Meditation, put simply, means reflection upon Thought. Reflection on Self awakens the process of being. The leading factor of successful spiritual living consists of each step that is attained or achieved through the awareness created from an individual’s inner being. Mankind allows themselves to be limited by their Thoughts if they do not allow life to unfold from this inner awareness. Thought, word, and deed (action) are the ways through which life is expressed or lived. A person may not love everybody, but it is necessary to increase the Love aspect of a person’s nature of being by loving themselves.

Thoughts on God energy is ongoing action, Spirit is incoming and outgoing Thought, and Love is all of this action. God energy is generated by an individual’s own creation of the spiritual action, and it is ongoing. God energy action is inactive until a person thinks of it and knows that it exists. If a person activates it knowing it exists, they allow it to flow to them and from them which is incoming and outgoing Thought or meditation.

Reflection upon Thought, or meditation, activates and feeds the fuel for an individual’s spiritual awakening of their Soul and Spirit. A person who is a heavy thinker may be considered to be meditating. The more an individual thinks or ponders upon a particular subject, the more fuel is added to the awakening process and a person’s level of spiritual understanding and awareness. The emotional aspects of the brain influence the well-being of the physical aspects of the life force body balance; these in turn being influenced or generated by the Mind’s thinking process…all working to bring together the whole human being.

The fuel is the Thought upon oneself and what a person is doing about themselves; reflection so-to-speak. The more an individual reflects or meditates, the sooner they become more knowledgeable. However, if an individual thinks in an egotistical sense as “Wow, I did it!”, the puffs of smoke of the fuel decrease the awakening. Thoughts need to be transmitted with deep feeling and desire (but calmly); otherwise, if it is done too quickly or not clearly, the vibration is lost and cannot be answered. The moment a disharmonious word or Thought is created, the pure and perfect energy of the Universal Life Force healing energy is lessened. The more harmonious words and deeds are used in wholesome Thought and action, the more constructive energy shall be manifested.

Mindfulness meditation, as some meditation is being called in the 20th and 21st Centuries, is becoming very popular. It is accomplished in the same manner of using the Mind and breathing procedures to stimulate the inner being much the same way as any other meditation system (see the previous posts for breathing exercises). You may also be able to glean more information from the previous posts on Meditation for Stress Relief.

The seven colors of the rainbow are also in the seven colors of the spinning wheels of the energy centers, and emotions and the need for healing are held in each of these areas where we want to create a balance. Through meditative Thought, an individual may pulsate harmonious energy through their inner being and then outwardly from this inner being (using breathing techniques) with the frequencies of a color and/or sound. While visualization of color works for some meditators, it does not work for everyone. If the case is that color is not working for an individual, a person may rather work with sound without attempting to force a color into their consciousness. This may bring about an unexpected and enjoyable experience to the results. The seven energy centers also have seven octave sounds with which to work.

The atoms are syllables,

Forever unspoken, yet speaking.

The silence is sound

Forever circling and gathering.

The rock is mute

To listening ears,

But the deaf eyes of watching clouds

Hear piles of vowels

Continually dancing

The average human is said to vibrate up to the fourth energy center, the genius up to the fifth energy center, the prophet up to the sixth energy center (see blog on “Chakras and Chakra Energy“). Only the completely conscious individual, or an individual who reveals the highest level of universal awareness, is said to vibrate or radiate at the seventh energy center. At this level, one may understand spiritual power or energy according to their will. They may use the energy in its untransformed existence, or they may transform it, change it, and transmit it (as in meditation or Thought) in higher frequencies much as Jesus the Christ accomplished, for example, at his resurrection, if it be their will. Therefore, the spiritual aspects of a person’s being shall more noticeably be revealed to them when the fifth, sixth, and seventh levels of universal awareness are understood and balanced.

When a person has experienced a oneness with Spirit, it need not be a frightening experience. . . the feeling is a oneness with Spirit meeting the healthy Soul of a person’s being erasing the dredges of earthly life.

Hope to be with you on the next post which shall be Part II of Meditation for Healing.

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