The Rainbow

“The rays, to speak properly, are not colored”
– Isaac Newton

All colors of the spectrum return to a pure ray of white light. Seven colors of the rainbow may be reflected from one ray of pure white light. The existence of a universal electromagnetic field , which we may call the Universal Life Force, is acknowledged by quantum physicists. The frequency of the wavelengths in this field, for a particular color, never changes; the color is created as the frequency of the wavelength is produced. Each color of the rainbow is formed and determined by rays that reach the eye at a certain frequency.

The seven colors of the rainbow influence the seven major centers in the central nervous system, and the vibratory frequencies also influence the senses; smell, taste, touch, etc. Each one of the seven spinning wheels or chakras that are the major centers in the central nervous system (and also co-exist with the glands of the endocrine system) spins a fine and elusive energy that is the fine air carried in the waves of electromagnetic forces .  By using the knowledge of color and sound in varying degrees, a person may connect to the universal forces when they meditate. By using this energy, these colors manifest from the universe as represented by the rainbow.

Albert Einstein stated, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” This treatise is explained simply and is for the person who is on a spiritual path and feels the need to acquire more knowledge and/or assistance.  The book has all the knowledge one needs for spiritual growth. As represented by the “Contents” page, it is a step-by-step journey. Your Spirit Mentors are there to assist with your goals or aim and purpose in this life expression, but one needs to ask them for this assistance when in meditation. Calm and sincere thoughts shall find its way through the Universal Life Force.

The ultimate aim and purpose of the treatise is to bring the people of this planet, and the planet Earth itself, together in peace. “E Pluribus Unum – Out of Many One”. There is no duality in the Universal Mind, and the goal of an individual is to center the body and mind in order that they shall flow in balance with themselves, with others, and with the UNIVERSAL SCHEME OF THINGS.

Soul is the purpose of life, Spirit is the energy of life, and God is life (encompasses the Soul and Spirit); therefore, God is electromagnetic energy and meditation is the wavelength to God, Soul and Spirit.


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