Fear chases you until you turn around and look it in the eye!

fearLove is NOT the opposite of hate (a side effect of Fear) as has been popularly suggested in the past. Love is the opposite of Fear. . . hate is part of the emotions felt by having a Fear, and the Fear of something produces hate.

Humans have what can be referred to as a Self and an Ego. It is important for an individual to balance these emotions to be able to grow spiritually and feel comfortable within their Body and Mind. An individual needs to be a little of an introvert for Self growth which includes Thought on one’s inner being. An individual also needs to be a little of an extrovert which includes experiencing the Ego’s sensual pleasure. To attain an individual’s higher being of Self, a person needs to balance the Ego and Self so that they can become the Self that they can Love. This includes working with the senses in order to control the physical adornments associated with being an extrovert. An introvert works with emotions of feelings, Thought, and attitude.

Self is the Soul and Spirit part of a person, and Thought through meditation controls that aspect. Ego involves the senses playing into the physical emotion of a person which can also be controlled through meditation. Working with these emotions through meditation shall contribute to the balancing of a person’s outlook on life and their well-being.

Fear consists of anger that includes guilt, discouragement, jealousy, and anxiety; these are attacking emotions. The passive emotions of Fear consist of hurt, loneliness (which lead to depression) and procrastination. All events causing these emotions need to be forgiven, using meditation, in order to Love the Self. Forgiveness is like “stroking the Ego” which, when overshadowing the Self, may cause uncomfortable emotions.

People need to face that which they Fear. Life is painful at times, and spiritually, an individual is meant to face the pains that life presents. However, individuals often misrepresent the “God” presence in their lives by their level of personal comfort – they believe “God” is here if their prayers are answered. However, “God” does not, through any spiritual leader or tradition, guarantee or encourage a pain-free life. Spiritual teachings encourage people to grow through and past painful experiences, each of which is a learning lesson. Developing intuitive ability through meditation shall assist them to learn the lessons that are important and essential in their experiences.

Do not feel guilty for enjoying life. It is not intelligent to blame oneself or others for unfortunate events that occur in their life. This creates guilt (an aspect of Fear). It is more intelligent to protect oneself from the lowliness of life. The fact that one can see the brute of Ego as being different from what was once a person’s normal Self is encouraging. Do not Fear the earthly law that indicates an individual shall lose what they seek for selfish gain. . .it is not selfish but wise to enjoy life. Eat from the banquet of life. Life is like a huge smorgasbord; some people gorge themselves with life’s fruits while others are starving to death. This arrangement is what needs to be balanced.

Balancing the Self and Ego shall assist an individual to be more comfortable within themselves to work with the forgiveness of Fear(s). To allow oneself to feel more comfortable with knowing the Inner Self, and still enjoy some Ego, shall assist them to understand their Fear(s) and forgive them so it is more enjoyable to Love.

Man is intuitively able to understand spiritual truth, and when it is understood, each person shall search and keep on searching until one day that person succeeds in finding the path to the realization of the Higher Self. What Man does not learn in wisdom Man shall learn in woe!sntLogo144w

What is in the next blog? How about making a stab at Mankind and our human ancestry? An update to the book I authored.

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