Breathing in, I calm my body

Breathing out, I smile

Dwelling in the present moment

I know this is a wonderful moment

-Thich Nhat Hanh

The breath is important in lowering the Universal Life Force frequencies that are used in meditation. In a spiritual sense, it can be called the Holy Breath. If a person is able to sense they are losing frequencies due to a stressful situation, the situation can be corrected by thoughtfully and intuitively entering into their inner being and using the Holy Breath for meditation and balancing. The modern expression of explaining this energy system may be referred to as “vibrational medicine”, but it has been practiced and is a belief system that has been used in the ancient schools of healing.


The body reveals in physical terms what the Mind is producing. The brain is the link with the body through the Mind. This method begins with an understanding of how the body is a perfect electronic system, and the brain is the central computer that controls all processes through the Mind.


There are different modalities or patterns of Thought that connect to the Universal Life Force when on an inner journey as follows: Visual (see or are seemingly pulled into visions by a magnetic force), auditory (intuitively sense), or kinetic. Kinetic pattern of Thought in meditation is the motion of accelerating energy through the energy centers to clear or heal them. Kenetic individuals, when preparing for meditation, also sense physical feelings in their body; such as, “a butterfly feeling”, a feeling to scratch in order to relieve an itchy experience, kaleidoscope colors in motion, etc. All three sensations may be part of an individual’s expression, but having only one sensation is a more frequent experience.


It is suggested an individual use Love energy or electromagnetic forces which is the Universal Life Force; this energy is established by using a feathery, airy type of wholesome Thought expression. Never Beg! Because this Thought expression does not move through the non-magnetic fields of electromagnetic energy. These fields are static and contain blind spots in the forces of the atmosphere. There are magnetic and non-magnetic fields in the atmosphere. Only wholesome Thoughts can pass through both fields.


The physical body is surrounded by an energy field or aura. The energy field enables a person to sense or feel things out of the ordinary. Everything that is alive pulsates with energy and all energy contains information; therefore, the energy field is both an information center and a highly sensitive system of awareness. These messages pulsating within the energy field may be interpreted as an “energy language.” The energy field reflects an individual’s well-being and is formed from the creation of that person’s internal and external, past and present, constructive and destructive emotional experiences. The emotional energy force, in turn, influences tissue, which is cellular matter. The emotions become coded in this cell tissue, and in this way, the experiences make up an individual’s body structure and body function that is a reflection of those emotional energies. For this reason, it is best to go into the entire body or central nervous system for an emotional stress factor.


Understanding the use of color associated with the seven energy centers shall assist an individual in  meditation. To awaken these centers, do the following:


1. Stand erect or sit erect with feet on the floor; preferably without shoes. If standing, position hands together with fingers pointing upward; if sitting, position hands on  thighs with fingers raised upward, like an antenna (this shall bring energy into the body more quickly). The thigh area enables more energy to pass through because a very large vein is located there.

2. Close eyes and “slowly” breath in and out with Love energy (the Universal Life Force) while letting go of life’s dredges or anything that is not working for a person. Do this seven individual times to correspond to the seven energy centers being addressed.

3. Breathing in and out, think or focus on each COLOR associated with the energy center. The process can start from the top of the head to the bottom of the spinal column which is the pelvic area – Or from the bottom to the top of the body or head  which is the crown area.

4. Using the information from Part II of “Chakra and Chakra Energy“, the colors from the rainbow to visualize for each center is as follows: The pelvic center is red; the navel center is orange; the abdomen is yellow, the heart or thymus center is green; the throat center is blue; the brow center is indigo blue which is dark to grayish purple; and the crown center is violet (or sometimes can be both violet and white with moving energy).

5. Clear each center until an individual feels they are aligned and comfortable with the process. Do all seven centers with Thoughts on peace and harmony because Thoughts create. After that, an individual center can be addressed as needed.


Come to a place of understanding by entering into harmony with the environment and the powers of the universe and by sitting quietly and clearing the Mind of general everyday Thoughts. If everyday Thoughts interfere with Thoughts during the meditation, simply clear your Mind of those Thoughts at the moment and continue with the meditation.


This process can be used throughout the entire life in Earth of the individual because, as humans, we constantly need to clear the centers depending on what we feel needs to be cleared at that time.


The next post shall explore marijuana which has been a large news item lately. Why not use meditation instead?














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