Taiwan is a major player in worldwide economies. It is now referred to as “Republic of China (ROC). “People’s Republic of China” is the official name of China since 1949 and controls Mainland China and two (2) other regions; namely, Hong Kong and Macau. Hong Kong is the peninsula in southern Mainland China that has lived under a democratic rule for awhile, but China’s new security law strips Hong Kong from peacefully protesting a situation. See last month’s post on Hong Kong.

There was a defense pact between the United States and China from 1955 to 1979 called The Mutual Defense Treaty. Essentially it prevented China from taking over the island of Taiwan during this time period. It also aided US policymakers to shape the policy of containment of Communism. Some of the pact’s content were carried over into the Taiwan Relations Act of 1979. This treaty also discouraged the Republic of China (Taiwan) from starting any military action against Mainland China since only Taiwan and Pescadores were included and military actions not supported.

The treaty ended on January 1, 1980, one year after the US established diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China on November 1979. Shortly after the US’s recognition of the People’s Republic of China, the Taiwan Relations Act was passed. Some of the previous content of The Mutual Defense Treaty survives in the Act. It falls short of promising Taiwan direct military assistance.



Taiwan was under Japanese rule from 1912-1940. US allies declared war on Japan in 1941 after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. Mao Zedong in China was a Communist and formed Peoples Republic of China. He ruled from 1949 until his death in 1976.



The Kuomintang (KMT) or Nationalist Party expelled Communism. General Chiang Kei-shek led the Nationalist Party in China during the civil war (also referred to as the Chinese Communist Revolution) which occurred from 1945-1949. He was from China but went to Japan to continue his education. He returned to China in 1911 and joined the Nationalist Party. The KMT Party was actually founded by Sun Yat-sen, and the General was exiled to Taiwan where he led the KMT Party.



In 1991, the ROC created a base on the island of Taiwan. It hoped one day to capture Mainland China. However, Chinese Communism  grew strong so the Nationalists in Taiwan never did try to capture Mainland China. The Chinese Communists say they replaced the ROC Nationalists and calls Taiwan their own. Taiwan remains as a political state, but it wants to remain a Democracy.

The Taiwan Relations Act of 1979 ended on January 1, 1980, one year after the US established diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China (Mainland China and Hong Kong) on November 1979. Shortly after the US’s recognition of the People’s Republic of China, the Taiwan Relations Act was passed. Some of the previous content of The Mutual Defense Treaty survives in the Act. It falls short of promising Taiwan direct military assistance.

Taiwan is in the South China Sea which is part of the Pacific Ocean. It is directly across from the Hong Kong peninsula and north of the Philippines. A third of the world’s shipping passes through the South China Sea and is of strategic importance. American warships are there and have officially addressed a dispute of freedom of navigation. US claims it has a legitimate claim to be there. A Vietnam fishing boat was sunk by China who claims nearly the entire waterway as theirs. China has built artificial islands throughout the South China Sea to build Chinese claims.



INDAN ARYAN 3  A photograph of present day Aryans in India. The US refers to China as a rogue actor. The tension with India is misguided and is an encroachment on US sovereignty or authority. Most recently, twenty (20) Indian soldiers from Ladakh, India died at the hands of the Chinese. Tibetan and Aryan descendants reside there and are of the Buddhist religion. It is located in the remote Himalayas.

In December 2019, Taiwan sent an e mail to the White House stating that a unique atypical pneumonia was identified in China and asked the World Health Organization to provide information. This was the beginning of a known viral pandemic which was eventually called COVID 19.

In relation to COVID 19, it has been suggested that Dr. Fauci, George Soros, and the Bill Gates Foundation are big players in a scheme. George Soros had vowed he would take out President Trump by crashing the US economy. Dr. Fauci has possible  collusion with G Soros, the World Health Organization (WHO), the Bill Gates Foundation, a French company called Sanofi Pasteur, and the Chinese.

Dr. Fauci gave $7,400,000 to the lab in Wuhan, China which was called Wuhan Institute of Virology, for studying a virus. This was done through the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) owned by Dr. Fauci. In addition, the Obama administration gave a $3,700,000 grant to the Wuhan labs, and the project was run by EcoHealth Alliance. The National Institute of Health (overseas) shut down funds to the lab in April 2020. The funding began in June 1, 2014. The Obama administration had given a $3,700,00 grant to the labs.

President Trump chose to send COVID 19 information to Central Data Base instead of CDC; however, the Central Data Base information has disappeared, and President Trump is continuing to send information to CDC.

The Chinese consulate in Houston TX has been closed recently because the Chinese had been hacking into COPD 19 information on vaccine, What is going to stop them from being outwardly bold and liars? 







Hong Kong is actually a small peninsula off Mainland China

In 1839, Britain invaded China for interfering in its economical and political affairs. China was shipping opium drugs to Britain. In 1841, China gave Hong Kong to the British as compensation.

In 1997, Britain gave Hong Kong to China as part of an agreement. Hong Kong would be a system of “one country, two systems”. In other words, it would be part of China, but in reality, Hong Kong is not in China. The culture is different because of British influence; that is, Hong Kong has a democratic system and a free press. China wants to impose rules on Hong Kong, but the two systems do not agree.

The United States condemns China’s new approved security law. It prohibits treason (and) subversion against China’s government. The law strips Hong Kong of its rights to peacefully protest. China and the United States are at odds over this. Hong Kong is the mecca for business to include Mainland China.

In the world of today, China wants to be first economically and militarily. However, China needs to be a fair player. They are giving money to American universities and film making groups. We can no longer be naive as to why they are doing this…they would have a hold on these businesses to incorporate plans that would benefit China. Civilized civilizations need to stand up to China’s communistic attempts to take over the World.



wuhan china  The recent pandemic caused by the Coronavirus which started in Wuhan, China shall give the World a chance to make China pay for all the problems they caused because of their interference. This is not the first time China is responsible for a health epidemic. The Great Manchurian Plague that started in northeastern China in 1910 and spread throughout the World by 1922 was devastating. The Coronavirus spread easier and faster due to many people traveling around the World, and China did not inform the World of the virus. This virus affected the World both economically and healthwise making millions of people sick and dying before their time. How can countries around the World make China repay them for the harm they have done because of the way they handled the spread of this virus?

The United States, for one, could take away all manufacturing of drugs and medical supplies that are now being produced by China for the United States. These supplies can be manufactured in the United States. It was shown during the present Coronavirus plague that China did not let the World know of the virus until it made certain China had enough supplies for themselves. Although the virus does not appear to be man made, President Trump stated China should have stopped it from its source. No matter whether it came from the lab or bats, China should have stopped it.

China did not let the United States, or any other country, into China to help understand what and how the virus had begun. Both sides have questioned the future of the trade deals that had been negotiated. President Trump is concerned that China not only wanted to re-negotiate the Phase I deal, but China also had not been meeting goals set forth in the first four (4) months of this year. They were less than the same period last year. It certainly is not helping the economy of the United States to recover from the virus crisis. China did not take steps toward the Phase 1 goals by purchasing soy bean oil for the first time in nearly two years. They are, however, allowing imports of United States barley and blueberries for the first time in two (2) years.

The United States and China are racing to become #1 in the eyes of the World. It is no longer the time when China gets what they want at the expense of the United States. The virus is signalling a further deterioration  of their relationship. It has been suggested that the United States deny visas to Chinese students applying to study in fields related to national security; such as, quantum computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI).  

Artificial Intelligence is known to be stolen constantly from the United States computers by China. Chinese hackers were charged in cyber theft of 145 million Americans’ data. The United States Justice Department charged four (4) members of the Chinese military of hacking the Credit Bureau’s Equafax and stealing personal information. It appears to be the latest campaign of China’s government to steal endless amounts of data from the United States. A Harvard professor is accused of lying about Chinese ties to Equafax of Atlanta that compiled loan and financial information of millions of Americans.

There is a race between China and the United States within the 5G network of technology. We are now in the 4G network, but the 5G network would be faster. It is a technology within the 5th generation of cellular mobile communications. The communications are within robot surgery where surgery can be accomplished from one country to another by televised means. It also concerns self-driving cars and bringing video games to a new higher level. 5G is a new network with the potential to completely transform the internet.

U. S. Treasury Secretary Mnchin  stated China needed to provide a lot more information about the virus, and  President Trump is reviewing options as to how to answer China. He is concerned about the impact the virus shall have on the economy, on American jobs, and the health of the American people. President Trump is going to do everything to protect the economy and the American workers.

The Spiritual lessons for the people of the World to understand is that China’s best interests for the future are no longer for the people of the Earth. Their interests are for China alone. Our ancestors have gone through wars and turmoil to arrive at this point in time. Where do we go from here? President Trump is looking for the answers.

Why not join the hue-man race…there is no need to separate color!

By the author of “The Larger Spiritual Order & Universal Scheme of Things-Simplified”


Concept image of Handshakes between China-Africa, economic relations, Bilateral trade, China invest in Africa

China is a growing presence in Africa due to their already major investments. They are protecting these investments by adding more economic and commercial assets that already exist in the continent. These investments include peacekeeping activities of weapons sales as well as protecting their existing assets of the same. Beijing shall now be a political as well as economical influence.

The top reasons for China’s interests in Africa are 1) the desire to secure a solid base of raw materials for China’s rapidly growing economy, 2) the desire for China to influence and increase its own political influence, and 3) an opportunity for China’s growth and desire to be part of Africa’s own emerging economic market.

China was looking to improve defense  ties with Africa especially with South Africa’s defense technologies. A group from the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) visited South Africa to discuss training with the South African Navy. At a meeting held in August 2018, it was determined that China would gain more knowledge on defense technology development and “joint” defense training in South Africa. China was interested in exchanging joint ventures in defense, research labs, and technology transfers.

China also has constructed Africa’s first electric railway system there and operates a logistics and intelligence facility there. Namibia is rumored as a potential location for additional facilities. In Tanzania, China built a location to train African Armed Forces. In 2018, at a meeting between China and Africa, China also announced it would provide support for piracy and terrorism activities. This activity was part of a China-Africa meeting held in 2018 when there was an agreement of Africa’s cooperation for China providing financial support to Africa.

In June 2019, a high level Chinese group visited South Africa to arrange training practices with the South African Navy. They also had meetings with the Arms Corporation of the Philippines (Armiscor) and the South African National War College. The meetings were held in conjunction with the 2018 meeting disclosed above. South Africa has very good ties with world class research institutes working with cutting-edge defense technologies.

The concern is exactly what China is going to be playing in the region, and how is it going to fit with existing military organizations and security forums. It is really an unsettling element of something new coming into the equation that has a lot of people concerned. The underdeveloped countries of Africa represent a large opportunity for China to expand its global presence and influence in the world. It has, already, a heavy investment in Asian markets and in South America. However, India is known historically to be a rival of China.

China wants to exploit the African people and take over their resources while trying to turn Africa into another Chinese continent and take it for all it is worth. They have invested billions of dollars to build massive infrastructure projects because lack of them hinders growth. China has increased its commercial investments by building factories and railroads and operates a major port in Djbouti.


Djibouti is a small country in North Africa situate between the Gulf of Aden and the entrance to the Red Sea next to Ethiopia. The Afer and Issa clans from Somalia are the countries’ two main ethnic groups. The country was once known as French Somaliland. 98% of the population are Sunni. The Sunni branch of Islam does not share in Shari’ah Law. It was a French overseas territory, and the French gave the territory back to the country of Djibouti. The official language is French and Arabic.

DJIBOUTI MILIRARY BASE  The United States also has interests in Djibouti, and there is a permanent American military base located there called Camp Lemonnier. The camp was named after General Emile-Rene Lemonnier, and it had belonged to the French military and was refurbished by the United States. It is located next to the international airport in Djibouti City, and it is strategic in stabilizing the Horn of Africa. The United States also has military units over other parts of Africa to stabilize areas from terrorist groups; namely, Al-Shabaab, Boko Haram and el-Queda who terrorize Africa.

The United States government offered economical aid to African countries, but Africa declined…probably because of the arrangements made between China and Africa in past meetings. The United States, under President Trump’s “America First” policy, may not allow America to get involved. However, America may need to rethink their priorities because this may leave China to be the dominant party on the African continent.

American companies were adamant about staying in China. However, the Corona Virus may change this situation because China manufactured some medicinal needs for the United States and companies in the United States that were needed in the pandemic,. and these were difficult to receive because China needed them for themselves.

China’s safest investments are with U.S. Treasury Bills that pay a good income from the interest. The United States could consider not paying these investments back to China and keep the money for reparations for all the damage caused by China being secret about telling the world what had occurred in their laboratories.

Some African people are not happy with the teachings of the missionaries who taught their religions there. They are looking to learn more about a God that is not a “he” but an energy which permeates throughout all the universe(s). Spiritual reasoning is that there are reasons for everything. This could be that China has been found out. African countries should now be aware that the days of Chinese non-interference in African affairs is over. The Chinese have more permanent issues at hand.

The Copd-19 virus is making people and countries aware of what is occurring with China i Africa and other countries. The virus has opened doors to observe what China is actually doing in worldly affairs. African countries should now be aware that the days of Chinese non-interference in African affairs is over. The Chinese have other issues at hand.

Of interest: On May 3, 2017, four Chinese doctors were found dead in Florida USA. On November 28, 2018, a Chinese scientist went missing. On December 4, 2018, a Chinese doctor, who was experimenting with genes and did not get permission from the Chinese government, went missing.

From the author of “The Larger Spiritual Order & Universal Scheme of Things-Simplified”




More than a thousand years before the foundation of Greece and Rome, proud and industrious Black men and women known as the Dravidians of the Kush Kingdom created a powerful civilization in the Indus Valley of India around 4,000 BC. The Indus Valley is in northwest India in what is now Pakistan. They became the African kings in India which was shared in the previous blog and drove the region’s commerce, culture, and belief systems. They were the Ethiopians of the ancient Cushite Empire…sometimes referred to as Nubia of the Kush Kingdom and/or of the Kush-Punt region of Ethiopia. They were also known as Puntites. People from this region were also named Nagamada, NagaNuda, or Naga. Dravidian is not considered a religion but a system of various beliefs.


The Yamuna & Ganges Rivers showing the migration to the Dekkan Plateau in the South of India. The City of Harapppa is at the top of the rivers in India.

The earliest mention of the Naga appear in the Ramayana and are mentioned in the Mahabbarata which described the Naga were in the Dekkan Plateau, the southern grasslands of India; however, this was after they migrated from the north to the south through other cities along the Yamuna and Ganges Rivers as early as 1300 BC. The Dravidian classic, the Chilappathikarm, clearly states that the first great kingdom of India was Nagamada.

PUNTThe Puntites were the greatest sailors of the ancient world. Dravidian literature dating back to 500 BC shares information about them. The Aryans describe the Naga as “half man and half snake”. They were known as warlike people who used the bow and noose. The first God of India was a “dreadlocked” Black man called Shiva. Modern Dravidian Indians bear the close similarity to East Africans.


 Art found at the Harappan Excavation Site

After Ethiopian Africans came to India, the Harappan Civilization followed and brought their culture with them. There was a DNA study of a woman who lived in a Harappan site 4,600 years ago. This site in India that was excavated  in the 1920s was also known as the Indus Excavation. The cells of DNA came from the Harappan study and matches the excavated material discovered at the site of Shahr-j-Sokhta which dated to the period of 2700-2300 BC. The city had trading routes that connected Mesopotamia and Iran with the Central Asian and Indian civilizations and as far away as China.

The Dravidians and Harappans came to North India before the Aryans and later they all migrated to South India due to a climate change disaster caused by a drought. There was a city named Harappa which was named for the Harappan culture. These cultures began using clarified butter, also known as “ghee” before the rest of the world. The Dravidians taught the Aryans about city life, and the Aryans taught the Dravidians their culture of Sanskrit. The merging of these cultures became a complex new Indian culture.

The Iron Age was dated between 1200 BC and 600 BC, and it began with the clank and clatter of the blacksmith’s anvil. The Aryans or Kuru Kingdom arrived in India around 2000 BC and 1500 BC. It is the period of the origin of Sanskrit and Vedism in India.

The Hindu religion is based on the Vedas. The Aryan language is close to Vedic Sanskrit. The Vedas were composed in Sanskrit and define the Hindu religion. Veda means “knowledge and wisdom” which is defined as “to know” from the Proto-Indo-Euro root…the root of all languages. The surviving Vedas may be the ones written in the 16th Century AD. The transmission of the knowledge of four of the Vedas was accomplished orally until 500 BC when it was written. In one of the lessons this author was taught by Spirit, it was shared that we should “learn, understand, know, and then teach”.

“Ari” is from the Sanskrit language and way of life. Ari means faithful, devoted, and kind people. They came from European Germanic or Nordic people who wandered or migrated through India and Iran and into what is now North America. However, before this they also wandered to Europe from other lands (it has been stated they lived in Atlantis and left that land before people began experiments). They came to North America before the American Indian…leaving their Aryan legacy. Along the way through India and Iran, some established a home in Iran and are the Indo-Iranian people. However, Peruvian people also wandered North and South, up and down, up and down over years, from Peru to land that is now Western America.

There were Aryan tablets found in Iran detailed with flowers and vines. They were described in symbols meaning:

Oh Man, where is our crown, From eternity it passes on, Where is  your soul, but from the infinite it grew, Forever and forever, If it but select to you.

-From the volumes of “The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East” by Baird T. Spalding. The tablets have been moved from Persia (now Iran) to Tibet for safe keeping.

Language scholars do not agree on the origin of the Indus Script. Linguist Asko Parpola proclaimed that the Indus Script and Harappan language are “most likely” to have belonged to the Dravidian family of languages; however, a person cannot make something true by stating that it is”most likely”.

As stated in this author’s treatise “The Larger Spiritual Order & Universal Scheme of Things-Simplified”, Aryans used Sanskrit in all their writings, and it is my innate belief that they were the authors of Sanskrit and not the Dravidians. The Dravidians learned the Aryan language. See

Blessings to all in seeing us through the Coronavirus.





The Sidi, also known as Siddi or Seydis, came from Africa, not as a singular group but from different parts of Africa throughout many years. History has almost buried this little known fact while slavery took a front row seat. They have acclaimed a place in the world community beyond the dark days of slavery. After their conversion to Islam, they called themselves Sayyad (descendants of Muhammad) and were consequently called Sidi. Sidi signifies lord or prince and is an expression of respectful address commonly used in North Africa and similar to Sahib in India. It is an honorable title for African natives in the west of India, some of whom were distinguished military officers and administrators of the Muslim princes of the Deccan Plateau which covers most of South India.

These people are known as Indo-African and can trace their ancestry mostly from the East African coast from Sudan, Ethiopia, and Mozambique. They came to India from East Africa as sailors, traders, and warriors in the Indian Ocean trade and stayed on in India to become known as royalty. They became royalty when the ruler of the state was killed in a palace coup led by an Indo-African general serving in the king’s army, and he proclaimed himself king. He was later dethroned by a member of a high ranking Indo-African general, who was loyal to the original ruling family and returned the throne to them. Another group of Indo-Africans called Shemali arrived from Kano, Nigeria. They came to India during a pilgrimage from Sudan and Mecca. A wealthy merchant named Baba Ghor assisted the Shemali to become prosperous through the mining and trade of the precious stone called Agate. They retain quite a few African customs, and the Baba Ghor story is proudly remembered.

There was a system of trade from Kerala through Northeast Africa and on to Rome including other parts of Europe. Ivory, gold, and other valuables from Zimbabwe and the Congo were sent to the East African coast and on to Kilwa, Mombassa, and Zanzibar. From there they were shipped across the Indian Ocean and on to India, Southeast Asia, China, and Japan.

The Indo-Africans are mostly Muslim. More than 250,000 descendants of Africa still live among the Indian people and are spread throughout India within the Indian population. Some groups have retained many African words but most of the heritage has been left behind. Some Sidi live in Gujarat in western India. An exclusive Sidi settlement is in Jambur, a village in the Gir forest. In Jambur, they have kept their lineage of music and dance as their only link to Africa. Junagadh near Jamburis is another Sidi community in which musical instruments and their names have survived time and are known as “goma’.

Sidi have also settled in Murud on the western coast of Maharashtra. A Janjira fort located there  was once the stronghold of Abyssinian Sidi who played an important role in the history of Bombay (known now as Mumbai) in the 17th Century. These Sidi prospered as warriors and great sailors. This fort remains in Murud, a small fishing village, as well as a palace. The fort is open to tourists but the palace is not. Cannons can be seen and are still in tact. They are the cherished weapons of the Sidi which were built from five metals.

African-Kings-in-India  MALIK AMBAR (1550-1626), in the middle, was among the most famous among the Indo-African people. His original name was Shambu from Ethiopia. After Ambar’s arrival in India, he was able to raise a formidable army and achieve great power in western India in Amadnagar. He was a brilliant diplomat and administrator. 


SADAR SINGH (1880-1991) was a Maharaja (Sanskrit title for “great king”) of Jodhpur, or Marwar, a region of southwestern Rajasthan site in western India. Jodhpur, ruled by the descendants of the Rajputs, was founded in 1450. Saradar Singh succeeded as Maarajain in 1895 at the age of 15. His uncle, Maharaja Pratap, and a council of regency assisted him for the first three years until he reached 18. Singh and Pratap are very popular names in India to this day.

The ancestors of the Indo-African kings married within the elite Indian people. The royal Sidi and their descendants are largely integrated into the Muslim upper class. They are mostly farmers or unskilled workers  but some have become professional such as doctors, lawyers, and as businessmen.

 See: 4 African Kings Who Ruled India That Have Been Erased From History (The Pan African Alliance)



The word “planet” is derived from the Greek word meaning “wanderer”. At first thought, it is easy to define what a planet is; that is, a large and round body. However, after a second thought, it is thought how large and how round should an asteroid be before it becomes known as a planet, and /or how large can a planet be before it becomes a dwarf or a star?

A blog was written and posted by this author as of 8/17/2015 titled “Planets – Life is a Cosmic Phenomenon” in The information for this posting was channeled by Helen Schreiber as of 1973. It was published in Chapter 10 “Creation of Mankind-The Master Design” of the treatise “The Larger Spiritual Order & Universal Scheme of Things-Simplified”.  The twelve planets were identified in 1973 by a highly evolved Spirit Mentor “Double Star” as: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Ceres, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Charon, and the last planet was named Planet X or 2003UB313.

The International Astronomical Union (IAU) at a meeting in Prague in 2006, proposed there are twelve (12) planets in the Earth’s solar system instead of the nine (9) previously named. Ceres, Pluto’s moon Charon, and the UB313, also known as Xena, would join the traditional nine planets. This conclusion came after the “Union” redefined what a planet is. It included the smaller solar system bodies such as comets and asteroids. This then shall agree with the channeling of 1973.

The IAU now describes a planet as the following: “A planet is a celestial body that (1) has sufficient mass for its self-gravity to overcome rigid body forces so that it  assured a hydrostatic equilibrium (nearly round) shape, and (2) is in orbit around a star, and is neither a star nor a satellite of a planet”. Gravity is the determining factor. Nature decides whether or not an object is a planet”. According to the IAU, there are two conditions to be satisfied for an object to be called a “planet”; that is, the object must be in orbit around a star while not being itself a star, and the object must be large enough, or must be in orbit around a star while not being itself a star, and the object must be large enough, or more technically correct, massive enough, for its own gravity to pull it into a nearly spherical shape.

The IAU now names the twelve (12) planets in our Solar System as Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Ceres, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Charon, and 2003UB313 (or now named Xena). Pluto was officially named a planet as of 11/14/2019 and, at that time, became a fact. According to the 1973 channeling, this then fundamentally agrees with the IAU. The IAU further defines a planet for official use as a pluton. Plutons are distinguished from classical planets in that they reside in orbits around the Sun that take longer than 200 years to complete; that is, they orbit beyond Neptune. Plutons typically have orbits that are far from being perfectly circular (and yet can become circular over time). 

Also, in the 1973 channeling, it was shared that there are twelve (12) planets, not only in our solar system, but in other solar systems in other Universes. When a planet close to a Sun is formed, the last planet of the twelve planets implodes or disintegrates and breaks up into tiny particles and “feeds” or intermingles with the Universal Life Force or Electromagnetic Energy Force. Then eventually, over billions of years (maybe more), these particles come back to the Sun, and the Sun absorbs them. When the Sun has absorbed enough, the Sun gives birth to a new planet, and each planet moves into a new position. The central part (or core cell) of the new planet is pure white light. The core than expands and divides into another cell and is held together by the Universal Life Force. Not all imploded planets return to its Sun…some escape from its gravitational pull and are drawn into the next larger solar system. Eventually, over billions of years, the solar system in which the Earth is located shall be drawn into the next larger solar system and shall cease to exist. Does the “black hole” play a part in this?

The thought for the day is: Let no person pull you down low enough to hate them! Peace and blessings.