RUS  RUSSIA is named after the RUS clans from Scandia, now Scandinavia, or East Slavic and Finnic people of Europe. Discussed in “The Larger Spiritual Order & Universal Scheme of Things- Simplified”. Or…you may call them early medieval people called Vikings named “russkaja zemlja” which translates into “Russian Land or Land of Rus”. At that time in 882AD, Russia was part of Europe, and the country was also influenced by trade with the Orient. China is South of Russia. Russia is unique in that some people believe they are part of Asia and some believe they are part of Europe. People are more inclined to be European than Asian. Russia is more specifically in Asia; that is 75% in Asia and 25% in Europe.

Soviet was a political organization. Sovietnik means council of ministers in that political arena. When Bolsheviks did not want to share power, control over other smaller states occurred, and the entire new state became USSR (Union of the Soviet Socialist Republic) or Soviet Union.

The Communist Party of the Soviet Union was founded in 1922, and its demise was in 1991. The chain of leaders was as follows:

LENIN, whose real name was Vladmir Llyich Ulyanov, seized power in 1917 and founded the Russian Communist Party.  It was the end of the Romanov Dynasty. Russia was called Soviet Russia from 1917 to 1924 and Soviet Union from 1922 to 1924. St. Petersburg which was born in 1703 and named after Peter the Great, became Petrograd (due to war with Germany) in 1914 and changed back to St. Petersburg in 1991. It had been named Leningrad after the death of Lenin in 1924 and during World War 1.

STALIN was dictator and ruled by terror from 1919 to 1953 when he died. Russia became the USSR. There was a struggle for power in the Communist Party. Stalin replaced agriculture with state-run farms. All of Russian arts were replaced, churches, destroyed and replaced by Soviet realism. Russian arts included literature, folk dancing, philosophy, classical music, traditional folk music, ballet, architecture, painting, cinema, animation, and politics. Russia had influence on world culture up to this time. By the end of the 1920s, the Soviet Union became disciplined and strictly regulated, and experimentation became the rule. WW2 found them, because they were unprepared, being attacked by Germany, but by 1944, they drove the Germans back to Poland and Berlin fell in 1945.

KRUSCHEV lead the USSR and Communist Party – after Stalin’s death – from 1953 to 1964. He broke with the rigid Communist Party and destroyed or closed numerous churches.

BREZHEV was the leader from 1964-1982.

ANDROPOV of the KGB lead the country from 1982-1984.

CHERNENKO lead from 1984 and 1985.

Note: After Chernenko, Russia was governed by a collective leadership of the Soviet Union, also known as “troika”.

GORBACHEV governed from 1985 to 1991 and was forced to resign. He was the last leader of the Communistic Party of the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union began to unravel in 1990, and the Communist Party became popular. The Soviet Union was voted out of existence in 1990 and replaced by the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), and in 1989 elections were held. The Soviet flag was replaced by the Russian tricolor which is three horizontal lines of white, blue, and red. 

PUTIN, Vladimir studied law and graduated in 1975 from Leningrad State University located in St. Petersburg. Yeltsin, who governed for a short while, appointed him Prime Minister of RSFSR.  He worked with the KGB for 16 years when he entered politics and became President in 1999 and is in his fourth term now. President Putin is classed as one of the most powerful and feared politicians in the world. Some call him a dictator.


Russia is the largest sovereign nation in the world. Most people living in Russia are populated in the European or West part of the country. The largest cities are Moscow and St. Petersburg. In question in today’s world is whether Russia should create links with Asian or with European countries. Soviet culture is dying. People want to have a Russian culture. There is a Russian culture and a Soviet culture, and the people seem to want their Russian culture to return.


Racism in Russia appears mainly in the form of negative attitudes and actions toward people who are not ethnically Russian. The school systems teach that racism is about hatred, and hatred is disreputable. Racism is not about power to the Russians.. There were 350 racist murders in 2004-2008. When the Federation International de Football Association (FIFA) World Cup was played there in 2018 (the French team won). Racism was shown only in the form of making slanted eyes at the Asian fans.


Christianity is dominant especially Orthodoxy. Orthodox Christianity stems from the Roman Catholic    Church and Germanizaton which had to do more with German language and Christian policies. The Russian government has a number of laws against religious extremism and to the establishment and development of its spirituality and culture. The Russian Orthodox Church is filling the void. The Orthodox Church takes up 75% of the population while Islam is 5%. Small amounts of Catholicism, Protestant, Judaism, and Buddhism take up the rest.


There was an interesting relationship between the Viking and Muslim Civilizations. A ring found on a Viking woman in ancient burial grounds in Sweden was inscribed with “For/To Allah. Refugees sought safe haven in Sweden. Arabic characters were found on Viking burial garments. The garments were woven with silk and silver threads spelling “Allah” and “Ali”.

Along trade routes, Arab Ahmad Ibn Fadlin wrote about meeting a race called “Rusiuuaj”, or Vikings, more than 1,000 years ago as he traveled across the Russian steppes. There is an interesting article the reader may want to look up on the internet titled “When the Arabs met the Vikings”.

SPIRITUALISM is not found in legislation but in the lives of the Russian people. It is not necessarily practiced in church but in group gatherings. Spiritism, a concept of Spirituality, was developed by Allan Kardec with emphasis on reincarnation. Blavatsky and Destocsky were known Spiritual authors from Russia.

Blessings and Peace to Everyone!



Putting the Puzzle Together To Have An Awakening

Synchronicity is on the Minds of many metaphysical people at this point in time; especially when the Universe is channeling more energy to allow humans to raise their conscious awareness of Spirit. These seemingly random events seem to be signs that something larger than life is happening. These events arrive in thought form or dreams. It is reading Minds or reading Spirit messages through thought.

As an example, as a teen the writer had a dream of receiving a red house robe. A few weeks later, I received a red house robe as a gift. That can be called Synchronicity. Another occurrence may be a thought of someone, the phone rings, and that someone is on the other end…or seen a word that magically appears in front of the person which answers a question one may have. This occurred to the writer when in meditation a word appeared before my eyes that answered the question I was seeking. Without realizing it, this phenomenon directs a person to the senses and to events of the inside and outside of ourselves…a bridge between Mind and matter.

CARL JUNG CARL JUNG introduced Synchronicity. He termed meaningful signs or coincidence to be called Synchronicity. They may be minor miracles, little mysteries, that point to a bigger one. The bigger one is that a person, who is highly sensitive, may be on a path to intuition. They may wonder why it occurred and perhaps what mystery may occur next. It positions a highly sensitive person to understand and be aware of the Spiritual aspects of their nature and the probability of linking Mind and matter. What other mysteries may occur that allows a person to catch sight of the Universe and its mysterious ways? However, a mystery is only a mystery until it is solved, and most all of human society likes to solve mysteries. The bottom line is a person needs to feel or trust these feelings to follow through with the Spiritual aspects these feelings may or may not convey. It is meaningful intuition and not coincidence. It may or may not be a message or sign from a Spirit Mentor (some people call these Spirit Guides). Carl Jung is referenced in Chapter 10 of  “The Larger Spiritual Order & Universal Scheme of Things-Simplified” as the author of “meaningful coincidence”.  Another author, James Redfield, who wrote “The Celestine Prophecy”is also referenced in Chapter 10. He wrote an article “The Rediscovery of the World’s Mysteries”. In there Mr. Redfield stated “there is a new Spiritual worldview, and a new found sense of mystery is seen as the people a person meets, conversations they have, and in the sudden manifestation of opportunity in a person’s life”.

When a person is on the right path of intuition or connecting to the Universe, the Universe winks and nods from time to time to let a person know this. Once a person understands they are on a path and connected to a higher knowledge, they shall see signs everywhere.

Synchronicity can hint at a life path or remind people where they are headed. It is each person’s responsibility to be awake and aware at all times of the path on which they are pursuing. Keep an “open Mind” at all times so as to receive the wisdom and mysteries of life as it unfolds. Synchronicity occurs for a reason. There are no accidents or no coincidences.

So, folks, if you are experiencing any of these and other signs, you can be on your way to the Spirituality and higher conscious awareness of the human being. Here is to a fulfilling 2019.





“Homo naledi” is the latest find of the human profile of  Homosapien found in South Africa in a cave near Johannisburg in 2015. They lived 250,000 years ago. The bodies may have been deliberately placed in the cave by their own species.

Animals do not have a Pineal Gland but a Pineal Organ which operates somewhat differently than the gland of the Endocrine System in humans. Some birds have a similar matrix in the brain as humans, and that is why some are able to verbalize. Humans did not evolve as animals, which were described in the previous post, but were manifested 6.5 million years ago. See my blog written in the year 2014 as the “Evolution of Mankind” dated 7/6/2014 to 9/14/2014 on my website 

Humans are not animals because they have a forebrain for reasoning…animals do not. There have been some references to chimps, and a few other animals, having a small functioning forebrain that perhaps became useful in the latest years. This part of the brain in animals is so small, if at all, that it cannot be used for intelligent reasoning. This intelligent reasoning is why humans have a Soul which enters the human body around the time when the fetus is forming. The Pineal Gland is the first to form in the fetus and the last to leave the body when the Soul crosses over to the Reality of Being; therefore, it may be the link to Spirit or described as Spirit itself. Love created Mankind because Love has the energy of the electromagnetic force known as God. and God created humans. This Love is not passion but has the feeling of “a fine feather floating in the wind” known as agape Love. The Spiritual negative and positive forces of the Universe(s) created Mankind. Reasoning is important to humans and the Spiritual nature of their importance in Earth which is to balance the positive and negative energies that were mixed up in the “Fall”.

There is a reference in the Bible in Hebrews 6:10-12 to King Melchizadek who had no father nor mother. Was he manifested or reincarnated? He was King of Salem, and his lineage was not known. There are mythological fables of 1/2 man and 1/2 woman, 1/2 fish and 1/2 fowl, which could have been the thought emanating from the “Fall” as it was still clearer or newer to remember in those years or to be brought forward by word of mouth. The story of the “Fall” shall be explained in this blog.

The Soul reincarnates to a human body so as to realize a journey of balancing positive and negative energies that were mixed up in the “Fall”. The Earth is a positive energy in the Universe(s) of positive and negative energies. Until then, the Soul must reincarnate, over and over again, until the Soul or Soul Family (this family may be sharing so-to-speak all over the Earth) is positive. Jesus the Christ was born 50-50 negative and positive energies, but he was able to become 100% positive at the time of the crucifixion. This he was able to achieve by learning from his travels to other countries. These were the missing years not written about in the Bible. He proved it could be accomplished, and that was his mission as a Christ. Energy can be manifested as Jesus manifested when he came back to Earth at the crucifixion. Aspects of nature can be manifested through Spirit, but only Mankind has the Mind to connect Thought to Spirit and become Spiritual.

There was a special reason why Earth was chosen as a “human experience”. There was a “Fall” as told in the Bible called the “Garden of Eden”. However, Adam and Eve and the story told around them are only symbols of what actually occurred. The names Adam and Eve were chosen through Universal Numerology to represent the masculine (positive) and feminine (negative) energies as represented by electrical forces. Humans’ true connection to the Universe(s) began with the “Fall” described in the following accounts:

The information below was shared in 1973 in a channeling with a Spirit Mentor, Jacob, and The Invisible Ones. These Invisibles are the last three dimensions or chains of the twelve dimensions that were mixed up in the “Fall” as expressed below. This information is also known by other intuitive people with whom the author has been in touch. It is also mentioned in the “Living Bible” in Ezekiel 1.7 through 1.23.1 and the “King James Version of the Bible in Ezekiel 1.10 through 1.17. There is also a song “Ezekiel Saw the Wheel, Way Up in the Middle of the Air”. The explanation is explained in my treatise, “The Larger Spiritual Order & Universal Scheme of Things-Simplified”, Chapter 10, Creation of Mankind-The Master Design.

Humans were expressly manifested so as to heal and balance the Earth from the intermingling of the positive and negative energies associated with the Spirits traveling in the form of a “wheel” or form of circle..positive and negative energies. These Spirits were traveling near Earth in two Spiritual chains or solar systems of positive and negative energies when they noticed animals in the act of coitus and became overly curious and mixed into the atmosphere. This is the “Fall”. There were 12 links within a chain and 12 levels within each link. This involved many Souls, and as they came closer and closer to Earth, they became more dense and movement became more difficult. The other 3 links or  chains became the Invisible Ones who did not get involved. These are the Arch Angels mentioned in some literature and who are asked to assist in balancing out the positive and negative forces. It is described much more fully in the treatise, and I am attempting to condense it in this blog.

Out of 73 billion systems in the Universe(s), 18 broke the chain of perfection or balance. The “Fall” also refers to the “666” mentioned in the Bible. It is stated that if a person understands this happening, they shall understand everything. The mathematics of this “666” multiplies to 18 which are the broken chains or links. Humans or Souls were manifested then to purify or balance the imperfection of the Universe(s). Sending Souls to Earth in human form represents the need of Souls to balance out the energies. It is quite complex to explain, and it is more fully explained in the treatise.  So be it…Amen!.

Please see last year’s blog in December about Christmas. The post is still my sentiments about the meaning of Christmas. I shall, hopefully, see you next year.

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TURKEY  It is also Thanksgiving “gobble up” time. Enjoy!!!!


Life on Earth was dominated by simple bacteria up until 650 million years ago. Scientists in Australia and Germany now claim to have identified the turning point that set life on Earth on course to evolve into a vast array of animal life. The planet became what is known as “Snowball Earth” as ice covered its entire surface.

PROGRESSION OF LIFE FORMS  New research has explained how animals first appeared on the planet Earth. Entire mountain ranges were ground to dust by vast giant glaciers that once covered the planet and released life-giving nutrients such as phosphates. Then, during an extreme global warming event, the Snowball melted and rivers washed the nutrients into the ocean. The new temperate climate and the sudden influx of food, created the perfect conditions for the first complex life in the sea…algae.

Scientists stated they had found evidence of what had happened by crushing rocks from the period, and then extracting “molecules of ancient organisms”. These molecules informed them that it really became interesting 650 millions of years ago. It was a revolution of ecosystems or interconnected organisms. was the rise of algae.

5 IS DEVONISM PERIOD  The bacteria that once dominated the oceans were found being squeezed out by more complex life-forms. These large and nutritious organisms at the base of the food web provided the burst of energy required for the evolution of complex organisms where increasingly large and complex animals could thrive on Earth outside of the sea. The remains of the ancient organisms, recovered from the sedimentary rocks found in central Australia, were dated in the period just after the melting of Snowball Earth. In these rocks were discovered striking signals of molecular fossils. Snowball Earth was directly involved in the evolution of large and complex life.

Creativity is widely known and studied in two branches of the science of life; that is, (1) Psychology or the Mind, and (2) evolutionary biology or science. There are three (3) steps to creativity; that is, (1) organismal creativity as exemplified by organs such as the eye and heart, (2) mental creativity which is exemplified by Newton’s notion of gravity between planets and stars, and (3) mental-technological creativity which is exemplified by Edison’s invention of the light bulb. As written in Chapter 7 of the treatise I authored, “The Larger Spiritual Order & Universal Scheme of Things-Simplified”. Edison did not invent electricity but tapped into the intelligence of the Universe that was already there. He is known to have been a Spiritual person.

The analysis of the previous classes is based on concepts or ideas of factual or hypothetical proposals. There are two (2) types of proposals; one is factual and the other is based on a theory of episodes, or intuitively shared episodes, of the Universal Life Force by means of electromagnetic energy. Some people call this ESP, or extra sensory perception, which is becoming more and more used or experienced by Mankind. The different ideas are obtained by putting together ideas and combining them into one whole or putting the individual networks into a common structure. These methods of analyses can be applied to all three classes of creativity defined earlier.

Such concepts may be conceived at a time dependent on a concept or idea of the formation of Mankind in the Universe outside of the material Universe of galaxies, stars, and organisms which may be conceived as Spiritual. For example: The concept of an “eye” was manifested to biological evolution as the organ “eye” of many organisms. Much later, this concept was manifested to Mankind.

Conclusion: It can be argued that concepts and ideas about the formation of organisms leading to the formation of animals many millions of years prior to the appearance of Man and the Mind on Earth are not a creation of Man’s Mind, but are entities which existed before Mankind and were manifested to Mankind.

The human side of creativity shall be shared as Part 2 next month.





Following are the remaining countries of the MENO (Middle East North Africa) region and their racial inequities:

BAHRAIN  Bahrain is in the Middle East. It is a small kingdom on the Persian Gulf. There is a group called Afro-Bahrainis or Americans for Democracy and Human Rights in Bahrain. The AFL-CIO and other groups are concerned over economic reprisals against persons for expressing political opinions, deprived of liberty (international customary law) of nationality resulting in statelessness, abusive conditions for migrant workers, gender-based discrimination, anti-Shi’ite prejudice, preference for recruiting foreign workers, and refusal to fully adhere to the 2014 Tripartite Agreement. It was called upon by the International Labor Organization (ILO) to establish a national plan to eliminate labor discrimination and to ensure lawful equality.                           

However, Bahrain mostly follows Shar’ah Law. Most people living and working there state they earn a larger disposable income and have a higher standard of living. 11% of expats (workers from other countries) report an annual income of over $200,000. It appears that most of the expats are comfortable with living conditions while the other half are not.


Omani_Qaboos_bin_Said_Al_Said_(cropped) OMAN in the Middle East has a hereditary Sultan, 77 year old Sayyid Gaboos bin Said Al Said, who rules the country. The country is situate on a strategic position to the Persian Gulf and Arabic Peninsula and is spared ISIS violence. Oman does not have immense oil resources. Limes, which are grown mostly in the Batinah coastal region and the highland, are its main agriculture for export.

Racism against black migrants prevails and employers treat them as slaves. As slaves, the workers are subjected to death as house employees as well as rape and starvation. People from the Philippines get more pay because they are more white. Their Criminal Law is mainly based on Shari’ah Law.

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES(1)  UNITED ARAB EMIRATES is located in the Middle East and has a Criminal Law which rejects hate speech. Shar’ah Law is permitted to exist within the Islam religion or ideology. Muslims, therefore, are treated differently and are allowed to follow Shar’ah Law.

DJIBOUTI  DJIBOUTI is a country located in North Africa. It is situate between the Gulf of Aden and the entrance to the Red Sea. Afers and Issas from Somalia are the country’s two main ethnic groups. There is a population of 490,000 of which 98% are from the Sunni Tribe. The Sunni branch of Islam does not share in Shari’ah Law. It was a French overseas territory, and France gave the territory back to the country of Djibouti. Refugees poured into the region during civil wars. Djibouti receives foreign assistance as it struggles with the economy. Somali, Arabic, French, and Afar are spoken, but the official languages are Arabic and French.

Shari’ah Law is not applied to the Muslim ideology in this country. Most of the Sunni follow the legal tradition of Shafi’i Law. Human Rights education is taught at the University of Djibouti. This country is doing well with racial discrimination and honors its international obligations. However, there is an intolerance of migrant workers, and most migrants live in camps. Human trafficking is a serious concern in the Red Sea area. Djibouti’s men, women, and children are subjected to forced labor and prostitution. 

TUNISIA  TUNISIA is located in North Africa and has a law to prohibit racial discrimination. The law carries a prison term of up to three (3) years.  The Human Rights Minister is Mehdi Ben Ghabia. 15% of the population of 11 million people are black, but Ben Ghabia stated Tunisia has a population with a beautiful blend of colors which are white, black, and in-between. Sounds like he has a sense of humor. The population is mostly Muslim and follow Shari’ah Law.



What is seen so far in the past posts on racial inequity is that there are inequalities of races everywhere on Earth, but many countries now have laws against it. There are signs the world, mostly, is attempting to equalize the agendas of the people in their country. Spiritually, the conscious awareness of the people is making its mark on societies. It is the responsibility of the 21st Century to forge ahead.

In my next post, I shall leave racial inequality behind temporarily, and pursue the difference between animal and human.




KUWAIT is a vry small country and is still a tribal country. Islam is the main religion consisting of 70% Sunni Tribe and 30% Shiite Tribe. Kuwaitese can afford a high standard of education for its citizens due to oil revenut. Oil was discovered in 1938 when it changed the human lifestyle of this country. Therefore, most citizens are very well educated but do not do the work.

As in other MENA (Middle East North Africa) countries, rape and racism go hand in hand. The Kuwaitese treat maids, driving laborers, and other workers like slaves. Labor laws by the government are unclear and lean towards Kkuwaitese who do not want to do work since oil was discovered. The government does not keep laws updated and do not know how to manage situations. For instance, the hospital fees were increased 500% on expats (expatriates) only. Most of the expats reside in Kuwait City and are 70% of Kuwait’s total population.

Most expats who come to Kuwait from other countries to work have very little or no education. They do low level and very highly skillled work depending on their education. Indans from India are the largest expats, and the Indian IT professionals are mainly respected.

Racism is a prejudice that privileges some groups and takes power away from others creating an unequal society. It can only be solved through political actions and not by acts of individual kindness and “love”.  For instance, Muslims cannot truly belong to a country until they shed the trappings of Islam. This then is racism though Islam is not a race – it is an ideology with laws of its own. It is an ideology that does not allow them to be true citizens of any one country.

Whiteness, then, may not be about skin color but power and privilege. Arabs from Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon can be fair of skin which could declare them white (or pink), but they may not have white privileges. Race is mainly associated with skin color as well as facial features, build, and  hair type, etc. All of society has both a race and a situation whereby from what country or cultural tradition the person or group belongs to or hails is to be considered. This includes common ancestry, languages, history, and society’s national culture. When “white” is referred to, it does not only imply who has white colored skin but who is privileged in the society. Some Arabs who have paler skin are attempting to position themselves as white. Biologically, there are three (3) ethnicities which are Asian, Black, and Caucasian. Caucasoids have white, black, and yellow skin color. For an in-depth study of this, please see my treatise, “The Larger Spiritual Order & Universal Scheme of Things-Simplified“, Chapter 1 . and  Table 1, “Major Countries of Major Races”. The treatise is listed with Amazon.

The more still one is, the farther one can see. Spiritually suffers from a racist mind.