GLACIERS  Glaciers:  Glaciers are considered among the most sensitive indication of climate destabilization. As temperatures warm, glaciers retreat unless snow precipitation increases to make up for the additional melt…the reverse or opposite is also true. Glaciers grow and shrink due both to natural variability and “external forcings” (see Climate Parts I and II). A world glacier inventory has been compiled since the 1970s…initially based mainly on serial photographs and maps but now relying more on satellites. The World Glacier Monitoring Service collects data annually on glacier retreats and glacier mass balance. From this data, glaciers worldwide have been found to be shrinking significantly with strong glacier retreats in the 1940s, stable or growing conditions during the 1920s and 1970s, and again retreating from the mid-1980s to the present time.

killerBeescaption(almost the same size but different markings)

Pollen Analysis:  Different groups of plants have a pollen with distinctive shapes and surface textures. Since the outer surface of pollen is composed of a very resilient material, they resist decay. Changes in the type of pollen found in different layers of sediment in lakes, bogs, or river deltas indicate changes in plant communities, and they also indicate changes in the destabilization of climate. Today, the European variety of Honey Bees (in addition to butterflies) are becoming depleted due to chemicals being used in spraying plants. This shall have significant effects on future flowers, vegetation, fruits, and weeds, etc. African Honey Bees (called Killer Bees) are becoming more dominant and have more aggression than the European variety. They are dangerous and have been invading USA’s bee population since 1990. Tongue in cheek could not resist this pun: How do we get rid of African Honey Bees? By revoking their visas. Seriously, this is a serious problem that may not be able to be reversed.

CLOUDS  Cloud Cover and Precipitation:  Clouds are sensitive. Clouds are in response to changes in “external forces” (see Climate Part II) and what effect these changes would have on climate destabilization. Estimated global land precipitation increased by 2% over the course of the 20th Century. One of the biggest questions in climate sensitivity has been the role of low-altitude clouds which reflect some of the Sun’s radiation back into the atmosphere thereby cooling the Earth. Getting data on cloud cover is not easy. However, the data shows that as the Pacific Ocean has warmed over the past several decades, low level cloud cover has lessened. As the Earth’s surface warms, the atmosphere becomes more unstable and draws up water vapor from low altitudes to form deep clouds high in the sky. Those types of high-altitude clouds do not have the same cooling effect as low-altitude clouds.


It has also been found that as the oceans warmed, the trade winds (the easterly surface winds that blow near the equator) weakened, which further caused the gradual disappearance of the low clouds. The vibrations of ENSO (El Nino-Southern Oscillation) also determine low cloud formations. A climate model created by the Hadley Center in Britain predicts high temperature increases for the 21st Century. Low clouds are like the mirrors of the climate system. If they disappear, the cooling effects also disappear. To learn more, read about ISCCP (International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project) at :

Historical and Archaeological Evidence:  Oral and historical documents can offer insights into past changes in climate. Climate destabilization effects have been linked to the collapse of various ancient civilizations. This has been discussed in “The Larger Spiritual Order & Universal Scheme of Things-Simplified”, Chapter 1. 

MANURE  Chicken or pork do not require as much space or other requirements needed to produce them. Animals, grown for meat consumption, produce methane from their manure which is a greenhouse gas about twenty times more potent than carbon dioxide. Cow manure, or animal waste, releases nitrous/carbon dioxide which pollute water and the air. In the long run, if more humans would follow a vegetarian diet, given the fact that raising beef produces manure which produces a greenhouse gas, it would assist in stabilizing the climate. This diet could also then be motivating a Spiritual viewpoint of “balancing the Earth’s climate” while balancing their bodies.

Climate change shall be a slow process over the years. However, with all the technical knowledge that is and shall be available in modern times, and with more humans actively escalating their conscious Spiritual awareness through Meditative Thought in the coming centuries, climate shall become progressively more stabilized. As the human race creates higher vibrational levels of conscious awareness of the Spiritual realms, or have a better understanding of the Universal Scheme of Things, the escalation of the control of climate stabilization should become more evident. Bringing more of the Universal Life Force or electromagnetic energy to the Earth by meditation shall energize the Earth as well as humanity.


The Electromagnetic Energy of the Universal Life Force

There is a possibility that Earth’s climate destabilization escalating too swiftly could cause the Spiritual process of balancing dualities in humans, and ultimately the Earth, to take place on another planet in some other form. Hopefully, Spiritual changes in the 21st Century of raising human conscious awareness to a higher vibratory level could advance to balance the energies of the Earth. Therefore, it is important that humanity’s Spiritual Thought process, which includes meditation, includes respecting the Earth’s climate as much as possible.

The next blog posting shall be in sharing the complexities of human depression by changing the chemistry through meditation. Humans are what they THINK. 



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  1. Steve Adams says:

    Not to discount what appears here, but there are two SUPURB books specifically on the interface of awakening and the ecological crisis facing the planet. They are by James George. “Asking for the Earth” has a foreword by the Dalai Lama. The other is “The Little Green Book on Awakening.” Of course the message in the books are in harmony with what Kapec says.

  2. Fay Kapec says:

    Thank you Steve for the information on the other books – I do appreciate your comment that the information is similar – Yes, climate is an important issue for the future in addition to so many more situations that I am sure President-Elect Trump shall address. I keep sharing as much as I can about the Spiritual aspects of all issues that need attention.

  3. Susie says:

    Amazing blog! Do you have any tips for aspiring writers? I’m hoping to start my own website soon but I’m a little lost on everything. Would you recommend starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option? There are so many choices out there that I’m completely overwhelmed .. Any reitmmendaocons? Appreciate it!

  4. anyone was looking for a copy of Jennifer Ouellette’s Calculus Dairies that I mentioned in Looking for a book to read?, it’s now available on There are a lot of science writers tweeting that they are

  5. Your’s is a point of view where real intelligence shines through.

  6. Fay Kapec says:

    Thanks so much for comment. I just found the dashboard. Intelligence may be my cup of tea, but computers are not – Ha ha

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