Chapter 5: Wavelength to God

Have you ever wondered how a prayer is heard or answered? It is claimed that the meaning of God, in the original tongue of our ancestors, is “life”. Breathing is the fundamental need for living; therefore, it is the spiritual basis for life. The beautiful breath of spiritual life manifests in a finer dimension than that which one normally assumes to breathe. That finer dimension is referred to in some religions as prana, and our scientific ancestors have also referred to it as ether. In today’s world, we may refer to this dimension as electromagnetic energy. This energy is not God, but it is our manifestation of God which is that higher vibratory creative energy of life.

Plants use electromagnetic forces for nutrition, and humans receive that nutritional energy by eating foods from plants or trees. However, humans do not receive enough of this energy through nutrition to enable them to raise their awareness to the higher spiritual forces of the universe. Therefore, an individual needs to develop proper breathing habits by increasing the intake of electromagnetic energy if their desire is to become more spiritually aware. To breath gentle Love is to know and understand the Universal Life Force referred to in Chapter 1. Breathing with the thought to connect, through meditation or prayer, to the Holy Spirit, however, is Holy Breath. The Holy Breath is breathed with the thought of gentle Love. It is a harmonious thought which, when breathed gently, results in a wholesome feeling of energy flow.

The large system of nerves in the body vibrate and interact with the senses which interact with the brain which is governed by the Mind which is Spirit. The relationship of electromagnetic forces to the human senses needs to be explored. The Mind is used as the governor of these senses through the transmission of electromagnetic waves.

This chapter also discusses the sixth sense humans have that is referred to as extra sensory perception or ESP. Proceed on to chapter 6 where a discussion of life force body balance and the rippling effect of the senses interacting with the brain and Mind are explored.

In addition, there is a discussion on the contributions past scientists; such as, Faraday, Helmholtz, Maxwell, and Hertz, made to Einstein’s Time/Space Theory of Relativity and his partial Unified Field Theory.