Hong Kong is actually a small peninsula off Mainland China

In 1839, Britain invaded China for interfering in its economical and political affairs. China was shipping opium drugs to Britain. In 1841, China gave Hong Kong to the British as compensation.

In 1997, Britain gave Hong Kong to China as part of an agreement. Hong Kong would be a system of “one country, two systems”. In other words, it would be part of China, but in reality, Hong Kong is not in China. The culture is different because of British influence; that is, Hong Kong has a democratic system and a free press. China wants to impose rules on Hong Kong, but the two systems do not agree.

The United States condemns China’s new approved security law. It prohibits treason (and) subversion against China’s government. The law strips Hong Kong of its rights to peacefully protest. China and the United States are at odds over this. Hong Kong is the mecca for business to include Mainland China.

In the world of today, China wants to be first economically and militarily. However, China needs to be a fair player. They are giving money to American universities and film making groups. We can no longer be naive as to why they are doing this…they would have a hold on these businesses to incorporate plans that would benefit China. Civilized civilizations need to stand up to China’s communistic attempts to take over the World.



wuhan china  The recent pandemic caused by the Coronavirus which started in Wuhan, China shall give the World a chance to make China pay for all the problems they caused because of their interference. This is not the first time China is responsible for a health epidemic. The Great Manchurian Plague that started in northeastern China in 1910 and spread throughout the World by 1922 was devastating. The Coronavirus spread easier and faster due to many people traveling around the World, and China did not inform the World of the virus. This virus affected the World both economically and healthwise making millions of people sick and dying before their time. How can countries around the World make China repay them for the harm they have done because of the way they handled the spread of this virus?

The United States, for one, could take away all manufacturing of drugs and medical supplies that are now being produced by China for the United States. These supplies can be manufactured in the United States. It was shown during the present Coronavirus plague that China did not let the World know of the virus until it made certain China had enough supplies for themselves. Although the virus does not appear to be man made, President Trump stated China should have stopped it from its source. No matter whether it came from the lab or bats, China should have stopped it.

China did not let the United States, or any other country, into China to help understand what and how the virus had begun. Both sides have questioned the future of the trade deals that had been negotiated. President Trump is concerned that China not only wanted to re-negotiate the Phase I deal, but China also had not been meeting goals set forth in the first four (4) months of this year. They were less than the same period last year. It certainly is not helping the economy of the United States to recover from the virus crisis. China did not take steps toward the Phase 1 goals by purchasing soy bean oil for the first time in nearly two years. They are, however, allowing imports of United States barley and blueberries for the first time in two (2) years.

The United States and China are racing to become #1 in the eyes of the World. It is no longer the time when China gets what they want at the expense of the United States. The virus is signalling a further deterioration  of their relationship. It has been suggested that the United States deny visas to Chinese students applying to study in fields related to national security; such as, quantum computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI).  

Artificial Intelligence is known to be stolen constantly from the United States computers by China. Chinese hackers were charged in cyber theft of 145 million Americans’ data. The United States Justice Department charged four (4) members of the Chinese military of hacking the Credit Bureau’s Equafax and stealing personal information. It appears to be the latest campaign of China’s government to steal endless amounts of data from the United States. A Harvard professor is accused of lying about Chinese ties to Equafax of Atlanta that compiled loan and financial information of millions of Americans.

There is a race between China and the United States within the 5G network of technology. We are now in the 4G network, but the 5G network would be faster. It is a technology within the 5th generation of cellular mobile communications. The communications are within robot surgery where surgery can be accomplished from one country to another by televised means. It also concerns self-driving cars and bringing video games to a new higher level. 5G is a new network with the potential to completely transform the internet.

U. S. Treasury Secretary Mnchin  stated China needed to provide a lot more information about the virus, and  President Trump is reviewing options as to how to answer China. He is concerned about the impact the virus shall have on the economy, on American jobs, and the health of the American people. President Trump is going to do everything to protect the economy and the American workers.

The Spiritual lessons for the people of the World to understand is that China’s best interests for the future are no longer for the people of the Earth. Their interests are for China alone. Our ancestors have gone through wars and turmoil to arrive at this point in time. Where do we go from here? President Trump is looking for the answers.

Why not join the hue-man race…there is no need to separate color!

By the author of “The Larger Spiritual Order & Universal Scheme of Things-Simplified”

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