Chapter 6: Opposites Attract

The rippling effect of the senses interacting with the brain and mind through the nervous system may now be considered as being accomplished through the vibratory flow of wavelengths by the medium known as electromagnetic forces, the Universal Life Force of the universe. The mind is Spirit and the brain connects the mind to the Soul that encompasses the entire body; therefore, the body mind spirit works as one. This rippling effect has an affect on the emotional viewpoints of an individual that in turn may be influenced by the reasoning, level of awareness, knowledge, and understanding of the individual.

The emotions are governed by the mind governing the body, and the emotions are influenced by the opposite flow of reasoning. This action of vibratory flow is constantly being balanced and unbalanced by thoughts. Understanding God is a natural ongoing process that is only denied to a person if that person allows the flow of knowledge to be blocked from the mind. Energy therefore may be constructive or destructive depending on the use of the mind.

Thinks mental Knows mental
Physical-Personality (body extras: glasses, hair, coloring, etc.) Physical-Identity (body: nose, skin natural color of hair, etc.)
Soul Soul
Spirit Spirit


When it is realized that fear, not hate, is the opposite of Love, the learning experience of loving oneself and others can begin. Fears chase a person until that person turns around and looks fear in the eye! Eat from the banquet of life. Life is like a huge smorgasbord; some people gorge themselves with life’s fruits while others are starving themselves to death! Man is intuitively able to understand spiritual truth, and when it is understood, each person shall search and keep on searching until one day that person succeeds in finding the path to the realization of the higher self. What Man does not learn in wisdom, Man shall learn in woe.