Chapter 10: Creation of Mankind-The Master Design

In the present scientific era, Man is experiencing more awareness of the nature of the universe(s). Because of this knowledge, a deeper and fuller explanation of the creation of Mankind shall be explored in this treatise. The “Fallen Angel” or “Garden of Eden’ concept of the beginning of Mankind may be the symbology of a theory that shall be known as “Creation of Mankind-The Master Design”. Only an individual’s intuitiveness shall determine the spiritual journey upon which they shall embark. This theory was spiritually channeled by Joachim through Helen Schreiber, and after understanding through this treatise, the manner in which the universe works, it intuitively makes sense.

Plato stated in his book “Symposium” that the scholar’s decision to translate the word “rib” could have a significant affect on the concept of the feminine and masculine aspect of Mankind. It is stated that the word for “rib” in Hebrew was TZADI for which the consonant group was TZD. The word for “side” was TZAD for which the consonant group was also TZD. It is therefore possible that the Masoretes chose”rib” instead of “side”, and “side” was originally meant to be used to indicate the other “side” of the human being.

As the universes and all they contain are All one and one in All, so too does the history contained in this treatise blend into one whole. There is no duality in the Universal Mind, and the goal of an individual is to center the body and mind in order that they shall flow in balance with themselves, with others, and with the “Universal Scheme of Things”