The Mind connects to the Brain and generates emotions – There is more light in a Brain that is not depressed (see above)- Light is received from the Universal Life Force or Electromagnetic Force.

The Free Will of humans allows them to make a choice. A person creates the “devil” or lower life in themselves, or others as well (if it is allowed). It is a choice that can be allowed or disallowed by the Self and/or Ego. Each person needs to unfold their own life and cannot live for another individual. No person should express another person’s life for that person nor tell another person how to express their life. This hampers the individual’s growth.


Good and bad may be considered opposites but are connected to one another. If a person does not know bad, how can they know good. The experience of one aspect is needed in order to know the experience of the other. Lower life (which may be considered “evil”) has the seed to destroy itself. The seed of destruction is the inborn good which destroys the lower life…manifesting only the good.

Every child is born good in Spirit. There are no bad children. They may have defects but are not bad Spiritually. As a child’s life unfolds and the destructive beliefs of parents, siblings, and other people and events are added to their life, they are conditioned to have other Thoughts. Thoughts Create! Humans have the Spiritual innate or inner knowledge to be able to know the difference between good and bad. There is so much good in the worst of us and so much bad in the best of us that it hardly becomes any of us to talk about the rest of us!!


Personal and impersonal viewpoints are helpful in assisting an individual to balance emotional waves:

 PERSONAL viewpoints are those that are attributed to the mortal or physical Self and effect the fluctuation of the Ego by inflating or deflating it. Personal examples are: 1. Not being more important or more special than anything or anyone, 2. Not being opinionated or more right, not impressing, exaggerating, judging, condemning, embarrassing, or offending others, 3. Not finding fault nor being unteachable nor being a “know-it-all”, 4. Not comparing oneself with or rising above others, 5. Not getting into arguments, and other comparable situations. 

IMPERSONAL viewpoints are not those of not caring or sharing, but they belong to the eternal or higher Self. These viewpoints neither inflate nor deflate the Ego; therefore, they are centering or balancing. They balance the Ego by refraining a person from being personal or Ego inflating, and they cause one to flow within the harmony of the higher Self. Being impersonal is meant to contribute harmonious and comfortable feelings in interaction with other people and with objects and is non-judgmental.


THE INNER CONFLICTS THAT KEEP HARMONY AWAY ARE MISUNDERSTANDINGS THAT ARE SEEKING UNDERSTANDINGS! However, if true understanding is to be experienced, full attention to the inner conflict is necessary.
True understanding replaces judgments and allows an individual to express and see the situation for what it really is, and then the individual may acknowledge what has been a destructive belief in their life.

A harmonious attitude can be achieved by analyzing emotions and including and excluding the emotional waves. GO BEYOND PETTY CONCERNS! As with all worthy tasks, this process does require work on a daily basis. As the analyzing technique is used more and more, it is more easily accomplished and becomes a “way-of-life”. Meditation is the key to growth and awakening the Soul and Spirit.


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There are no ordinary moments in life for individuals are constantly including and excluding their emotional waves and are working to balance the Ego and Self (with shadows in-between, see previous post), being forgiving and unforgiving, and judging and nonjudging within the emotional waves. Self wants to answer a “calling”. Does Ego also want to answer that “calling”.

When this is determined and Ego says “yes”, then the inclusions, exclusions, and balancing shall begin. When it is realized that Fear, not Hate, is the opposite of Love, the learning experience of loving oneself and others can begin. For assistance in understanding this philosophy see “The Larger Spiritual Order & Universal Scheme of Things-Simplified”, Chapter 6, Opposites Attract.

Next month’s post shall be on PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to assist the Wounded Warriors and also others who have experienced a traumatic stress situation and are dis-eased.

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