Chapter 2: Primitive Cataclysmic Earth Changes

According to some historians, there was a land known as Lemuria, also once known as Mu. This land, from which the Sumers originated, existed in the Indian Ocean. In 500,000 BC, there was a possible flood that involved Lemuria, and in 300,000 BC , a second weather event may have occurred by fire. The final catastrophic event which involved Lemuria occurred when the land submerged into the Indian Ocean probably leaving a small amount of people on the remaining small island known as Madagascar, now officially the Malagasy Republic. An animal primate called a Lemur, which is named for the dead ghosts of Lemuria, lives on Madagascar today.

In exploring the primitive sacred philosophies, it is interesting to discover the chain of thought which connects their progression into one another. It was in 3,000 BC that Semitism’s religious thought was modified from Shamanism by the intermingling of Sumerian and Akkadian culture, and 1,000 years later, it evolved into Judaism, from which in turn it evolved into Christianity and Islam. On the other hand, Hinduism and Buddhism also evolved from Shamanism. It may be observed then that all religions had a common growth from the Aryan belief and rituals, with different concepts or levels of awareness and states of mind, as thoughts progressed. From this perception, “The Aryan Connection”, discussed in this treatise, was born.