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images (1)Pineal is derived from the Latin word “pinea” meaning pinecone which is why the pea-sized endocrine gland is symbolized by a pinecone. When the pinecone is in its first phase of growth, it is closed; when the pinecone opens up, it is matured. So it is with the Pineal Gland when an individual supplies the gland with enough light, through meditation or thought, from which to mature. This gland has been in existence for at least 500,000,000 years according to prehistoric fossils; therefore, this indicates the gland is definitely vital for human survival.


The Pineal Gland is the first gland formed in the fetus and takes approximately forty-nine (49) days to form. It becomes the brain in the development of the fetus and communicates with the consciousness of the parent(s). After some time, the fetus is able to recognize and becomes familiar with the sounds of the mother’s and/or father’s voice, and therefore, it is important how the parent(s) communicate.

After the child is born and the umbilical cord is cut, the gland takes on the ability to imagine and becomes closely related to the sensory mechanisms of the central nervous system that regulates the intestines, heart, and the other six glands. However, the heart is termed to be an organ, and another gland called the Thymus, which is close to the heart, may be one of the seven  endocrine glands instead of the heart in association with the energy centers of the body. The Thymus Gland is small in this period of time, but after its use is more known and is used more abundantly by humans, it may grow larger. At this point in time, the Thymus Gland is so small it may be difficult to locate during an examination of the chest.

00015 third eyeIt has been stated that the Pineal Gland is the connection between body and Soul/Spirit but it also has been determined that it is, in fact, a literal eye. The gland is sometimes called “The Mind’s Eye” because it is located in the area of the Mind. The Mind also has been referred to as Spirit which passes from the body form and continues the journey beyond this earthly realm. During meditation, when making use of the Pineal Gland, the colors of the rainbow from the Universal Life Force may also come into view bringing the universal energies or electromagnetic energy charges into the body. That energy then should be paired with positive thoughts in order to better utilize the energy.

Melatonin produced in the Pineal Gland is produced from another neurotransmitter called serotonin. For a while it was not known how this small gland, buried deep in the middle of the human brain, could sense light or darkness. But it was later discovered that there was a link to the Pineal Gland from the retinas, which, oddly enough, also contained melatonin. In no time, the gland was being called the “Third Eye” and, because of its location at one of the seven chakras (a Hindu philosophy), it was reputed to be the center of spiritual and psychic energy. It was also considered a portal or door to consciousness or door of perception. Great yogis have stated the Pineal Gland is the receptor and sensor of the subtle vibrations which carry “thoughts” and psychic phenomena throughout the cosmos (Satyananda, 1972).

In modern science, scientists are referring to the Pineal Gland as “pineal eye” because scientists have found a completely working eye within the gland. A biophysical analysis has been done of the gland’s interior. What is fascinating is that the interior of the gland actually has retinal tissue composed of rods and cones (photoreceptors) inside its interior lining just like the human eye, and it is also wired into the visual cortex in the brain. Like an eye, it contains vitreous fluid.  With this scientific proof that this gland can function like an eye, we now have avenues open for speculation. 


Research has shown that there is a function of an eye occurring, and light stimulates and activates the gland. The retina and the Pineal Gland are primarily responsible for the body’s recognition and sophisticated processing of external light. The gland that has for thousands of years been called a “Third Eye” actually has all of the components needed for a functioning eye. It is also thought to secrete a chemical known as DMT (short for Dimethyltrypamine). This chemical is nicknamed “The Spirit Molecule”. Light can be brought to this location by meditation or  through some other means such as “Sungazing”.  Sungazing is an ancient Egyptian method used to receive light or energy charge into the body. It is controversial but shall be discussed later in the next post for anyone’s interest.

For further information on the Pineal Gland, see link:                           

 http://www.spiritscienceandmetaphysics.com/proof-that-the-pineal-gland-is-literally-a-3rd-eye (use control + click)

The gland floats in a small lake of cerebrospinal fluid (a clear, colorless liquid that fills and surrounds the brain and spinal cord). It relies on a constant supply of blood delivered through a particularly rich vascular network which prevents shock. Rhythmic breathing and chanting create an oxygen-rich supply of blood to the Pineal Gland. Breathing increases the heart rate while reducing the blood pressure. Ironically, this is what occurs just before an individual’s Soul/Spirit crosses over into the reality of being.  It may be that the goal of this procedure is to release DMT. 


DMT is believed to be released during dreaming, during spiritual and mystical experiences, and during the time when a person crosses over into the other realm of life. It is a chemical compound that, when ingested, has the most powerful hallucinogenic affects out of any other drug. The molecule that is speculated to give a person a spiritual experience just so happens to be housed in the Pineal Gland. When activated with light or energy brought into the gland during meditation or other means, there may be a tunnel effect formed with a dot of light (could be white or any color of the rainbow as shown in the above image) at the end, much as what has been told by people who have momentarily crossed over and returned to their earthly body. It is referred to as a “near death experience” by some individuals.

DMT closely resembles both melatonin and serotonin and can be found in some tropical vegetation (such as marijuana) as well as the human body. It is thought that stored DMT is released from the Pineal Gland just prior to the soul’s crossing over by using the out-of-body experiences and mystical visions reported by “near death experience” survivors. While there has been no empirical evidence linking the Pineal Gland to the production of DMT, its association with melatonin (from which it is made) seems to strongly suggest this possibility. Melatonin is produced in the gland when light signals are transmitted to the spinal cord by means of the optic nerve. They are then transported to the gland by means of nerve impulses. The gland readies for its work during the evening by producing serotonin from amino acid. In turn, serotonin changes to melatonin during the night.

This article shall be continued in the next post. Hope to share with you then.

Sweet Dreams!!

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