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Christ was not Jesus’ last name, but he was and is a Christ. Buddha was a Christ, and a few men before him were Christs. Jesus followed his teachings and used this knowledge of Love to go forward with his additional knowledge. Years ago, a last name that was given to people was by their occupation. His family occupation was carpenter. Could that have been his last name?  And, by the way, carpenters were highly respected and capable of high earnings when Jesus was born.                                                                                  

Jesus the Christ was born to show the world’s people their spiritual nature. Jesus was born to Mary, but she was intuitively informed before the birth that she was to be the mother of a Christ. She was of a highly spiritual nature herself to understand this. He came back to Earth after having left it in full view. He came back to show his disciples of  this spiritual nature so that they could begin teaching this knowledge.

Love Jesus as he so loved the world. All the world’s people have this ability to be intuitive, but much study must be done to have the knowledge that Jesus had. Go for it!! It is the most beautiful journey you shall ever take.

The human race has been given more spiritual awareness to rise to this endeavor in this 21st Century. Do not forget…uncomfortable events need to occur in order to know the comfortable…the good and bad of it All. 

I would like to have a picture to show of Jesus the Christ. I saw a painting of Him in Gruene, Texas at an art colony, and  I believe the likeness was shown to this artist. It reflected what a highly intuitive friend of mine observed in a meditation she had. Jesus’ hair was short cropped to his lower ears. I have since wished I had purchased this painting. Alas, I did not, and I am wondering if anyone else was given the privilege of observing this. I read in the book “The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East” that if we would observe Jesus in a large crowd, we would not recognize him. I read this in my first reading of this book of five (5) volumes, and after four (4) other readings, I could not find this passage. When I am ready to observe this again, I shall be a happier being. Patience is a good attribute.

Religion is by Man; Spiritual is by God (the tenderly flowing energy of Love and intuitive knowledge received when meditating). Each person shall find this in their own personal spiritual journeys. To assist them, I authored the treatise with No’el (which name means “the beginning”) who is one of my spiritual mentors. See the treatise “The Larger Spiritual Order & Universal Scheme of Things-Simplified” at

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