Mental educators refer to the brain as being an organ, and it is true. However, many educators do not consider the Mind as the governor of the brain and an intelligence running all body systems and creating behavior. There is scientific proof that the Mind is a thinking medium and a living entity or existence. Please refer to “Molecules of Emotion” written by Candice Pert. She received a Nobel Prize for her discovery of neuropeptides, an opiate  receptor.


But the Mind must go somewhere after the body is no longer functioning and that somewhere is in the Universal Scheme of Things. It is the spiritual aspect of the human being. It is the Body, Mind and Spirit connection to the universe. The electromagnetic forces that permeate throughout the universe(s) make up the Body-Mind-Spirit and these forces control the life force balance of the body.


There is a growing understanding by the human race of how spiritual knowledge has an equal and real connection with the physical body and of how Man is a special species and a vessel used for the aim purpose of a Soul and Spirit. Spirit may, however, manifest in many different ways as expressed in different religious and spiritual philosophies…or the body can be the means by which the Soul and Spirit can have a learning experience in Earth.


To consider the functioning of the Mind would then bring into consideration that a person can “think” a healthy lifestyle, both physically and emotionally, that would then affect the brain and other organs of the body. We can change the brain and body by mental practice. In the next post, we can discuss the chemicals that the brain produces and sends into the body where healing is needed. The chemicals are distributed throughout the body by colloidal chains which begin with neuropeptides that can be called Thoughts changed into matter. The Body Mind Spirit connection can be solved in a colloidal structure of life. Colloidal behavior is a journey of life.


In the future, we shall discuss meditation, but knowing how the Body-Mind-Spirit connection, the Universal Life Force of electromagnetic energy, and the chakras work together, shall assist and enhance one’s knowledge and understanding of a more complete and fuller power for meditation.

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