Very few people can escape the stress that imposes itself on society these days. We are “thinking” people so why not use our Thoughts to its best advantage by using meditation for stress relief. Considering that stress affects the health of our entire body and Mind, using meditation not only influences our physical outlook, it also influences our emotional outlook. In other words, Thoughts create.

As proposed in the previous post, Chakras and Chakra Energy, in the concept of some schools of Thought, the energy centers or endocrine system can work to achieve our best health and also to enlighten our Self or Souls The relief of stress can be accomplished by clearing the chakra centers or endocrine system. Meditation slows the frequencies of the universal life force or electromagnetic force vibrations which, in turn, heal the imposed stress of life’s journey. By meditating using electromagnetic forces, a person can balance these centers and become a more wholesome, healthy, and harmonious individual.

Understanding how the Mind and body function, in a fine-tuned and humble connection, enables  a person to experience a more fulfilling meditation. There are many types of meditations to use to activate a connection to the universal life force. It is a personal experience. To understand how the Mind and body work shall assist one in sending and receiving the most benefits from meditation.

Dr. Herbert Benson, a Harvard heart doctor, showed that meditation can trigger a “relaxation response” that reduces stress hormones and that it can help an individual heal. He stated that this response refers to an inborn capacity of the body to enter a special state characterized by lowered heart rate, decreased rate of breathing, lowered blood pressure, slower brain waves, and an overall reduction of the speed of metabolism. It can counteract harmful effects and uncomfortable feelings of stress. This philosophy later became known as Stress Management and was the forerunner of biofeedback. Meditation and hypnosis are considered to be the same form of Thought.

For meditation, it is recommended that a person position their feet flat on the floor, preferably without shoes, and sit or stand with the back erect so that the energies brought into the body can move more easily to the energy center with which one needs to work on an emotional or physical basis. Use the body as an antenna. Keep the spine flexible by exercising so that nerve energies, which are bits of information, might pass through the openings in the spinal column without being hampered. Mentally move the energies up and down your central nervous system or spinal column to the top of your brain which connects to the Mind through the pineal gland.

It is suggested that the energy centers be cleared, through meditation, in order for the Mind to do its best work. Since nerve impulses are a means of communication, it is important that the messages being transmitted through Thought are sent through the spinal column in a clear manner. The third chakra or energy center works with emotions and anger; that is, it is the area of the adrenal or pancreas glands which are known to cause stress if not cleared (see the previous post for information for the third chakra or endocrine glands associated with it). The other centers shall be discussed in posts following this post. The colors of all the seven centers play an important role in clearing the central nervous system which runs up and down the spinal column.

A person is meditating or working with hypnosis, biofeedback, etc. when they turn their Thoughts inward on an inner journey. We shall continue with “the breath”, or modalities of breathing with meditation, in Part II of “Meditation for Stress Relief” in the next post. In the meantime, please practice with the creation of pleasant inner journeys.

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