Racial inequity can be seen as discrimination… but it can also be used as a tool for taking advantage of the cultural aspects of a specific race. It manifests itself as a cultural solution; such as, multicultural education and the promotion of ethnic identities. This,in itself, is helpful in making known the differences which then can be balanced. Cultural inequity; however, does not by itself correct the problem of inequity. Racial difference is influenced by economic urgency but discussed through culture, religion, literature, art, science, and the media. 



The new museum, above, is a sample of a culture balance that is needed. It opened in September 2016 near the Washington Memorial (shown above) in Washington DC USA and assists a person to understand American history through the eyes of the African. It is hoped the new museum may provide a large contribution to balancing black racial inequity in America and also in other countries around the World.

The following situations have and/or are occurring in various countries in the World:

THE UNITED STATES has had violent uprisings for both black and white groups which led, in part, to the Civil War thirty (30) years later, from 1861 to 1865. Nat Turner, see below, a black slave and revolutionary, rebelled against slavery. He had a vision of a better life through reading the Bible and believed blacks deserved better. Christian knowledge assisted the slaves, and blacks rose up against whites. Nat, along with other black slaves, killed his master and then other men, women, and children totaling fifty-five (55). This is a little known history of slavery in the United States. Nat Turner, along with the other revolutionists, were tried in a court of law in Southampton, Virginia and executed. This incident is being shared to inform the citizens of the black community that there were differences on both sides. 

turner   NAT TURNER

On the anniversary of Adolph Hitler’s birthday in April 1999, a planned killing spree occurred at the now infamous Columbine High School in America. Two teens claimed the lives of many fellow school mates. It is reported they had been involved in some Nazi activities. Hitler used the Sanskrit Svastika symbol for his regime. This symbol represents peace and love (or a positive representation as referenced below), but by this time Hitler had no sense of reasoning. The explanation of this is in Chapter 1 of “The Larger Spiritual Order & Universal Scheme of Things-Simplified”. There have been so many other incidents since this time including ISIS for one. As measures for more availability of jobs and job training, in addition to other situations, come to fruition to improve the lives of citizens in the inner city, the differences in the inequity of races should take on a healing aspect.


The Svastika (shown) as being used for the Hindu holiday of Diwali in October.
Translation: Su “good”, asti  “to be”  & ka is a given suffix (similar to “ly” in sudden(ly) from the original Sanskrit…possibly Aryan related

The United States of America has been known as the “Melting Pot of the World” for immigration that has, in the past, always been accomplished in accordance with Rules and Regulations. By allowing illegal immigrants to enter the country is not a race inequity or discrimination issue alone… it is an economic and national security situation. There needs to be assurance that there are jobs for them and also a control over their capacity to be a good influence in the nation according to their education and capacity to hold good jobs. This enables a country to have good citizens, and therefore, the citizens shall be a positive influence for that country. The United States joins the United Kingdom’s Brexit in exiting the old and forging ahead with new deals which benefit the people of their country.

CANADA has a race situation, along with other racial inequities, with the plight of the Innu people of the eastern area of the country. At one time, Innus were self sufficient and were independent people, but charitable programs have only crippled their existence there.

INDIA has long lived with discrimination and race inequity against what is called the lower class in Hinduism; namely Dalits, as well as religious violence. Although discrimination of races has been outlawed by India’s Constitution, the caste system still exists. The social barriers the caste system creates is still prevalent in rural areas where most people of India live. There have been, at various times in the past, religious situations between Hindu and Muslim people. These situations have attempted to be healed by the division of forming two countries; namely, India (Hindu) and Pakistan (Muslim).

RUSSIA has been plagued with a form of Nazism. Although programs have been initiated in recognition of healing the situation, they still have not taken effect.

Human beings are not all the same. They are all unique unto themselves. That uniqueness needs to be respected as long as it is not criminal. Using one’s Mind to “think” can bring positive means to the inequities of racial discontent. Think of all the ways and means a human being can make this world a better place in which to live and prosper. Pitting people against each other is not a way to create a balance in racial inequity.

The discussion on race inequity shall continue into the next blog in order to bring attention to other countries around the globe, because this is a global situation that needs to be addressed. When each person in the World can view another person without thought of color…that is the time the human race may truthfully begin to exist as one.

Hope to be with you next month. 

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