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China is a growing presence in Africa due to their already major investments. They are protecting these investments by adding more economic and commercial assets that already exist in the continent. These investments include peacekeeping activities of weapons sales as well as protecting their existing assets of the same. Beijing shall now be a political as well as economical influence.

The top reasons for China’s interests in Africa are 1) the desire to secure a solid base of raw materials for China’s rapidly growing economy, 2) the desire for China to influence and increase its own political influence, and 3) an opportunity for China’s growth and desire to be part of Africa’s own emerging economic market.

China was looking to improve defense  ties with Africa especially with South Africa’s defense technologies. A group from the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) visited South Africa to discuss training with the South African Navy. At a meeting held in August 2018, it was determined that China would gain more knowledge on defense technology development and “joint” defense training in South Africa. China was interested in exchanging joint ventures in defense, research labs, and technology transfers.

China also has constructed Africa’s first electric railway system there and operates a logistics and intelligence facility there. Namibia is rumored as a potential location for additional facilities. In Tanzania, China built a location to train African Armed Forces. In 2018, at a meeting between China and Africa, China also announced it would provide support for piracy and terrorism activities. This activity was part of a China-Africa meeting held in 2018 when there was an agreement of Africa’s cooperation for China providing financial support to Africa.

In June 2019, a high level Chinese group visited South Africa to arrange training practices with the South African Navy. They also had meetings with the Arms Corporation of the Philippines (Armiscor) and the South African National War College. The meetings were held in conjunction with the 2018 meeting disclosed above. South Africa has very good ties with world class research institutes working with cutting-edge defense technologies.

The concern is exactly what China is going to be playing in the region, and how is it going to fit with existing military organizations and security forums. It is really an unsettling element of something new coming into the equation that has a lot of people concerned. The underdeveloped countries of Africa represent a large opportunity for China to expand its global presence and influence in the world. It has, already, a heavy investment in Asian markets and in South America. However, India is known historically to be a rival of China.

China wants to exploit the African people and take over their resources while trying to turn Africa into another Chinese continent and take it for all it is worth. They have invested billions of dollars to build massive infrastructure projects because lack of them hinders growth. China has increased its commercial investments by building factories and railroads and operates a major port in Djbouti.


Djibouti is a small country in North Africa situate between the Gulf of Aden and the entrance to the Red Sea next to Ethiopia. The Afer and Issa clans from Somalia are the countries’ two main ethnic groups. The country was once known as French Somaliland. 98% of the population are Sunni. The Sunni branch of Islam does not share in Shari’ah Law. It was a French overseas territory, and the French gave the territory back to the country of Djibouti. The official language is French and Arabic.

DJIBOUTI MILIRARY BASE  The United States also has interests in Djibouti, and there is a permanent American military base located there called Camp Lemonnier. The camp was named after General Emile-Rene Lemonnier, and it had belonged to the French military and was refurbished by the United States. It is located next to the international airport in Djibouti City, and it is strategic in stabilizing the Horn of Africa. The United States also has military units over other parts of Africa to stabilize areas from terrorist groups; namely, Al-Shabaab, Boko Haram and el-Queda who terrorize Africa.

The United States government offered economical aid to African countries, but Africa declined…probably because of the arrangements made between China and Africa in past meetings. The United States, under President Trump’s “America First” policy, may not allow America to get involved. However, America may need to rethink their priorities because this may leave China to be the dominant party on the African continent.

American companies were adamant about staying in China. However, the Corona Virus may change this situation because China manufactured some medicinal needs for the United States and companies in the United States that were needed in the pandemic,. and these were difficult to receive because China needed them for themselves.

China’s safest investments are with U.S. Treasury Bills that pay a good income from the interest. The United States could consider not paying these investments back to China and keep the money for reparations for all the damage caused by China being secret about telling the world what had occurred in their laboratories.

Some African people are not happy with the teachings of the missionaries who taught their religions there. They are looking to learn more about a God that is not a “he” but an energy which permeates throughout all the universe(s). Spiritual reasoning is that there are reasons for everything. This could be that China has been found out. African countries should now be aware that the days of Chinese non-interference in African affairs is over. The Chinese have more permanent issues at hand.

The Copd-19 virus is making people and countries aware of what is occurring with China i Africa and other countries. The virus has opened doors to observe what China is actually doing in worldly affairs. African countries should now be aware that the days of Chinese non-interference in African affairs is over. The Chinese have other issues at hand.

Of interest: On May 3, 2017, four Chinese doctors were found dead in Florida USA. On November 28, 2018, a Chinese scientist went missing. On December 4, 2018, a Chinese doctor, who was experimenting with genes and did not get permission from the Chinese government, went missing.

From the author of “The Larger Spiritual Order & Universal Scheme of Things-Simplified”


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