Chapter 3: The Sacred Journey of Primitive Religions

Religion has a power by leaders – Spiritual has a power by God. The word “religion” has its derivation from the Latin word “religio” which means a bond between Man and God. If religion is conceived to be a philosophy, or perhaps even a superstition to some, of a group of people who worship God or the supernatural, it could be conceived to be a young 20,000 years of age. However, if the thought is to revere the true reality of life, it can revolve back beyond history, mythology, and all generalizations of the meaning of life . . . to the time when the advent of Man in Earth first took place. The aim and purpose of this book is to show how the search for the awareness of the higher Universal Life Force has pyramided from one level of awareness into another level of awareness, through the primitive years, into the ancient years, and on into the 21st Century. Historians define primitive to involve the time period up to 3,000 BC.