Chapter 7: Awakening

Meditation, put simply, means reflection upon thought. Reflection upon self awakens the process of being. Through the mind, God is ongoing action, Spirit is incoming and outgoing thought, and Love is all of this action. God is generated by an individual’s own creation of the spiritual action, and it is ongoing. God action is inactive until a person thinks of it and knows that it exists. If a person activates it knowing it exists, they allow it to flow to them and from them (incoming and outgoing thought). This process initiates meditation for stress relief.

Man’s psychic forces, which also have been known as the sixth sense humans have, are changeable by Man’s free will and are received from a lower level of the Universal Mind. To be psychic is part of the universal whole but on a lower plane or level. Do not linger long or become hypnotized by it. These lower forces may be misleading but the higher level of Spirit is never misleading. An individual, at a certain period of time in their spiritual growth, may be active either on a psychic level or on a spiritual level. One cannot be both, with the exception that a spiritual person may at times need to use psychic awareness but prefers not to do this. A person leaves a psychic plane awareness to become spiritual. How can one tell the difference of the two? An individual’s innate or inner sense shall steer a person in the direction of higher levels of Thought and understanding.

Reflection upon thought activates and feeds the fuel for the awakening. To think is to meditate, and individuals are all thinking beings. The fuel is the thought upon oneself and what a person is doing about themselves – reflecting so-to-speak. The more an individual reflects or meditates, the sooner they become more knowledgeable. If everyday thoughts interfere with meditation, clear your mind of those thoughts at that moment and continue with the meditation.

When the experience of oneness with the Holy Spirit arrives at any moment in time and meets the healthy Spirit of a person’s being, it feels as if a person’s two eyes are unimportant, because the two eyes have met and have made one eye that is all-knowing and all-seeing. The third eye is created from the two eyes focusing in unison and is one with the inner being. This need not be a frightening experience, and it erases the dredges of earthly life.

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