It is hopeful that the veterans of the Afghan wars shall be able to find some assistance from this philosophy

HEALINGThe Mind is Spirit and the Brain connects the Mind to the Soul that encompasses the entire body. This rippling effect then has an affect on the emotional viewpoints of an individual that in turn may be influenced by the reasoning level of awareness, knowledge, and understanding of the individual.

The action of vibratory flow is constantly being balanced and unbalanced by Thoughts. Emotions are two-sided and are constantly playing out a role and striving to accomplish a balance for the aim and purpose of the individual’s current and past lifetime Soul Expression and learning experience. Two-sided emotional conflicts may be constructive or destructive energies. Destructive and constructive are being used in place of negative and positive which may be used in reference to the energies of electromagnetic charges.

Destructive energies refer to a shadowy feeling. A shadow is an area that is partially shaded (or partially illuminated)…it is an event that occurred in a person’s life that created an uncomfortable situation that needs to be recognized, understood, and forgiven. Destructive emotional thoughts do not necessarily imply that they are bad, because sometimes bad events need to occur in order to balance with the good flow of action. THOUGHTS CREATE!

 ADDICTED TO DEPRESSION  Shadows are formed when light cannot shine through a barrier or obstruction. Thinking with constructive (balanced and harmonious) Thoughts or destructive (shadowy and unharmonious) Thoughts are merely different views of the same thing (death/life, day/night, light/dark) and are all one…all evolve from the same origin of electromagnetic energy and revolve in cycles. A situation that is forgiven is not forgotten, but an individual shall be able to be at peace with the situation.



Releasing the destructive aspects of a person’s life creates a balanced, comfortable influence. The more an individual understands this balancing of the emotions and situations, the more a person shall come to the understanding and knowledge of the “Universal Life Force” or electromagnetic energy called LOVE. It is a beautiful, light, feathery feeling of energy. This soft and caring feeling is what connects a person to “God” and may be realized in the process of meditation. Once it is realized, a person can create this feeling anywhere and anytime. Meditation is the key. Meditation is discussed in another blog. Please scroll down to that post if a person needs direction.

Include and exclude are emotions that involve dualities, but they are capable of being balanced. Self is a reality of the higher being that one should be. Ego is the experimenter for the present lifetime learning experience. Self is the teacher or the subconscious “God” portion of the individual and supplies the materials for what one wants to experience. Ego is also a part of the subconscious of Self, and it can determine what to include and exclude and may exclude or ease out the “God” portion of Self. Self is the supplier of energy so that Ego can experiment for the “learning experience” of including and excluding. Ego, as the experimenter, may think of being a certain thing, but Ego has the capacity to  lie to itself. Ego may hesitate to go to Self for a “learning experience”, because it would rather not get distracted from being the limelight or super ham!!

There is a Mental Ego and a Mental Self, a Physical Ego and a Physical Self, a Soul Ego and a Soul Self, and a Spirit Ego and a Spirit Self…all counterbalanced to each aspect of a human being. Mental Ego thinks it is boss; Mental Self is boss. The aim and purpose of a person’s  individuality, as seen from the inner knowing of the Self, is meant to be balanced with Ego. People are all identical except for their experiences. That makes a person an individual.

The Mental Ego and the Mental Self are constantly experiencing and balancing. Mental Self has the storehouse of everything a person has been or is going to be, in all life spans, and it can give direction. When Mental Ego gets too much out of line, Mental Self is the guide that reminds Mental Ego, for instance, to come down from a high emotional wave that is causing a person to experience difficulties.

Physical Self is the identity of the form and action of the body (skin, color, nose, etc.). Physical Ego is the expression of the form and action of something extra from the parts of the body (glasses, mustache, coloring of hair, etc.). The individual’s Physical Ego is expressing itself through the physical objects around them and on them. An individual may “want” to change their Ego personalty to what the Self “needs”, but it may not accomplish this at that certain point in time. This creates that emotional wave.

The Soul aspect of an individual shall continue working at balancing until it is accomplished whether in this lifespan or another lifespan. For this reason, a Soul keeps evolving. Some people call this Reincarnation, or it may be referred to as “Soul Remembrance”.

DOWN Spirit Ego teaches separation and pain while Spirit Self teaches Love. If a person finds their Spirit Self, they shall find their inner potential possibilities, hidden powers, and their abilities shall be revealed. Passionate Love is a possession; Spiritual Love is feeling free. Feeling free allows an individual to then discover the meaning of “God” or “The Larger Spiritual Order & Universal Scheme of Things – Simplified”. The chapter concerning depression is mainly in Chapter 6, Opposites Attract.

It is hopeful that the Apfgan veterans who are enveloped in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder from war episodes shall be able to find some assistance from this philosophy of healing their emotions. The veterans’ “learning experience” may be extremely horrific in nature, but it is a person’s responsibility to work through them or balance the experience. Some people call this Karma (an East Indian Spiritual approach) when a person needs to go through unpleasant times in order to get to the pleasant times or balance…when a person cleans out the body’s nervous system to be whole and free. Understanding and processing emotional situations for veterans is not different from any other depression…just different circumstances.

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Depression shall be continued next month. If there are any questions, please feel free to contact me through this blog either through the end of the WordPress article or through my website. I wish everyone a wholesome, loving life expression. 

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