Chapter 9: Body/Mind

In classical mythology, there was a girl named Psyche who was loved by a boy named Eros, and her name became the personification of the Soul/Spirit. Psyche now includes the mind, and modern science connects the body and mind. The master exists within the mind and not the body. The Universal Mind is the sum total of mind itself. When an individual’s intellect, at some point in time, may accept that there is a creative intelligence to which different races have given a name, this intellect gives them positively and most assuredly the knowledge of this higher presence.

Mind is a Force rather than matter. It is not brain material; it is a higher form of energy, and it is in a quiet or passive state in its essence. When aroused into thought, the mind forms a union with the Universal Life Force Energy that reveals itself as the energy of spiritual Love. The cause of disease starts in the “mortal human mind”, and its cure comes from the “immortal divine mind”. The emotional aspects of the brain influence the well being of the physical aspects of the body; these in turn being influenced by the mind’s thinking processes – all working to bring together the whole human being.

A person is meditating or working with hypnosis, biofeedback, etc when they turn their Thoughts inward on an inner journey. Each individual has a characteristic general pattern (or way of being) in a meditative state that is called a modality. Some people are visionary (see), are auditory (sense), or are kinetic (experience motion). Visual individuals see pictures as they talk or think. Auditory individuals have internal communication and discuss the situation with themselves. Kinetic individuals feel physical feelings in the body; such as, “a butterfly feeling”, a feeling to scratch in order to relieve an itchy experience, kaleidoscopic colors in motion, etc. All three sensations may be part of an individual’s expression, but having only one sensation is a more frequent experience. These modalities may be expressed while on an inner journey.

Everything that is alive pulsates with energy, and all energy contains information; therefore, the energy field is both an information center and a highly sensitive system of awareness. The messages pulsating within the energy field may be interpreted as an “energy language”. The energy language carries information that can be read by an intuitive (a sixth sense humans have to understand this knowledge). The body reveals in physical terms what the mind is producing.

Genes, or the pyramids of life, are the carriers of genetic information found in the core or nucleus of a cell. Descendents carry the inherent genes of ancestors, but the DNA and RNA in genes may be changed according to the individual’s thinking (which creates emotion) and also from chemicals due to changes in food and climate, in addition to the atmospheric, environmental, and emotional conditions. There is a spiritual or universal aspect, as well as the physical aspect, in the structure that makes up the genes of the cell. The cells sing “let’s cell-ibrate” when the health of the body is in harmony.