Meditation influences the chakra or endocrine system of humans. The chakra system is the ancient Eastern Hindu health network that has been taught for many years. It corresponds to the new Western view of the endocrine system of glands. As the individual breathes and thinks, so shall the body and Mind respond.


The endocrine system is composed of glands that are organs that extract specific substances from the blood and concentrate or alter them to secretions that shall later pass into the bloodstream. A large portion of this system is controlled by the central nervous systems. The impulses from the sense receptors in the organs travel to the brain where connections are made that activate messages to the muscles and glands. The pituitary gland plays an important role within this system because it stimulates all glands.


Many hormones that are secreted by these glands are protein and polypeptides in nature that are complex chains of amino acids and are known as the colloidal structure. Each gland produces messenger chemicals that work with activities that relate to the activity of the center known as the chakra in Eastern theology.


The Eastern interpretation of the first energy center is called the root chakra, and this center is located at the base of the spine. The purpose of this center is for grounding. The second chakra energy center is located about three (3) inches below the navel in the sacrum area. In chakra terminology, the area is associated with personal creativity, emotional desire, and sexual energy. In endocrine terminology, the area is associated with the reproductive organs or glands called gonads that are the ovaries in the female and testes in the male. These organs then would relate to the emotional and sexual functions of the chakra.


The third chakra energy center is located a little above the navel at the abdomen area, and it is known as the solar plexus. It is associated with personal power and mastery of self, and the belief is that this chakra carries anger feelings and clears emotions. The endocrine glands in this location are the adrenal glands and the pancreas gland which work together. The inner part of the gland is entirely dependent on the pituitary hormone. It produces adrenaline, a hormone that stimulates emotions and strength which agrees with the chakra philosophy. It is dependent upon the secretion of a polypeptide hormone by the pituitary gland. Changes in the adrenal and pancreas glands are known to be caused by stress, but the glands also play a role in adjusting to this stress. This stress factor relates to the emotional aspect of the third chakra.


The continuation of the chakra system shall be in PART II of “Chakras and Chakra Energy” which shall be the next post.



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