Chapter 1: Earth And Mankind

IN THE BEGINNNING of our world, a fragment was born of the Sun, swirling in its infancy and layering to what is now called the Earth. It was born in its particular solar system, one of many in the universes. This occurred six billion years ago, according to historians; however, measuring of the scope of this time is only approximate.

This treatise shall cover the progression of the primitive time spans to modern, scientific time spans of the 21st Century. It shall show how the Earth became blended into a “global megapolis” of races, cultures, and religious/spiritual thought. It is a general observation of major religious, spiritual, and scientific thought movements that have grown into the cultural plurism humanity shares today. The treatise shall also explore ways and means that humanity may be assisted in becoming healthier and more wholesome beings.

A mystery is only a mystery until it is solved. With the increase of obtaining knowledge, and understanding that knowledge, the truth of the unknown may be determined. The Universal Life Force [that frequency of vibration that moves within electromagnetic forces of the universe(s] vibrates with the pulse of Love. It is around All, in All, is the oneness of the All, and is the absolute whole Force of the universe(s). It is a giver through All, and since it is of the All of everything, it becomes a cycle or circle with no beginning and no end. The Force is eternal and infinite. An individual does not see it but parts of the universe(s) make up the All of the Force. Note: Chapter Nine brings it all together with life force body balance.

An attempt shall be made to explain the true origin of the name Aryan, pronounced Areon. This name needs to be understood and re-established as the love, light, and beauty of Mankind’s original heritage and true identity. “Aryan Nation” was created in the 20th Century from misguided viewpoints of Adolph Hitler. Nazi terrorists used the swastika symbolism to support their theory that the Aryan race originated with the German people. However, all Mankind originate from this “Aryan Connection” as is explored in this treatise. Hitler literally stole the swastika symbol from its true historical meaning.

The swastika symbol was widely used by the ancient Egyptians, and it is known to represent life, sun, strength, and good luck. It was found extensively in the 4,000 year old ruins of the ancient city of Troy, and has been found in excavations of Mississippian-era sites in the Ohio Valley of the United States. The symbol was also used by the American Indian; most notably the southwestern tribes of Navajo and Hopi. The migratory clans of Bear, Sun, Kachina, Parrot, Flute, and Coyote rotated back and forth from North America to southern Mexico, Central America, or South America. The clans regarded these areas as their southern paso (or migratory pass through), and their migration thus formed a balanced symbol. Upon arriving at each paso destination, all the leading clans turned right before retracing their routes by using the time and consciousness clockwise concept of the swastika symbol.