter than the brains of individuals who did not meditate. People who meditate build larger brains. . . comparably, people who exercise build larger muscles and stroanger bones. This suggests that meditation is good for humans since the brain shrinks naturally with age.

Humans have trillions of brain cells, resulting in thousands (if not millions) of “strings of lights”, or pathways, which correlate with habits in all areas of an individual’s life. It has been stated that “neurons that fire together wire together”. The key is to activate as many of these pathways as possible for all parts to improve the result. One pathway is not enough to successfully rewire a brain; however, when one repeatedly aligns their beliefs, feelings, visions, and actions, they shall experience lasting change in the brain.

The more a person thinks, feels, and acts within the same topic, the faster the lights turn on and the brighter they glow. A point in Thought is that the string of lights may relate to driving a car at 45 years of age compared to driving a car at 16 years of age. The lights are much brighter with 45 years of experience compared to the experience at 16 years of age. . While meditating, when a person has spiritual experiences, they may feel they are becoming one with the Universe, and they lose their sense of Self.

A person must believe the Thoughts or action are possible for it to actually manifest in their life. Emotion is the fuel to power one’s intention. Without emotion, a Thought is neutral with no real power. It is not enough for a person to repeat positive affirmations if they are not feeling the Thought. An individual needs to spend time feeling the emotion as they THINK about their intention. A person may visualize and identify daily the goal they would like to accomplish with Thoughts and emotions. Repeat these goals each day by thinking, feeling visualizing, and acting within the desired intention. While doing his, an individual shall stop the unconscious habit of recycling the past and activate the ability to “rewire the brain” in the present moment for the future.

There are higher dimensions of Mind using intelligence. Perceive with Mind instead of perceiving with sight. . . the Mind employs higher dimensions. There is a “hidden” Mind behind the normal or problem solving Mind. That Mind is spiritual. After understanding the theory of rewiring the brain as explained in the previous paragraph. a person can THINK with a spiritual Mind rather than the ordinary day-to-say living Mind. A person can ask the spiritual Mind questions in a meditative state, and an answer in a Thoughtful manner may return. Believe it. . . for humans are meant to be wired for this communication. Embrace it and have emotional control over this reality. Think holistically or incorporate the Self with the Universal Mind.

See you in March.


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  1. Susan B says:

    Very nice, thank you for writing this. Loving the perspective and plain language you use to describe what may be described as changing attitude.

  2. Fay Kapec says:

    Thank you Susan – That simplification is the theme throughout the treatise and all of my blog writing in conjunction with my Spirit Mentor, No’el.

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