Fay Louise KapecI became interested in writing when, in my earlier life, I was an Inquiring Reporter and a Proofreader for the Federal government. In my thirties, I realized my religious thoughts were better served within spiritual aspects. I studied healing and spiritual philosophy with an Allentown PA based metaphysical society See of Tranquility. This Society was founded by Helen Schreiber, recently crossed over, who is widely known throughout the United States for being a reliable spiritual channel that channeled, among other spirit entities, one named Double Star. She preferred to live quietly in a suburb of Allentown.

Later, while residing alone in the mountains of Pennsylvania, time was spent with an American Indian group belonging to the Sun Bear Tribe participating and learning the spiritual aspects of pipe ceremonies and building sweat lodges along with other ancient beliefs. During this time, I also met Dr. Vigayendra Pratap, Ph.D.,D.Y.P., with whom I studied Hatha Yoga and Hindu philosophy. Dr. Pratap founded the Yoga Research Society in Philadelphia PA of which I later became a member.  I read the Pentateuch and many other volumes of philosophical and scholarly works. I reached the highest point of communication with the Universal Mind In meditation. I communicated through thought that if I were given more knowledge, I would write a book. I asked for the name of a Spirit Mentor for the book. The name “Noel” was intuitively provided, and so the writing began.

The process of outlining the contents and forming the book, which later became a treatise, was the next step. I worked diligently, as much as possible, to share the scientific and metaphysical knowledge in a more simplified form so that people who are not accustomed to intellectual jargon could better understand the contents of the treatise while on their spiritual journey. At times, while journaling, knowledge was communicated to me by channeling through automatic writing or rhythmic teletype communication – or just by my intuitively finding the correct volume, and the information and page would immediately be found.

After returning to Allentown, I studied “A Course in Miracles” and attended hypnosis and philosophy classes at a community college. I became a member of the Lehigh Valley Writer’s Academy under the direction of Julius Vitali. After completing (with the assistance of a Spirit Mentor, Noel, and copyrighting the treatise, summary articles were published in an Atlanta GA-based monthly newspaper Aquarius-A Sign of the Times; namely, Body/Mind, July 2005; Awakening, September 2005; and Opposites Attract, February 2007. At present, I am promoting the treatise through Amazon and other avenues, and I am sharing with a meditation group that follows the Zen Buddhist Mindfulness philosophy of Thich Nhat Hanh.


I am Thee and Thee are me

We are one

For we are, we are at one-ment

For I am, of that I am

That I am