Chapter 8: Spinning Wheels

The human energy centers are located up and down the center of the back and brain and up and down the front of the body along the area of the central nervous system. The aim and purpose of the centers are explored in this treatise as being related to the function of the endocrine system. There are seven levels of consciousness in the central nervous system, at this point in time that can be revealed, that are pulsating with frequencies of energy. They could also be revealed as wheels of energy or spinning wheels.

The body itself appears to be a solid or dense matter, but it is actually energy that vibrates at a lower frequency that makes it appear dense. The more a person responds to the higher vibrations, the more connected they become to spiritual knowledge and understanding of this knowledge. By accomplishing this, an individual’s body becomes lighter, less dense, healthier, and balanced. As shall be seen, the glandular processes of the endocrine system, or the energy center, sometimes called chakra energy, are all vital processes of the human body that in turn can be controlled by the mind.

Progressing to body mind spirit, read more in chapter 9.