Healing the Body and Mind, or Soul and Spirit, takes place when an individual awakens to the reality of their spiritual being. The awakening begins in the lower spinal column or central nervous system with a little steam and mist and reaches a “b-block” which is a stress point of a life situation. A person’s body may be hurting in the areas that are stressed in which they are attempting to break up, or dissolve, the blockages. At this point, the awakening can escalate or stay dormant according to the individual’s Thoughts on the matter. It is the responsibility of an individual to rid themselves of these blockages in the chakras or energy centers of the central nervous system.

The awakening may be a long, hard trek most of the time, but it can also occur very quickly depending on the person’s work effort. It all depends on how much knowledge a person is willing to accept at that moment. It is at times scary and awesome, but by obtaining knowledge of the process and understanding how to forgive and work with fear, it becomes easier and more comfortable. Love and fear are explained in the next post “Love vs Fear”.

An important sound that may be used in the awakening is the AOM or AUM sound used in the Hindu and Buddhist traditions. The AOM (a o mmmmmmmmmmmm) sound can be spontaneous or it can be programmed. It is a pleasant sound when programmed, and it acts like the striking of a tuning fork. If the sound is spontaneous and not programmed, as in the case of meditation in which it occurs without realizing it is going to occur, it appears to originate from the throat area in a guttural sound. When the awakening begins and an individual starts to experience the energy vibrations down the front of their body, they shall almost feel they must make, or they shall actually make, sounds within the throat area, and the sound that is made is an AOM sound.

Certain individuals want to break through to becoming a new person by taking drugs. They flirt with danger (please see blog on  marijuana)! However, any way a person begins the awakening is better than not getting started at all. That person is still awakening the process of gaining knowledge and wisdom, and they are changing their level of spiritual awareness. The knowledge of spiritual awareness has been part of an individual all the time. . . it simply needs to be awakened. All the different isms, cults, creeds, and “angels”, etc. are all beneficial for they shall stimulate the seeker to find what is being missed in their individual knowledge. It is part of raising one’s level of awareness. Raising a level of awareness is simply a difference in understanding. A person’s inner feeling and thirst for more knowledge goads them in their quest until their thirst is satisfied.

If a doctor cannot diagnose any uncomfortable physical condition, think with expanded awareness and know that the Holy Spirit, or your Spirit Mentor, is constantly available for guidance and assistance in the process. All one needs to do is ask, and they shall receive  . . . IF the asking is done in a clear and loving manner. Many doctors see an illness as something to be destroyed, but it can also inform an individual of a lifestyle that may need to be changed in order to be healthier. The medical profession does not instruct or inform a person on how to think healthy and be healthy. “It is the aging process” or something else they may subscribe to and prescribe the necessary, or unnecessary, drugs.

Ancient knowledge speaks of Man’s possibilities to build self-esteem, to concentrate on discipline, and to expand the Mind, consciousness, talents, and physical abilities.

I shall look forward to being with you on the next blog. Enjoy life’s pleasures!

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