2016 shall bring humankind to a higher vibratory level of the Universal Life Force. Humanity is in the fourth dimension which impowers changes in the spiritual realm of which humans are a significant part. These changes occur for people who are ready to grow into higher spiritual conscious awareness. Souls which have chosen to live in Earth at this time are the forerunners of almost a new advanced Homo-sapien. Moving into a new state of being required a person to physically, mentally, and emotionally let go of third dimensional concepts. It shall be a positive mutation even though it can be misunderstood and frightening. The Earth and everyone in it are raising its vibration. Many of the children born recently have bodies that are magnetically lighter.

There are many temporary physical symptoms that shall occur as a result of this change. Doctors shall not be able to diagnose flu-like symptoms, muscle spasms, tingling, bouts of depression for no real reason, back pain, etc. Recognize that if a person is having heart palpitations or breathing difficulties, it is the thymus (heart) or throat energy centers that are unblocking, and the symptoms are temporary. It is suggested to connect to a person’s Spirit Mentor for assistance with managing any pain.

Terrorist turmoil which now involves nearly the entire world, with the exception of aboriginal tribes not  yet found, shall play a part in changing the DNA and genes of society…through stress factors, and the rise in the spiritual nature of humankind shall also be involved. The  need is to heighten the human nature to glean more knowledge of our higher Selves. There shall be a change in the emphasis of spiritual power from the left side of the brain to the right side. The change shall be accomplished through meditation or Thought. The need is to visualize the crossing over of the energy from the male to the female side.

BRAIN  There are two sides of the cerebrum within the brain where balancing needs to occur. The right side contains the feminine energy that participates in passive/intuitive choices or will. The left side contains the masculine energy or active/controlling choices or will. Therefore, to activate the balancing procedure, the female side needs to work with the male side to bring the energies over to the female side. This may be accomplished through meditation. An ideal balance would be 50-50 as was Jesus the Christ’s energy. There has been a larger male energy occurring in the past, but at one time, the female energies were in this position. This also relates to the positive and negative energies of the Universal Life Force.

Each body possesses 46 chromosomes of which 23 are given to the embryo by the egg or female, and 23 are given to the embryo by the sperm or male. The 46 chromosomes contain all of those “chips” that program everything from color of eyes, etc. to Thought processes and attitudes. The chromosomes contain a molecule known as DNA and is the material that contains the instruction for making all of the parts of the body. RNA is the messinger within the DNA, and it carries the genetic information required to combine the protein with other elements in the cells. DNA and RNA are attached to a protein cell and are part of the cell nucleus.


Having a person grow into higher spiritual awareness changes their inner character and Mindful Thoughts. One shall never feel the same. The clarity and balance for living, and the capacity for healing the Self, shall be one’s own journey. Do not expect others in your life to be on this journey with you; it is yours alone as it is for most Souls, and there is no turning back. A human’s Soul shall automatically and quickly move a person from level to level of experience…this situation activates something in your DNA and shall continue to work with one’s Mind until the person ‘gets the message”, and then it is time to move on to the next spiritual pattern needed to grow. Higher or shorter vibratory wavelengths created by this process also changes DNA or number of DNA strands.

As written in the treatise”The Larger Spiritual Order & Universal Scheme of Things-Simplified”, Chapter 1, agriculture has been linked to DNA changes in ancient Europe leading to the rise of modern civilization. At this historical event, people’s DNA underwent widespread changes which altered their height, digestion, immune system, and skin color. Descendants carry the inherent genes of ancestors, but the DNA and RNA in genes may be changed according to the individual’s thinking and also from chemicals due to changes in food and climate in addition to other atmospheric, environmental, and emotional conditions.

Recent scientific studies have revealed that the DNA of Europeans today comes from three main sources: 1. Before the rise of agriculture in Europe, humans were mainly hunter-gatherers, 2. Then a wave of people arrived whose DNA resembles that of people in the Near East who likely brought agriculture with them, and 3. About 4,500 years ago, nomads from the steppes of Russia, known as the Yamnaya, arrived into Europe.


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David Reich, a geneticist at Harvard Medical School, and his colleagues, analyzed the genomes (organism’s complete set of DNA included in all of its genes) of 230 people who lived between 8,500 and 2,300 years ago. The DNA from the remains that Dr. Reich and his colleagues analyzed span the entire continent of Europe and also include Yamnaya as well as 21 people from Turkey. Turkey was once called Anatolia years ago. A gene from the wheat and other crops these people farmed was found in their genetic system. The team also tracked changes in the color of European skin.

The original hunter-gatherers had come from Africa with dark skin. Farmers arriving from Anatolia were lighter skinned, and this trait spread through Europe. Later, a new gene variant emerged that lightened European skin even more. The shift to agriculture, which reduced the intake of vitamin D which the hunter-gatherers took into their systems, triggered a change in skin color.

In relation to height, found through genes from bones, the Reich team found that Anatolian farmers were relatively tall, and the Yamnaya even taller. Northern Europeans inherited a larger amount of Yamnaya DNA, making them taller. In Southern Europe, people grew shorter after the beginning of agriculture. Dr. Reich stated the reason is not clear why stature in the south was mainly short and not in the north. Whatever the reason, this evolutionary history still shapes differences in height across the continent today. Dr. Reich thinks that in the future, the process of historic changes in the human genome may be tracked over the entire world.

2&3 strand DNA2 and 3 strand DNA

Each DNA molecule in the human body is double stranded and is located in each cell. An individual’s DNA is the same from cell to cell. DNA shall mutate from one strand to three or more strands in the 21st Century. It is the record of our Soul and is a living library because of the wealth of information stored in it. During a time period, which seems to have already started five to twenty years ago, humans have been mutating. Mutation is the scientific explanation for the human species changing their DNA.

12 strand DNA symptoms   12 strand DNA12-strand DNA

A helix is like a spiral staircase (as shown above), and each cell has a single or double helix (total being one or two spirals) depending on their spiritual journey. It is being found that there are other helixes that are being formed. One day in the future, it is understood that humans shall be developing twelve helixes in the cell  or a total of 24 helixes. In the double helix, there are two strands of DNA coiled into a spiral. DNA in cells shall mutate from one helix to three (in most bodies depending on their spiritual journey) in the 21st Century.

2 yr old blind boy who was born with 3 strands In 2014, a two year old boy was found to have three strands of DNA. He was born blind, and doctors were attempting to learn more about him so as to have a possible cure. In this attempt, it was found he had three strands of DNA. There are more and more babies being born with three strands of DNA.

Each individual activates how many strands with which they shall work. The changes that are going to occur shall not occur automatically…an individual must be aware and ready to work within the Universal Scheme of Things within the 21st Century. Cells have been dormant in the human body, but rapid change shall occur in the 4th dimension which is now being experienced. The change that shall occur in 2016 and thereafter shall also change the DNA.

Spiritually, the future holds that there shall be oneness of Thought for humanity. As people learn to use the fullness of their spiritual Minds, they shall be moving out of structural religion and into Thought Movements or New Thought. The Universal Life Force energy has been available and in motion, but more energy shall be available for future generations to continue with more universal assistance because more people are becoming available to use the energy starting in 2016.

The next post published in February shall be about Rewiring Brain Neurons which would affect DNA.

Happy Days!!!


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