The immune system communicates with other systems of the body. It sends information via immunopeptides to the brain and receives information from the brain via neuropeptides. Neuropeptides connect with receptors on the immune cell surface and neuropeptides were found on the immune system linking the brain to the body by proof.


Peptides are molecules with two or more chains of amino acids and, when these amino acid chains become longer, it becomes protein. The immune system consists of antibodies (white blood cells) and are specialized cells formed in the bone marrow and form organs, proteins, and tissue. Bone marrow cells are found in the brain and turn into brain marrow and is activated by the Mind. The cellular structure of the brain begins with the fetus where the brain is formed first from the remainder of the body. When the Mind or Spirit enters the fetus. the  beginning of human life shall occur. As expressed in the previous post, the Mind is the governor of the brain and body, and the Soul and Spirit shall enter the body at a time when only it decides to do so. Man shall not make this decision.


The Body-Mind-Spirit situation can be solved in the colloidal structure of life. Colloidal hormones are secreted by the thyroid gland. The work of the muscles, secretion of the glands, and the electrical work of the nerve cells are closely connected with the colloidal structure of the cell tissue. Illnesses are somehow connected with colloidal change. The body is controlled by the functioning of the nervous systems, the muscles, and organs of the body through the Mind. Destructive emotions have toxic effects on cells within the colloidal chain and therefore channel disharmonious information to the cells.


Science instructs that each cell is a copy of the universe. As a miniature replica of physical man is contained in genes, so the spiritual blueprint, the formula of an individual’s relationship to “God”, is stamped electronically on the spiritual counterpart of the genetic code.


The structure of the nervous system starts with and consists of ordered chains of colloids produced by the impact of internal and external actions. For instance, food and drugs find their way to where they are needed through the expansion of the colloidal system; this is an internal action. An external action would be the emotional impact from an outside occurrence. Colloids are changeable and transformation takes place when influenced by light, heat, electric fields, electronic discharges, and other energies such as electromagnetic forces used in meditation.


The force of meditation, or creation of Thoughts, shall be discussed in the next few posts by explaining the chakra versus the endocrine systems.

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