“Homo naledi” is the latest find of the human profile of  Homosapien found in South Africa in a cave near Johannisburg in 2015. They lived 250,000 years ago. The bodies may have been deliberately placed in the cave by their own species.

Animals do not have a Pineal Gland but a Pineal Organ which operates somewhat differently than the gland of the Endocrine System in humans. Some birds have a similar matrix in the brain as humans, and that is why some are able to verbalize. Humans did not evolve as animals, which were described in the previous post, but were manifested 6.5 million years ago. See my blog written in the year 2014 as the “Evolution of Mankind” dated 7/6/2014 to 9/14/2014 on my website 

Humans are not animals because they have a forebrain for reasoning…animals do not. There have been some references to chimps, and a few other animals, having a small functioning forebrain that perhaps became useful in the latest years. This part of the brain in animals is so small, if at all, that it cannot be used for intelligent reasoning. This intelligent reasoning is why humans have a Soul which enters the human body around the time when the fetus is forming. The Pineal Gland is the first to form in the fetus and the last to leave the body when the Soul crosses over to the Reality of Being; therefore, it may be the link to Spirit or described as Spirit itself. Love created Mankind because Love has the energy of the electromagnetic force known as God. and God created humans. This Love is not passion but has the feeling of “a fine feather floating in the wind” known as agape Love. The Spiritual negative and positive forces of the Universe(s) created Mankind. Reasoning is important to humans and the Spiritual nature of their importance in Earth which is to balance the positive and negative energies that were mixed up in the “Fall”.

There is a reference in the Bible in Hebrews 6:10-12 to King Melchizadek who had no father nor mother. Was he manifested or reincarnated? He was King of Salem, and his lineage was not known. There are mythological fables of 1/2 man and 1/2 woman, 1/2 fish and 1/2 fowl, which could have been the thought emanating from the “Fall” as it was still clearer or newer to remember in those years or to be brought forward by word of mouth. The story of the “Fall” shall be explained in this blog.

The Soul reincarnates to a human body so as to realize a journey of balancing positive and negative energies that were mixed up in the “Fall”. The Earth is a positive energy in the Universe(s) of positive and negative energies. Until then, the Soul must reincarnate, over and over again, until the Soul or Soul Family (this family may be sharing so-to-speak all over the Earth) is positive. Jesus the Christ was born 50-50 negative and positive energies, but he was able to become 100% positive at the time of the crucifixion. This he was able to achieve by learning from his travels to other countries. These were the missing years not written about in the Bible. He proved it could be accomplished, and that was his mission as a Christ. Energy can be manifested as Jesus manifested when he came back to Earth at the crucifixion. Aspects of nature can be manifested through Spirit, but only Mankind has the Mind to connect Thought to Spirit and become Spiritual.

There was a special reason why Earth was chosen as a “human experience”. There was a “Fall” as told in the Bible called the “Garden of Eden”. However, Adam and Eve and the story told around them are only symbols of what actually occurred. The names Adam and Eve were chosen through Universal Numerology to represent the masculine (positive) and feminine (negative) energies as represented by electrical forces. Humans’ true connection to the Universe(s) began with the “Fall” described in the following accounts:

The information below was shared in 1973 in a channeling with a Spirit Mentor, Jacob, and The Invisible Ones. These Invisibles are the last three dimensions or chains of the twelve dimensions that were mixed up in the “Fall” as expressed below. This information is also known by other intuitive people with whom the author has been in touch. It is also mentioned in the “Living Bible” in Ezekiel 1.7 through 1.23.1 and the “King James Version of the Bible in Ezekiel 1.10 through 1.17. There is also a song “Ezekiel Saw the Wheel, Way Up in the Middle of the Air”. The explanation is explained in my treatise, “The Larger Spiritual Order & Universal Scheme of Things-Simplified”, Chapter 10, Creation of Mankind-The Master Design.

Humans were expressly manifested so as to heal and balance the Earth from the intermingling of the positive and negative energies associated with the Spirits traveling in the form of a “wheel” or form of circle..positive and negative energies. These Spirits were traveling near Earth in two Spiritual chains or solar systems of positive and negative energies when they noticed animals in the act of coitus and became overly curious and mixed into the atmosphere. This is the “Fall”. There were 12 links within a chain and 12 levels within each link. This involved many Souls, and as they came closer and closer to Earth, they became more dense and movement became more difficult. The other 3 links or  chains became the Invisible Ones who did not get involved. These are the Arch Angels mentioned in some literature and who are asked to assist in balancing out the positive and negative forces. It is described much more fully in the treatise, and I am attempting to condense it in this blog.

Out of 73 billion systems in the Universe(s), 18 broke the chain of perfection or balance. The “Fall” also refers to the “666” mentioned in the Bible. It is stated that if a person understands this happening, they shall understand everything. The mathematics of this “666” multiplies to 18 which are the broken chains or links. Humans or Souls were manifested then to purify or balance the imperfection of the Universe(s). Sending Souls to Earth in human form represents the need of Souls to balance out the energies. It is quite complex to explain, and it is more fully explained in the treatise.  So be it…Amen!.

Please see last year’s blog in December about Christmas. The post is still my sentiments about the meaning of Christmas. I shall, hopefully, see you next year.

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TURKEY  It is also Thanksgiving “gobble up” time. Enjoy!!!!

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